Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Dough Boys and Girl!

I'm a day late on my post, I'm sure you (all 3 of you that may be reading) have been dying to know how Crossfit went.  Well, I am here to say that I LOVED it!  Ashley is a die hard Crossfitter, she is amazing and has been doing some amazing things this past year, YAY Ashley!  Anywho, the gym she goes to is Elevated Crossfit and they had 3 days this week where people could come and try it out for FREE dollars!
I don't know the gal on the end, me, Jake, Holly, Jorge and Trent!

Jake, Holly, Jorge, Trent, JanaeMegan, Breann and I went on Thursday night!  Here is the workout:

With Teams of 4, and only 2 people working at a time, complete the following:
300 Pullups
400 Pushups
500 Situps
600 Squats

Jake and I teamed up with Chris and Chris, our team name was The Dough Boys and Girl.  Are they calling me fat?  Chris #1 was a Crossfitter and the rest of us were newbies.  It was obvious from the get go that Chris was a hard core kind of fella'!  We started and I was SHOCKED at how well Jake did.  After all, the dude doesn't workout at all.  We busted out our pull-ups and were the first to start the push-ups...YES, we so totally rock ;)

Jake was a little dismayed when they announced that there would be NO knee push-ups.  He did amazing, he rocked the push-ups.  The sit-ups on the other hand were a bit of a struggle for him.  Luckily for him I could do sit-ups all day, especially with him holding my feet, which I kept telling him not to do but he wouldn't listen...oh well!  The squats were a breeze and I could have gone all day.  I'm used to weighted squats so body weight squats were super easy.

We finished in 25 minutes and were the winners.  It was a GREAT time!  We had to leave right after the workout to get Kobe from gymnastics and apparently we missed out on dodge ball :(  Dang it!

As soon as we got in the car Jake thought he was going to toss his cookies!  Crossfit got him good.  I was hoping to try "Fran" or "Betsy Sue" (I'm pretty sure I just made that one up) but I really loved every second of it!  It was so fun being in a big group seeing everyone work their little butts off! 

The 2 Chris' were awesome and so much fun to workout with.  The coaches were super nice.  Alan, made me give him a high 5 before the workout and I knew I was in for trouble.  Many of you don't know this but I DO NOT give high 5's, well until Thursday night that is :)  I'm a bit of a germaphobe and quite frankly I don't like to be touched.  By the end of the workout I was having such a great time that when Chris and Chris came in for a high 5 I happily obliged!  I am a changed woman...just kidding, don't touch me :)

Friday night I was DYING to go again!  I begged Jake to go back but he was too sore...booo hooo!!  I made him jump on my back to see if I could carry him, see the workout for last night was 50m partner carry and 20 med ball tosses repeated 4 times.  I was a little shocked to see that I could carry Jake and wanted to go sooooo sooooo badly!  DENIED!!!

This morning as Holly and I were finishing up our 14 mile run about the city I said, "Hey, we should run to Crossfit, do the workout and run home!"  Denied again!  We didn't want to show up in our "ninja" suits.  I got home and pulled up the WOD and dang it we should have gone!

Teams of three will complete the following:
As athlete one runs 200m, the other two will be doing as many reps as possible of:
athlete 2: kettlebell swings
athlete 3: push-ups
when athlete one returns they'll take #3s spot.

I capiche and I LIKE it!  Janae mentioned a Crossfit scholarship on her blog...BRILLIANT!  I would like to apply.  If I didn't already spend an exorbitant amount of money every month to send my kidlets to gymnastics I would be there in a second, you could even time me!

Maybe one day I will be able to come up with a way to make it work.  I loved working out with Jake, that's my favorite kind of date!

Are you a Crossfitter?

I sure wish I was!

Is it snowing at your house?

Yes and I LOVE it!!


  1. I really think I would like CrossFit but have yet to find an affordable gym. Why is it always so pricey?!

  2. That was an awesome workout! Im glad Jake came and didn't lose his cookies. We really should of just shown up in our fancy ninja outfits ;)