Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh My Hills!

To start out my Monday morning I did some shoulders and abs.  Shoulders have to be one of my favorite body parts to work.  I love the look of well defined deltoids.  I do, however, have a very hard time getting my shoulders sore.  I put myself through all sorts of torturous workouts expecting to be sore and I end up with nothing.  I think that throughout the day we use our shoulders so much that perhaps that is why they are so blasted hard to get sore.  Don't worry, I am constantly switching things up trying to "confuse" my muscles.  I guess they are just too "smort"!

Here is McKenna on the first day of 1st grade!  So cute!
Here's a funny story for your enjoyment:  When my sweet, little McKenna was in first grade she came home with a math sheet that she had done at school.  At the end was a story problem, after asking for the answer it said "how do you know?"  She wrote: because I am smort!  It was so blasted cute and hilarious that "smort" is the new "smart" in our family.

Also for your enjoyment, more pictures of the first day of 1st grade.  Kobe and I were soooo sad to have Kenna gone all day.  I cried and cried and if you think that it crazy you should have seen me on Kobe's first day of Kindergarten...I was a big ol' lonely cry baby.  Anyways, on with the pictures.
It's so funny to look back, I always thought Kobe was just a smeagoly little thing but he actually has some chub on those cute little cheekies!

I sure do love those little cornies!

 Sorry, for skipping about but now I have some more workout talk to get on with.  So here it goes!

Lately, I have been a little scared of speed work.  It seems like every time I do speed work I get aches and pains that I don't feel are normal.  I have read a lot of things saying that speed work is good but you have to be careful because you are more prone to injuries when doing speed work.  My dear little friend Holly is suffering with an injury as we speak :*(  This brings back VERY horrible memories of a year ago when I was out of running for nearly 4 MONTHS!!  4 MONTHS of misery!  I wasted a lot of time on crappy doctors which won't happen to Holly because I have referred her to the best darn physical therapist out there.  Because of my fears of speed work I decided to do hill repeats instead of sprints.  I thought perhaps I might die!

Here's how it went: 1 mile warm-up  The hill repeats were done at a speed of 8 minute miles (7.5 mph)
                              .25 incline 3.5%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 4.0%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 4.5%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              ,25 incline 5.0%
                              ,25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 5.5%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 6.0%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 6.5%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 7.0%
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                              .25 incline 7.5% KILL ME NOW!!
                              .25 recovery 0% incline and a whole lot of self talk to get me to do one more :)
                              .25 incline 8.0% incline  HOLY CRAPINOLY, I thought I was going to die!
                              .25 recovery 0% incline
                               Run 3 miles at a comfortable pace.  Between 7:30 minute mile and the last little bit at 7:00 minute mile.  After I was done and fully recovered from the hill repeats I felt AWESOME and could have gone all day.  It's a good thing I had to get home to get the kidlets off to gymnastics or I probably would have stayed all day.  For the first time in FOREVER I was very tempted to go back to the gym.  I wanted more of the fun.  I went back and forth, should I go, should I not...on and on.  I didn't go back and it took all the wheel power I had not to.  I decided I had better get on with my motherly/slavely duties ;)  You know vacuum, change sheets, laundry and clean up the joint before it was time to get the cornies.

Seems how this was my first attempt at hill repeats I started out pretty easy.  It's a pretty good thing I did too because there is no way I could have gone above an 8% incline at the speed I was going.  And with my weirdness I didn't want to go below an 8 minute mile.  All in all I would say it was a pretty darn good workout.  The best part of all, is that I don't have any weird leg pains that I would normally have on a speed work day.  

The other good part of having an awesomely hard workout is that I can enjoy the delicious cake that I have made for the mother's birthday celebration.  I have never made this recipe before but if the cake is half as good as the dough was then it will be GOOOOOOOD!  And yes, I am CrAzY and I eat the dough.  It doesn't rightly matter if it's cookie dough, cake dough, banana bread dough, brownie dough, well I think you get the idea.  I LOVE IT!  And I have never experienced any of this so called salmonella disease that people speak of :)

Do you enjoy dough of any kind?

Is there a body part that no matter how hard you work it, you have a hard time getting sore?

Just shoulders :)


  1. love the post....dough is the best...forgetting cooking the dough!

  2. ha ha I accidently ate like and entire batch of chocolate chip cookie dough over the weekend. oops! Love the dough.

    Nice job with the hill work. I am really weak with hills and working on improving that so it was fun to see what you are doing to incorporate incline.

    So so sad for Holly. I am such an idiot sometimes and need to be smarter about taking precautions. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Dough is the best. Yuum!

    What little cuties!

  4. When I was a little tyke I won a drawing contest for an anti-smoking campaign. My poster read, "Smoking is Stupit" Funnier thing, I didn't know I had spelled it wrong.
    It ended up in the paper and as a billboard! Ha!

  5. I love the dough, i think it ruins it to actually bake it sometimes. Your kidlets are so blasted cute, i love Kenna's pose and Kobe's chubby cheeks!
    Now that I'm scared to death of speed work i'll have to try your awesome hill repeats, that looks like a great workout. You sound like me wanting to spend the day at the gym ;) you should of called me!