Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Half Marathon!!

Today was spent running 13.1 miles while looking at all sorts of crazysauce people in costumes.  I have never been so entertained and loved every minute of it.  Holly and I decided to be twiners and I think we looked quite dashing ;)  We chose not to participate in the costume contest but thoroughly enjoyed watching those who did.  People are quite clever!

Due to the slow speed at which people were using the Honey Bucket's we ended up near the back of the first wave of runner's.  I usually try to be near the front because I can't stand being behind slow people.  The first 3 miles were spent at a pace much slower than I would have liked to have been at.  I tried to use the mad driving skills of Jake as I weaved in and out of people.  Although I hate when Jake cuts people off, I must admit that I did a lot of that.  People probably wanted to trip me or something but I had to get out of the crowd.  So if I cut you off I am truly sorry :)

This race went so fast I looked down at my Garmin and was so surprised to see that we were already at mile 10, it was an amazing run.

Going into this race I didn't have any goals.  I was really afraid that running in a hot hat and tutu would drive me crazy.  I also didn't want to go too fast down that mountain and injure myself.  I wanted to go and enjoy it and that's exactly what I did.  Holly and I ran it together and had a great time.
I finished in 1:37:30 with an average pace of 7:27, placing 10th in my age group.  This wasn't my fastest time by a long shot but I had fun and that's all that matters :)

It's VERY important to stretch after a race :)  Jake thought I was weird but oh well!

Poor Kenna was stuck at gymnastics and was so sad to have missed this race but we had to get a picture in front of the hearse :)

This race was AWESOME and I can't wait to do it again next year.  I love the shirt and medal!!  Would it be weird to wear a Halloween shirt year round?

Did you do this race and if so what did you dress up as?

Is it weird to do a race and not actually "race" it?

I think not, it's much more fun that way :)

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