Saturday, July 30, 2011

Timpanogos Half

This morning I woke up at 3 in the a.m. to go and run the Timpanogos Half Marathon.   This race was the bomb!!!  I met up with the fabulous Rachelle and some other bloggers and we hopped right onto the bus.  When we got to the start of the race we saw a Yoga class going on, although we did not partake in the yoga I LOVED that they had it there with an instructor and everything.  We saw Jorge right away, this was his first half marathon and he did awesome but you will have to hustle over to his blog if you wish to read all about it, I do believe he will have a video as well. 
Something quite cool happened to me as we were waiting to start.  A cute little gal said that she recognized Rachelle and I from our BLOGS!  I got so excited, I really didn’t think anyone ever read this thing.  Stephanie and Rachelle are SUPER SPEEDY!!  Go check out their bloggies too. 
This course was so beautiful and peaceful.  There weren’t very many cars which was so nice.  They started about 20 minutes late but I was actually a little relieved because it was still a bit dark.  I think the reason I enjoyed this race so much is because I didn’t go CRAZY!  I just went at a comfortable pace, I haven’t done a half marathon in 2 years and I was nervous about pacing myself.   Heaven knows I didn’t do a very good job at pacing myself at the Utah Valley Marathon and I did not want to feel like death again!  Here are my mile splits:
Mile 1            7.01 minute mile
2                    7.17                                       
3                    7.11
4                    7.18
5                    6.44
6                    6.49
7                    6.57
8                    7.11
9                    7.35
10                  7.40
11                  7.25
12                  7.50
13                  7.30
13.12             6.09
Finish time          1:35:11  that’s what my Garmin said!
I averaged a 7.15 minute mile.  At the finish I felt great, which on one hand is a good thing but on the other hand that means I didn’t push very hard.  I know I could have gone faster but I really just wanted to relax and enjoy this one.  My last two races have been pretty horrible and I think this is what I needed to enjoy running again.  At mile 10, I hit a bit of a wall but it didn’t last for long because I just told myself that Holly would give ANYTHING to be able to run 3 miles.  So I did those last 3 miles for my little Holly friend.  She has an injury right now and can’t run.  I have been there and it is truly horrible. 

I loved everything about this race.  The shirt is ridiculously cute, the medal is super fancy and I got myself a massage by none other than Jorge of Jorge’s House of Pain.  And pain it was, the kind you enjoy of course…well, sort of J  Then I wandered over to a chiropractor and got meself an adjustment.  I have never been adjusted before but I think going to a chiropractor and getting massages is a good thing for any runner to do.  I also sucked down two cups of Winder Dairy’s recovery chocolate milk and let me tell you that it was DELICIOUS!
Another picture just to show you how cute this shirt is!
Those fellas at 26.2 sure know how to put on a race ;)

To be honest I was not looking forward to this race at all.  I found out that I was doing it Thursday night, Holly was signed up but because of her injury she transferred her number to me.  I had wanted to do this race but wasn’t signed up.  I was super excited to do it until I found out that it started at 5:40 a.m. which meant waking up at 3 so that I could catch the bus.  Saturday is usually the day that I can sleep in a little bit, like until 5:30 instead of 4:15.  I DID NOT want to wake up at 3.  Then in addition to waking up early I did not want to be alone.  I am a bit of a wussy pants.  Well, I convinced Rachelle to let me ride the bus with her.  At the end however, I was just wandering about all by myself.  I am actually pretty proud of myself for sticking around to enjoy the after party J I was planning on coming straight home.  Don't worry Jake and the kids didn't abandon me, I told them it was too early and not to come. 

 I am so glad I was able to do this race and Holly next year we will do it together and have a grand ol’ time.  Well, we won’t really do it together cause she is too speedy for me but we can go together J
The best part of this race is that I don’t have to feel pressured to beat my time on the Hobble Creek Half Marathon in 3 weeks, this one was so downhill that I know I will never be that fast again.
After I got all showered up real nice like we headed up to Park City for a little back to school shopping.  As we were driving home I remembered that Holly had brought me this little beauty...

What is your favorite flavor of cupcake?

Red Velvet tops my list...well, actually I love them all!

What is your favorite race, not just distance I want a specific race?

Timpanogos Half Marathon

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh My Hills!

To start out my Monday morning I did some shoulders and abs.  Shoulders have to be one of my favorite body parts to work.  I love the look of well defined deltoids.  I do, however, have a very hard time getting my shoulders sore.  I put myself through all sorts of torturous workouts expecting to be sore and I end up with nothing.  I think that throughout the day we use our shoulders so much that perhaps that is why they are so blasted hard to get sore.  Don't worry, I am constantly switching things up trying to "confuse" my muscles.  I guess they are just too "smort"!

Here is McKenna on the first day of 1st grade!  So cute!
Here's a funny story for your enjoyment:  When my sweet, little McKenna was in first grade she came home with a math sheet that she had done at school.  At the end was a story problem, after asking for the answer it said "how do you know?"  She wrote: because I am smort!  It was so blasted cute and hilarious that "smort" is the new "smart" in our family.

Also for your enjoyment, more pictures of the first day of 1st grade.  Kobe and I were soooo sad to have Kenna gone all day.  I cried and cried and if you think that it crazy you should have seen me on Kobe's first day of Kindergarten...I was a big ol' lonely cry baby.  Anyways, on with the pictures.
It's so funny to look back, I always thought Kobe was just a smeagoly little thing but he actually has some chub on those cute little cheekies!

I sure do love those little cornies!

 Sorry, for skipping about but now I have some more workout talk to get on with.  So here it goes!

Lately, I have been a little scared of speed work.  It seems like every time I do speed work I get aches and pains that I don't feel are normal.  I have read a lot of things saying that speed work is good but you have to be careful because you are more prone to injuries when doing speed work.  My dear little friend Holly is suffering with an injury as we speak :*(  This brings back VERY horrible memories of a year ago when I was out of running for nearly 4 MONTHS!!  4 MONTHS of misery!  I wasted a lot of time on crappy doctors which won't happen to Holly because I have referred her to the best darn physical therapist out there.  Because of my fears of speed work I decided to do hill repeats instead of sprints.  I thought perhaps I might die!

Here's how it went: 1 mile warm-up  The hill repeats were done at a speed of 8 minute miles (7.5 mph)
                              .25 incline 3.5%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 4.0%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 4.5%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              ,25 incline 5.0%
                              ,25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 5.5%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 6.0%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 6.5%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 7.0%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 7.5% KILL ME NOW!!
                              .25 recovery 0% incline and a whole lot of self talk to get me to do one more :)
                              .25 incline 8.0% incline  HOLY CRAPINOLY, I thought I was going to die!
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                               Run 3 miles at a comfortable pace.  Between 7:30 minute mile and the last little bit at 7:00 minute mile.  After I was done and fully recovered from the hill repeats I felt AWESOME and could have gone all day.  It's a good thing I had to get home to get the kidlets off to gymnastics or I probably would have stayed all day.  For the first time in FOREVER I was very tempted to go back to the gym.  I wanted more of the fun.  I went back and forth, should I go, should I not...on and on.  I didn't go back and it took all the wheel power I had not to.  I decided I had better get on with my motherly/slavely duties ;)  You know vacuum, change sheets, laundry and clean up the joint before it was time to get the cornies.

Seems how this was my first attempt at hill repeats I started out pretty easy.  It's a pretty good thing I did too because there is no way I could have gone above an 8% incline at the speed I was going.  And with my weirdness I didn't want to go below an 8 minute mile.  All in all I would say it was a pretty darn good workout.  The best part of all, is that I don't have any weird leg pains that I would normally have on a speed work day.  

The other good part of having an awesomely hard workout is that I can enjoy the delicious cake that I have made for the mother's birthday celebration.  I have never made this recipe before but if the cake is half as good as the dough was then it will be GOOOOOOOD!  And yes, I am CrAzY and I eat the dough.  It doesn't rightly matter if it's cookie dough, cake dough, banana bread dough, brownie dough, well I think you get the idea.  I LOVE IT!  And I have never experienced any of this so called salmonella disease that people speak of :)

Do you enjoy dough of any kind?

Is there a body part that no matter how hard you work it, you have a hard time getting sore?

Just shoulders :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kid For Sale!!

Today started out with a lovely long run of 16.50 miles in just over 2 hours.  We headed up the right hand fork of Hobble Creek instead of the left and I must say that I quite enjoyed it.  It was B.E.A.utiful!  I had a bit of a mishap that caused us a slow down but in the end everything turned out ok, sorry Niccole, Kaylynn and Amber!  At one point I came up behind a couple of comical gals, they kept seeing snakes and they would scream and jump off to the side.  At one point as they were jumping over to avoid a snake they were nearly hit by a SUV, so they let out a scream and jumped back over.  I couldn't help myself and busted up laughing, don't worry they were okay with it.  I was SOOOO grateful that they were there to scare the snakes away before I got to them.

I saw so many people of different shapes, sizes and ages working out in some way or another this morning.  I saw people walking, biking, jogging and running.  Some people were in awesome shape and jaunted along smoothly, while others were really stuggling and maybe not in the best of shape.  I LOVED seeing so many people out there trying to better themselves and get healthy.  It didn't matter if they were running a 6 minute mile or walking, the important thing was that they were out there.  It really was inspiring!

The second I got home I was informed that Jakey poo wasn't all that pleased with my decision to run this morning.  You see, AirTime was having a fundraising yard sale today for McKenna's gymnastics and we had a few items to sell.  I was under the impression that we didn't have to be present in order to sell our goods but when Jake went to drop the stuff off he was told differently.  He let Kenna know exactly how he felt about me and my running :)  So I made my smoothie and we were off to the ol' yard sale extravaganza.  There was no time for stretching, ice bathing or showering.  I went against everything that I believe in to prove to said husband that I did indeed appreciate his efforts...he's welcome ;)

Kenna and I were in charge of helping with the CAR WASH.  We had a pretty steady flow for quite a while and were having a great time until a small boy, whom resembles Smeagol, started to cause all sorts of mayhem.
He kept spraying that blasted hose at everyone and everything.  Just as we finished drying off one of the cars he took it upon himself to spray it, I thought I was going to strangle the boy, which is what I am attempting in the above portrait.  He was being a devil child ;)

There was a roll of CAUTION tape lying about and I wanted so badly to tie the boy to a tree and leave him be.  I think I could have made myself a nice profit off of the boy...maybe next time ;)

As I looked over and saw everyone looking through boxes and boxes of brand new t-shirts I decided I had better head on over there and see what all of the fuss was about.  I found out!

We later found the front half but Jake had already left with the camera, apparently they had forgotten to sew the two together.  This made me very sad because I so badly wanted to buy it for Mama Jex, today is the day of her birth and she would have looked great in it!  Happy Birthday Mama!!
Man, I have a nice butt!!

We earned ourselves some moneyz to put towards gymnastics competition fees, YIPEE!  Now we just need about a zillion more dollars and we will be set.

Did you do a long run or race today?

Do you know of any awesome fundraiser ideas?

Friday, July 8, 2011


After my hour of abs this morning I climbed the BEAST.  I'm sure you have all at least seen the beast, it is a horribly great piece of machinery in the gym.  It's the StairMaster!  I have wanted to get a workout in on this lovely machine for a few weeks now and today it was finally available.  I did 45 minutes on the "aerobic" setting on a level 16.  I did 6.25 miles of stairs and filled 2 five gallon buckets with sweat.  I think the humidity in the air helped with the sweatyness, it was disgusting.  I enjoyed my little visit with beasty and hope to try to do it once a week.  Some days my body just needs a break from running.

The wonderful Rachelle tagged me in a post for a blogger award.  I was just telling a gal at the gym this morning that I wanted to give up on the whole blog thing.  I don't feel that I have anything to offer anyone and I don't think anyone really reads it, except for Jake and that's because I make him ;)

So thank you Rachelle!  Go check her blog out because it is amazing.  She is very insightful and inspiring!
Here it goes!
Favorite Cartoon Character

I thought and thought about it and finally realized that my whole kitchen is decorated with Mickey Mouse, so I guess he is the winner.  I know I am crazy so you don't have to tell me.  And yes, I know how old I am :)

Favorite Thing to Photograph

Probably Niccole kicking over the trail marker in Moab :)  As we were walking along I said "oh look, little kids piled up rocks."  We thought it was so funny that little kids had piled rocks up all along the trail.  So Niccole kicked one over, I am laughing right now!  We were then informed that they were trail markers, don't worry Niccole piled them back up.
Just kidding, my favorite thing to photograph is of course the cornies!
Favorite Thing to Cook
Personalized Cookie Jar
I am a bit of a baker.  At least I prefer to eat the baked goods over "real food."  I love to make cookies!
Favorite Way to Exercise
Running of course and I LOVE weight training but I don't have my own personal photographer to take to the gym with me so I don't have any pics of my HUGE muscles.  Totally joking about the huge muscles :)
Favorite Movie
Big Business
I just love this movie, it's hilarious!
Favorite Article of Clothing
It's a bit of a toss up.  I love me some comfy jammy pants but my Miss Me shorts are almost as comfortable and quite cute.
Favorite Flower
Sorry Rachelle but I stole your picture.  Gerber daisies are my favorite flower!
Favorite Breakfast
My beloved smoothie of course!  I'm not much of a breakfast gal but I do so love me a smoothie.
Favorite Book Lately
I really liked this book.  I don't read books unless they are about running or fitness.  Holly gave me two books for my birthday and I can't wait to start reading them.
Favorite Place to Be

Disneyland :)  After all it is the happiest place on earth!
Favorite Treat, I added this one!
Hill's Bakery in Reams has the most delicious chocolate cake donuts.  They are the secret to carbo loading for the long runs.  I just shared my best kept're welcome!

Now this is the part where I tag some peeps to share all of their favorites.
Jorge from Run Your Race
Holly from Tricksy Runner Girl :)  It looks like you better start your blog girlie!

Before I sign off I just want to share this letter that Kobe slide under the bathroom door this morning while I was in the shower, it had a 10 dollar bill inside it :)

I hope you can read it, he is a silly little freak :)  It says "I'm sorry I'm not listening I will do better.  This money is for the Camelbak, keep it!  He has been begging to use the Camelbak and I keep telling him no but I guess he paid me off!

Would you accept money from a small child?

I took it and ran all the way to the Cinemark 16, we went and saw ZooKeeper and it was pretty dang funny.  It had some not so entertaining spots but there was also a spot where I was hyperventilating because I was laughing so hard.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Freedom Run!

Here is a tip for all of you out there: if you fast the day before a race make sure once the fast is over to properly hydrate.  I usually drink about 20 gallons of water a day.  Well, on Sunday I decided I had better fast, the only problem with that is I didn’t drink enough water afterwards.
Soon after the race started I found myself with a VERY dry mouth, I was so blasted thirsty and the race had just begun.  More about that later but for now here are my splits.

Avg. pace
Max pace

As you can see the race was a bit longer than 6.2 miles.  My official time was 47:26.  I started out feeling good and felt REALLY good on the downhill when I was able to pass a girl that tried to pass me moments earlier.  I know her from the gym and there was no way she was going to beat me ;)
At about mile 4 everything started to bug me.  NO ONE was cheering and that turned me into an angry elf.  The reason I love the Freedom Run is because usually people are cheering you on the whole time and those that aren’t are just fun to watch.  People do some strange things.
I got to Far West Bank which is where Jake was supposed to be.  I couldn’t see him and I got super sad.  I just needed someone to cheer me on, I wanted a familiar face.  I finally heard my name, Jake and Holly’s dad had crossed the street so that they could see us more easily.  I was so happy to see them.
Then that skinny women came along and passed me!
As I was running along I almost yelled at the crowd.  I wanted to say “we are running here, how about cheering us on!”  I refrained.  As we were running up to the mental hospital I could see the lead runner and I thought “wow, I’m not very far behind” I got super excited.  I knew I would see Holly and Tara soon and I couldn’t wait.  Then the race took a turn, I have done this race for the past I don’t know how many years…a lot and they have never had us go up and around the hospital.  That REALLY got to me mentally, I just wanted to stop and walk.  I made myself keep going, I decided to slow down because at that point the end just seemed so far away.  As we got to 9th East I was hoping there would be water, I was dying of thirst.  I thought for sure they would have water but guess what?  They didn’t!!  I almost asked a parade watcher for a drink I was so thirsty.  A guy caught up to me and gave me some encouragement.  We stayed side by side for a long time, I was just glad he wasn’t there to pass me J  I wanted to walk sooooo bad but since Holly and I had just run the course I knew I was super close.  I could do it!
Throughout the race they did a very good job at keeping the 5k-ers separate from the 10k-ers.  This was good because at this point they were all walking.  As soon as we got to the last .30 mile all of the 5k-ers and 10k-ers were together.  I could barely get through all of the blasted walkers.  The road we were on was very narrow and to have the walkers all over place got very frustrating.  Somehow I made it through and sprinted as well as I could to the end.  Once I stopped my body got all tingly, I was light headed and needed water ASAP!
As the day went on I was feeling pretty lamesauce.  I had wanted to finish in 45 minutes and yet again had not met my goal.  I knew I could have done it faster and wondered what my time would have been had the course been 6.2 miles.  At around 7-ish Holly texted me and said that I had actually placed 2nd in my age group, had I been in the right age group.  My boss got me into the race for FREE, yippee.  He got me into the Utah Valley Marathon as well and at that point he got all of my information.  But since the marathon I have had a birthday and I guess he didn’t know that so I was grouped in the younger category.  Holly’s text made my whole day.  I no longer felt like such a slug.  Even though the results won’t show that I placed 2nd I know that I did and that’s all that matters J
I made the mother-in-law make a funny face...she doesn't usually look like that :)  We all realized that sweet little Teancum looks like he could be Jake's child, I'll take him!
After the race we headed over to the parade.  It was a good time I was surrounded by babies and couldn’t be happier.  We were planning on going swimming at Veteran’s but with the threatening clouds we decided to go to my bro and sis-in-laws indoor pool.  There was a big family party going on and they kind of took over the pool so we headed over to the splash park in Spanish Fork.  The kids had a blast.
Next up was SMASHBURGER, I crave that place fort nightly.  They have the most delicious chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries, I can’t get enough of that place.  "They put an addictive chemical in their chicken that makes you crave it fort nightly!"  Does anyone know what movie that line is from? :)
That pretty much wraps up our 4th of July.
Does everything annoy you when you are thirsty and tired?

I should say so!

Do you like to quote movie lines?

I do it all of the time!!  "Is for fun" :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

No Long Run?

I just have to get this out there because it has been on my mind all day.  This morning due to baptismal stuff I was unable to do my Saturday long run.  Other than when I was in Florida, I have NEVER missed a long run.  I know I am crazy but it has been bothering me all day long.  I guess I think that if I miss a run I will gain 500 lbs. 

Last night when I told Jake that I wasn't running, he was shocked.  He then preceded to tell me that "people" think that I am obsessed with running and that I put it above my family.  That really hurt because I have always planned my runs and working out around my family.  I don't enjoy waking up at 4 a.m. to workout but I do it so that the remainder of the day can be spent with my familia.  If my kids have a gymnastics meet, I wake up earlier and do my run.  I have always been careful to not let my running interfere with my family.  I am not sure who these "people" are but I must say that I highly doubt that they do any form of physical activity. 

I think people just do the best that they can to fit everything into a day.  Rather than be that person that makes every excuse not to exercise, I make every excuse to exercise.  Is this really a bad thing?  I don't leave my kids home alone or at day cares in order to exercise, I simply wake up in the middle of the night.  I think it is unfair for people to judge me or anyone else for that matter.  I really just don't see why people have such a problem with me working out and running a lot.  I know it annoys Jake at times but I have to wonder how he would feel if I was a slug and did nothing all day.  He says "you can miss one day," but guess what?  I am afraid that if I start missing a day here or a day there, that I will get used to sleeping in or whatever and I will get out of the habit.  I am just trying to be as healthy as possible and set a good example to my kids and anyone else along the way.

I feel like I need to add, for those of you who don't know me, that I only work out once a day.  I am not one of those people that do multiple workouts in a day.  I get my workout done and then it's onto my motherly duties.  Running and working out is "my time" and I feel like I need it in order to be a sane person.

Do you feel like people judge you for working out too much?


Do you have any advise for a gal who has a hard time missing a workout?

I know very well that I won't gain 500 lbs but I keep thinking of ways to make up for the miles lost.  18 miles is a lot of miles to make up :(

Dapper Dan, I mean Kobe!

Today was Kobe's big day, he got baptized.  He looked quite fetching, if I do say so myself.  It was a nice baptism with 2 other cute little kiddos.  They were all so cute.  Jake did a great job confirming Kobe, although he said he was super nervous...I couldn't tell.  I'm sure glad the daddio is in charge of such things, I get too scared to do anything in front of large crowds, or small crowds for that matter.  Put more than 5 people in front of me and I freak out.  Here is a picture of Kobe for your enjoyment.
You talking ta me?
"How you doin'?"
Here he is with his cute little cousin Kaiya, she is only 7 months older than him and about 2 feet taller.  Kobe is miniature and she is tall and so blasted cute!
That darn Kenna kept snatching up that cute lil' baby Coen.  I don't know where she gets it!  There's Mama and Papa Jex in the back ground and Jenne she's the sis-in-law who birthed Coen.
I think I took about a zillion pictures of that tiny little bundle of joy!  I hope Jenne doesn't mind me plastering her baby all over the Internet machine ;)
I also got to play with my other cutest little nephew Teancum, he is just a squishy little cuddle bug.  He must be the happiest baby I have ever seen.  I just love him to death and I love to squeeze those big cheeks.
Oh, he is just so cute!  I get to have him for a few days here pretty quick and I can't wait...I think.  It's been a looooooong time since I have had a wee one to worry about.  I am just glad he sleeps through the night, at least that's what they tell me.  And he really is the most pleasant little feller.
Here is one more baby for you.  That is Jackson, Holly's baby, he is the funniest, crazysauce, little boy I have ever met.  He is quite entertaining and oh so cute.  We keep trying to get him to say my name and the other day Holly said "say Steph," he moved his lips like he was lip syncing and wobbled his head and said "NO!"  It was hilarious, of course you probably would have to be there.
After all of the baptism fun we headed to downtown Provo to partake in the festivities.  It was very hot and I saw a big nasty snake, I steered clear of it don't worry.  My crazy niece, Kenya, held the nasty thing.  Then as we were wandering about we saw Moses from the Biggest Loser.  At first, I thought he was a guy that I always see at the gym.  Then Jake pointed to him and I thought, how in the world does Jake know him.  Apparently he wasn't the guy from the gym but rather Moses :)

I am all geared up for the big Freedom Run, my boss got me into the race for free but when I picked up my packet I was only given a bib to run the 5K.  Oh well, at least I have a bib and I will run that 10K whether it counts or not.  Jake was going to run the 5K with Kobe and McKenna but at his scout camp out this week he had a little mishap.
Ouchie mama!  His leg is so swollen, it is about twice the size of his other leg.  That put a end to his running pretty darn quick.  He got pinned between a truck and a rock.  He is so lucky he didn't break his leg though.
Well, it is time to cook our Papa Murphy's delicious pizza and then it's off to find a spot to watch the fireworks.  Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!! 
Once again, I apologize for the grammar :)  Don't forget once I get 50 followers there will be a sweet give away.  We are almost there!!

What are your 4th of July plans?

Run, parade, swim and hold those cute babies all the live long day :)

Are you running the Freedom Run and if so what distance?


Friday, July 1, 2011

10K Practice Run

This morning after an hour of abs/core work we ran the course of the Freedom Run 10K.  During the abs workout I got a little giggly.  I have a tailbone that seems to protrude out further than most which sometimes results in me wearing a hole in my behind, it's quite painful.  Holly decided she would fashion me a "donut" out of her sweat towel :)  Although I felt pretty ridiculous it seemed to do the trick, thank you Holly!  We walked up to Kiwanis Park where the 10K starts, actually we danced most of the way...I was feeling pretty spicy.  We got to Kiwanis and we were off.  I felt pretty good in the beginning...after the first hill that is.  Here is a list of our mile splits, I FINALLY figured out how to make my Garmin show me such things.


We averaged a 7.40 minute mile pace with a max speed of 5.20 minute mile pace.  I sure hope I can be faster for the race, usually the excitement of race day makes me faster.  Also, the last .30 was just a slow run back to the gym.
As we were running past the stadium we saw Brad Paisley's entourage, there were like 5 diesels and 2 big motor home thingies.  I wanted to go knock on the door and say "hello, Brother Paisely!  Top of the day to ya"  But figured I better not.  I felt pretty good until about mile 3.5 or 4, then I fizzled.  Oh well, it was nice to be out on such a beautiful morn.  We saw the hot air balloons too which was nice.

Now if you will excuse me, I must turn into a merry maid and get to work.  I have big plans for my house today.  There's much to be done before the big day.  I can't wait for you to see how blasted cute Kobe looks in his fancy new suit :)