Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kid For Sale!!

Today started out with a lovely long run of 16.50 miles in just over 2 hours.  We headed up the right hand fork of Hobble Creek instead of the left and I must say that I quite enjoyed it.  It was B.E.A.utiful!  I had a bit of a mishap that caused us a slow down but in the end everything turned out ok, sorry Niccole, Kaylynn and Amber!  At one point I came up behind a couple of comical gals, they kept seeing snakes and they would scream and jump off to the side.  At one point as they were jumping over to avoid a snake they were nearly hit by a SUV, so they let out a scream and jumped back over.  I couldn't help myself and busted up laughing, don't worry they were okay with it.  I was SOOOO grateful that they were there to scare the snakes away before I got to them.

I saw so many people of different shapes, sizes and ages working out in some way or another this morning.  I saw people walking, biking, jogging and running.  Some people were in awesome shape and jaunted along smoothly, while others were really stuggling and maybe not in the best of shape.  I LOVED seeing so many people out there trying to better themselves and get healthy.  It didn't matter if they were running a 6 minute mile or walking, the important thing was that they were out there.  It really was inspiring!

The second I got home I was informed that Jakey poo wasn't all that pleased with my decision to run this morning.  You see, AirTime was having a fundraising yard sale today for McKenna's gymnastics and we had a few items to sell.  I was under the impression that we didn't have to be present in order to sell our goods but when Jake went to drop the stuff off he was told differently.  He let Kenna know exactly how he felt about me and my running :)  So I made my smoothie and we were off to the ol' yard sale extravaganza.  There was no time for stretching, ice bathing or showering.  I went against everything that I believe in to prove to said husband that I did indeed appreciate his efforts...he's welcome ;)

Kenna and I were in charge of helping with the CAR WASH.  We had a pretty steady flow for quite a while and were having a great time until a small boy, whom resembles Smeagol, started to cause all sorts of mayhem.
He kept spraying that blasted hose at everyone and everything.  Just as we finished drying off one of the cars he took it upon himself to spray it, I thought I was going to strangle the boy, which is what I am attempting in the above portrait.  He was being a devil child ;)

There was a roll of CAUTION tape lying about and I wanted so badly to tie the boy to a tree and leave him be.  I think I could have made myself a nice profit off of the boy...maybe next time ;)

As I looked over and saw everyone looking through boxes and boxes of brand new t-shirts I decided I had better head on over there and see what all of the fuss was about.  I found out!

We later found the front half but Jake had already left with the camera, apparently they had forgotten to sew the two together.  This made me very sad because I so badly wanted to buy it for Mama Jex, today is the day of her birth and she would have looked great in it!  Happy Birthday Mama!!
Man, I have a nice butt!!

We earned ourselves some moneyz to put towards gymnastics competition fees, YIPEE!  Now we just need about a zillion more dollars and we will be set.

Did you do a long run or race today?

Do you know of any awesome fundraiser ideas?


  1. I hate fundraisers and am trying not to think about them until I have to when my kids get bigger. I did do a half marathon today!

  2. I've missed your fun blog posts! I'll buy that cute lil smeagoly boy, he's my favorite. No long run for me today, wah wah, injuries sick! I'm glad you had a good one despite your little mishap. Maybe one day when i'm a runner again i'll do a blog post :)

  3. ha ha I love your posts you always make me smile. :) That is so cool that your kids are in gymnastics. I love gymnastics!

    How far are you running this weekend? I would love to run with you. I did a LR of 15 all by myself and it was a little lonesome.