Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Half Marathon!!

Today was spent running 13.1 miles while looking at all sorts of crazysauce people in costumes.  I have never been so entertained and loved every minute of it.  Holly and I decided to be twiners and I think we looked quite dashing ;)  We chose not to participate in the costume contest but thoroughly enjoyed watching those who did.  People are quite clever!

Due to the slow speed at which people were using the Honey Bucket's we ended up near the back of the first wave of runner's.  I usually try to be near the front because I can't stand being behind slow people.  The first 3 miles were spent at a pace much slower than I would have liked to have been at.  I tried to use the mad driving skills of Jake as I weaved in and out of people.  Although I hate when Jake cuts people off, I must admit that I did a lot of that.  People probably wanted to trip me or something but I had to get out of the crowd.  So if I cut you off I am truly sorry :)

This race went so fast I looked down at my Garmin and was so surprised to see that we were already at mile 10, it was an amazing run.

Going into this race I didn't have any goals.  I was really afraid that running in a hot hat and tutu would drive me crazy.  I also didn't want to go too fast down that mountain and injure myself.  I wanted to go and enjoy it and that's exactly what I did.  Holly and I ran it together and had a great time.
I finished in 1:37:30 with an average pace of 7:27, placing 10th in my age group.  This wasn't my fastest time by a long shot but I had fun and that's all that matters :)

It's VERY important to stretch after a race :)  Jake thought I was weird but oh well!

Poor Kenna was stuck at gymnastics and was so sad to have missed this race but we had to get a picture in front of the hearse :)

This race was AWESOME and I can't wait to do it again next year.  I love the shirt and medal!!  Would it be weird to wear a Halloween shirt year round?

Did you do this race and if so what did you dress up as?

Is it weird to do a race and not actually "race" it?

I think not, it's much more fun that way :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Active HeadBands Winner!

And the winner is.....Rachelle Wardle! 

True Random Number Generator


Congratulations Rachelle, it looks like you can get your green zebra striped headband :)  I just need your email address so I can let Active Headbands now that you won!! 

I guess since I am already signed in I may as well do a post.  Last week we went to California for a little family vacation.  It was so nice to get away from all of the stresses of life and just relax...or not  ;) and have fun!  Jake got to fly down for work so the kids and I hitched a ride with the Garcia's.  I was real nervous about driving all the way to San Diego with 5 kids but they were actually really good.  Jackson who is 2 is the craziest little guy and oh so entertaining.  He was driving Holly crazy but Kenna and I found him to be quite hilarious :)
I don't know about you but I LOVE to workout on vacation.  When we got to San Diego I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Hyatt Regency had an AWESOME little gym.  Sunday night I did a quick little shoulder workout just for fun.  Monday morning Holly joined me and we did chest, triceps and abs I then ran 10 miles.  This was really the first time that I have felt like I had a good run since my marathon.  It felt amazing and I was glad to be back to normal.  I had read that however many miles your race is that's how long it takes to fully recover, so 26.2 miles will take approximately 26 days to fully recover. So I guess that was just about right.    As much as I wanted to run outside it was dark and I didn't want to go and get myself lost so I stuck with the treadmill.  Monday the kids and I went with the Garcia's to Sea World where we met up with the Prestwich's, Jake was busy with work.  I decided that the Shamu show isn't nearly as exciting now that there isn't the risk of someone getting eaten during the show ;)  We had a lot of fun and afterwards we met Jake at BJ's for some dinner.  Here is where I was introduced to my new love...PIZOOKIES!!!  Don't worry Jake is fine with it :)  If you've never had a pizookie you must drive to the nearest BJ's and get one...I don't know where the nearest BJ's is but trust me it's worth the drive no matter the distance!!!

Tuesday we started the day with a little back and biceps and I ran 14 miles and again it felt great.  I knew I was heading to Disneyland where they have the most delicious cookies and I was going to partake :)  I finally found a cookie after hours of searching...California Adventures had some remodeling going on and I couldn't find my favorite little store with the cookies but after studying my little map I found a new place :)

Wednesday morning we were in a new hotel by Disneyland and they had treadmills but no fancy machinery so I just busted out 8 miles and called it good.  Disneyland was awesome, it wasn't very busy which was a nice surprise.  And Kobe actually went on EVERY ride...that never happens.  I don't know that he will ever go on a few of them again but I was proud of him for at least trying them.

Thursday morning I did hill repeats for 5.25 miles and finished up with 8 miles total.  Then it was off to Disneyland/California Adventures for one last day :(

Friday morning I ran 10 miles knowing that I was going to be stuck in the car all day, meanwhile Jake was enjoying his quick flight home.  We went to Seal Beach for a little bit and then it was off to St. George.  Saturday Holly and I went to the Gold's in St. George and did abs and I ran 8.25 miles.  It was nice to know that each day I got a workout in and I could enjoy my cookies without any guilt.  I ate a total of 1 Pizookie and 3 Disneyland cookies and let me tell you they were delicious!!  We were there for 3 days so at least they were spaced out right?!? 

Do you workout on vacation?

I DO NOT take vacations from working out...I love it too much for such craziness :)

Have you ever had the pleasure of enjoying a pizookie?

If anyone knows of a BJ's close by please keep that information to yourself, such goodness should only be enjoyed on vacation ;)

Sunday, October 9, 2011


So I told you a looooong time ago that I had a company offer to give away a $30 gift card on my blog.  I have been stubborn long enough!!  I never believed Jake when he told me how stubborn I was but lately I am starting to see what he means ;)  I said I wasn't going to do it until I got 50 followers but oh well, here it goes.  Take a look at the picture below and try to figure out what I could possibly be giving's a hint it's NOT Kobe, although the day I took this picture I would have given him away ;)

Here is the original picture that I showed you months ago, let's see if you can figure it out with both pictures.

NO??  Okay the company is Active Headbands.  I absolutely LOVE their headbands, they are so cute and I wear them daily.  They really do stay in place and keep my hair somewhat under control.  They have a great selection and they are very easy to work with as a company.  I have an extremely pea sized head, I know it doesn't look like it but it really is ridiculously small.  While placing my orders I simply tell them of my quandary and specify the size the headband should be.  They make them special just for my freakishly small noggin.  They ship out really fast!!!  My daughter also loves to steal my headbands, they aren't just for running ;)

There are many ways to enter!!

1. Become a follower of my blog :) And leave a comment saying you did.
2. Become a follower of their blog HERE!  And leave a comment saying you did.
3. Like Active Headbands on Facebook HERE!  Leave a comment on their Facebook page and comment on my blog saying you did.
4. Follow them on twitter and leave me a comment saying you did.
5. Go to their website and leave a comment telling me what your FAVORITE headband is.
And last but certainly not least you can post this giveaway on either your blog or Facebook page.

I will chose a winner on October 23rd.  I know that is a long ways away but I will be out of town for a while so please bare with me :)  Of course, there are so many ways to enter it may take you that long to finish all of your entries ;)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Running Has Done For Me!

I've been thinking a lot lately about how running has changed my life.  First of all, it got me my job at 26.2 Running Co.  Did they hire me because I am ridiculously fast?  NO!!  The fact that I am a runner probably didn't have a whole lot to do with them hiring me.  However, had I not been a runner why in the world would I want to work at a running store?  I have acquired A LOT of new responsibilities at work over the past month or so and I ABSOLUTELY love working there.  I love the environment and the people.  Not only do I get to talk to other adults all day but I get to talk about running.  What could be better?  For years Jake wondered why I never told him anything.  Well, for starters I had nothing to say.  I didn't really think he cared that I cleaned the house all day and changed 12 diapers.  I KNEW he didn't care about my workout, he doesn't love the fact that I am a workout FREAK.  I feel like I have a purpose again and I actually have something to talk to Jake about.  The ol' shoe shop can be quite entertaining!!  When my youngest started 1st grade I had a VERY hard time, everything I had known for the past 9 years changed.  I felt like no one needed me...I was a lost, lonely, little lamb.

I have met or gotten close to some of my best friends through running.  Running with someone for hours gives you a lot of time to talk and get to know each other.  I had "known" Niccole for a few years but didn't really get to know her until we started running together.  Holly and I got to know each other during the Utah Valley Marathon 2010.  The bond that running can create is amazing.  There is nothing better than having someone there to help you through a long, hard run and vice versa.  And no matter where you are running, whether it be in a race or just down the street, other runners love to talk!  Runner's must be some of the nicest people around.  I have always been an extremely shy person who would never just run up to someone and say "Yes!  I finally caught you!"  Yet, that's exactly what I did at my last marathon.  When I tell people that story they can't believe that I actually said that to the dude.  But guess what?  He didn't care, he gave me a big ol' smile and said he was coming to get me.

As a runner injuries are bound to happen and having someone to talk to who understands is vital.  When I was injured I would cry to Jake and he just didn't get it, "so don't run, who cares?"  He didn't understand that telling me not to run was like me telling him not to breathe.  Runner's get it!!  My boss was telling me how he ran up to Bridal Veil Falls a few weeks ago and when he was done he jumped into the cold river.  I said "Oh, that sounds fun!"  Although I was totally joking...I don't think he thought I was ;)  He said, "Runner's get it!"  Although, I was kidding I knew why he wanted to jump into that river.  Not only would it feel awesome after a hot run but it would act as an ice bath.  Non-runners DO NOT get why on earth someone would take an ice bath.  As runner's we do a lot of strange things that people just don't get.  Every Thanksgiving I do a LOOONG run and I love it!  My family thinks that I am CrAzY!!!!  I run on vacation and again my family thinks that I am crazy.  I don't run for weight loss, I run because I love it!  People wonder why I can't take a day off once in a while, why would I want to.  Why don't people want to take a day off of having fun once in a while?  I do take Sundays off, they weren't meant to be fun anyways ;) I'm totally joking!!  
And last but not least running has given me my sanity!  Being a working mom is HARD!  I never feel like I am getting everything done.  I am having to let things go that I DO NOT want to.  But every morning as I am working out and running, I appreciate it all the more.  That is "my" time and no one can take it from me.  For me running is the only thing that is keeping me somewhat sane right now!  Thank you running :)

I don't know what made me think up all of this non-sense.  But I also have to share how excited I am that I got into the Boston Marathon!  It finally hit me yesterday.  I was running along when The Black Eyed Peas started singing to me.  "Keep on reaching for your dreams, cause it ain't crazy as it seems!"  The song is called "Own it" and that is exactly what I am doing with this marathon.  "Go out and own it!"  Growing up I didn't really do a whole lot, I didn't do sports or run or much of anything.  I studied a lot and got good grades but I NEVER felt like I was good at anything.  Do I think I am a good or fast runner?  NO!!!  People tell me I am fast but I don't believe them.  All I see is how many people are better or faster than me.  But I realized that there will always be someone better or faster than me and it really doesn't matter.  I got into the most famous marathon out there and I am going to Boston.   
 I am actually shocked that we are going to Boston.  I really just wanted to qualify, I honestly didn't think that I would RUN the Boston Marathon!  The thing that I am most excited about is that I plan on enjoying this marathon, no PR for me during this one.  I want to soak up every last bit of it, not be miserable.  I would love to run with my camera, so what if people think that I am crazysauce?

What has running done for you?

Am I alone or do you think runner's are AWESOME?