Thursday, December 20, 2012

9th Day of Christmas!

Today is a special giveaway, it's a giveaway from the heart :)  I found 11 companies to participate in my 12 days of Christmas but had to come up with one all on my own.  Just know that the last 3 days are pretty freaking awesome!!

On the 9th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a stocking full of GUUUU!  To fuel all of your wonderfully long runs a stocking full of GU's!  I hope you feel special because this stocking was supposed to be for little Mercedes Gracie, our 3rd child who never made it here!  Please don't feel sad about it because we decided after 2 kids that we had had just about enough ;) just kidding!  I do so love the little children but 2 seemed like a good number for our family.  I bought 5 stockings because I wanted them all to match and knew if I waited they would be gone.  I have held onto little Mercedes (if it was a girl anyway and if it was a boy...I guess he would have a girl name ;) stocking long enough.  It's time to let it go!  But do know that if by some freak of nature I end up with child I will be asking for it back...not really!

There it is hanging with the others, well sort of!
It is filled with Honey Stingers, GU's, Roctane, Accel Gel and one lonely Clif Shot.
That's a lot of stinkin' GU!
And for the rest of you...
No, you do not get an eviction notice, you get a KYT workout!!  I have kept my awesomely hard workouts to myself long enough.  I was going to do a vlog but seems how I don't have a fancy shmancy digital camcorder I cannot!  Plus, I didn't really want to, if you read yesterday's post you would already know that :)  I do KYT workouts every Wednesday and this is the one I did yesterday.  You MUST do it as fast as you possibly can, I think it usually takes me 45-ish minutes.  Remember to use good form and get a full range of motion.

For this workout you go through it 3 times.  So when you see 25/20/15 that means that the first set you do 25, 2nd set 20, 3rd set 15.  Get it?  Good!  The other exercises you will use heavy enough weight that you can only do 10-12, unless otherwise stated.  Are you with me here?

25/20/15 Burpees
10-12 Squats on smith machine or with really heavy dumbbells
30/25/20 Push-ups
10-12 Bent over triceps kickbacks w/ bands
18/15/12 Lunge jumps with arms overhead
10-12 Pull-ups, jump if needed.
25/20/15 Burpees
10-12 Deadlifts
30/25/20 Push-ups
10-12 W raises (shoulder press w/ palms in, push weight overhead sending arms out so you look like a W)
18/15/12 Lunge jumps with arms overhead
10-12 Static bicep curls (hold one arm at 90 degrees while curling other arm all the way up and down, switch sides after 6 and repeat, 12 on each side)
25/20/15 Burpees
10-12 Push press w/ barbell
30/25/20 Push-ups
20 V-up crunches
18/15/12 Lunge jumps

If you don't know what an exercise is then try googling it, I really don't want to have to do a vlog!
I hope you will all give it a whirl, it is sure to kick your trash...thus the name!

To enter to win the stocking full of GU's tell me something funny about yourself.
Example:  I can't stand to hear people eat!  It makes me CRAZY!!!  True story!
Now it's your turn :)

Don't forget there is still time to enter some of the giveaways.
On the 9th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a stocking full of GU. Ends 23rd.
On the 8th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a Twete Bird headband. Ends 22nd.
On the 7th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...$20 to Yogurtland. Ends 21st.
On the 6th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a Handful brazier.
On the 5th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...4 FREE meals to Costa Vida.
On the 4th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a bottle of Sportlegs.
On the 3rd day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...Good2Go protein bars
On the 2nd day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a pair Pro Compression
On the 1st day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...Terra Miaaaaa.

And the winner of the Handful brazier is.

I follow Handful on twitter!
YAY, Holly you won something!  Congrats let me know what color and size and I will let the good gals at Handful know!


  1. Oh holy cwap, I won!!!! I never win anything, this is a Christmas miracle! I'll stuff that fancy Handful Brazier right in my stocking! I'm so excited you just made my whole week! Thank you Lil Mama for the awesome giveaways I've seen how much time and effort you've put into this, you're awesomesauce :) YAY!!!!!!

  2. I just threw up reading that workout. That is just pure insanity. haha!

    This giveaway is awesome and I already won so I shouldn't enter again but since I'm sure your dying to know something weird about um I LOVE cottage cheese. Like way more than normal...I eat it with every meal pretty much. Weird I know!

  3. I don't know if this is funny, but I have not ever entered a giveaway and never enter contests but you totally tempted me with the Gu. I guess it is funny that I consider Gu my best food storage. So, if I win, this may be what my family has to live on if there is a national disaster. Love your posts, thanks to Ashley, I found your blog.

  4. Something weird about me is that I will eat cookie dough anytime but I never eat cookies...

    Great giveaway!

  5. I love candy. I mean LOVE it. I will not eat plain m&m's or fake chocolates though. I guess I do have some standards. Now pass me the mike n ikes, sour patch kids, milky ways, and red vines.

  6. i went to Alyssa's choir concert tonight and haven't even looked in the mirror yet today. Which i guess wouldn't be too horrible but i also forgot that I let my 5 year old do my hair this afternoon. Haha!! that's what having six kids will do to ya. (among other thins) :\

  7. I don't think this is funny but just a lil something about me :) I vacuum my whole house sometimes 2-3x a day. I don't feel like my house is clean unless it has carpet lines. Yes I know there is medication for that, I just might need some!

  8. Well first of all-that work out looks ridiculous!! Kudos for you for getting that done. And something "funny" about me is I can't stand the word moist. It's gross if you really think about it. A word that can describe how a cake tastes can also describe what your socks feel like after a long run-sick!!!

  9. Let's see...I always sleep with my feet sticking out of the blankets. I don't think it is weird, but my husband does. And I can't stand to hear him eat! A runner can never have too many gels! Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I can turn my legs almost all the way around the opposite direction. And just discovered a couple weeks ago, I can do the same things with my arms. My 11 year old daughter is very jealous.

  11. My seven year old hung signs all over the house tonight that read "I Love you Mom, because you yell when I scare you" She got me half a dozen times tonight alone. She's right, I yelled every time.