Thursday, December 6, 2012

Was I Born To Crossfit???

Tonight is going to be a very exciting night.  My funny friend Ashley has invited me and a bunch of other awesome people to come out and try Crossfit.  I have even convinced Jake to join in on the fun...he DOES NOT workout, this is going to be fun ;)

I workout A LOT and I workout HARD but I am scared out of my pants!!!  I am so excited to go and try something new and will give a full report tomorrow, if I don't DIE!  If I do die may I rest in peace!  This has absolutely nothing to do with this but I do have a funny story from when we were in San Francisco.  Francisco, that's fun to say!  Anyways back to my story!  We were traveling with our friends Holly and Jorge and their kiddos and we went to China beach (sorry, I seem to have a case of and-idis).  Holly read a sign and said " in peace currents!"  I was very scared and a little sad until I read the sign and said "Oh, rip currents."  Ha ha ha, I guess they are called rip currents for a reason.

I'm sure I will end up looking like this tonight!
You know a smart person probably would have skipped his/her workout this morning...oh well! 
That was short and sweet, not like most of my non-sense posts :)


  1. We didn't die and it was awesome! You killed that workout! I am an idiot sometimes, rest in peace currents! You could die from RIP currents you know!

  2. That was seriously so fun!!!! I loved being there with you guys... you guys are incredible!