Sunday, March 30, 2014


This week is sure to be an exciting one around here.  Kobe has the 5th grade wax museum where he will be King Kamehameha, McKenna has her first track meet and Kobe has his Regionals gymnastics competition.  
After quitting gymnastics in the fall, I reminded Kenna that the doctor said with the way her hips are aligned she could be a super fast runner.  She seemed a little lost after quitting gym and I knew she needed something to fill that void.  After talking with Margie (a neighbor) we somehow convinced Kenna to go out for track.  She's into the short and fast thing.  I picked Kenna up Friday after track and she was just over the moon excited because she had made the A-Team...
Maybe not...I pity the poor fool who can't run as fast as Kenna ;)
She will be running the 100m along with the 4 times 100m relay.  She is so fast and I can't wait to watch her race.  We even went and picked her up some awesome spikes.
I guess the picture wants to be sideways so whatevs.
I've got to try these suckers out, it seems so strange to have spiked feet.  I just picture one falling on their face because the spikes are stuck in the ground.  Apparently that doesn't happen but I'll have to see for myself.
Isn't it just my luck that my kid would get stuck being King Kamehameha?  Fo' real doh!  He's not the easiest feller to dress up as and it has caused me great stress.  I will be happy when this whole thing is over.  Seeing my pasty, little, smeagol dressed up like a huge Hawaiian warrior and king should be quite the sight ;)

Practically twins!
I'm so excited to see Kobe compete at Regionals.  I hope he has a great meet but most importantly I hope he has fun.  I was really hoping he would make it to Nationals, so we would be forced to go to Long Beach, CA, but apparently level 5's don't go to Nationals.  RUDE!  I guess I will just have to wait until May 31st to go to the Golden State.  I do get to go to Vernal May 3rd so I can certainly look forward to that, seriously though, I am excited to go.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pacing is de BEST!

As many of you know I am part of the Run Your Race Pacers of Utah.  Jorge is El' Presidente, Holly is the CNO and I am the COO of RYR, we came up with that just now.  I am getting so excited about the upcoming race season.  I can’t believe that our first race is only 7 weeks away.  The Dino Half Marathon is in Vernal.  We paced this race last year and everyone loved it.  It runs down Dry Fork Canyon which is beautiful. 
Sadly I don't have any pictures of Dry Fork Canyon, but I do have this little beauty.  Welcome to the gun show, we've got fun in games ;)  
I won't tell you how many attempts it took us to get a pic with both of us in the air...we're special!
This is a smaller race, which I love.  I don’t know if you’ve ever done a Runtastic Events Race but they are always awesome.  We will be pacing all of their races which include:
If you want to know where all the cool kids will be, I just told you.  I love racing and trying to hit a goal but there is something wonderful about helping others achieve their goals.  Plus, it takes the pressure off of having to PR.  As a runner you figure out pretty dang quick that every race can’t be a PR, which at times can be quite disheartening.  For some people if they can’t “race” a race then they just don’t do it.  Not me, I love getting ready to pace a race knowing that I actually get to enjoy the run.  I get to take it a bit slower than I normally would.  I get to chat and enjoy the scenery.  Last year one of my favorite pacing experiences was at the Dino Half, where I ran with a couple doing their first half marathon.  It was awesome!

I have race reviews of all the above races, you should check them out.
I think it would be wise if you signed up for one or ALL of these races...right now.  If you do 3 of the above mentioned races you earn yourself a special medal.
I'll let you go now, I know you have things to do like sign up for a race or 5 :)
I have a special PROMO code for yas just go to and enter DINORUN for $5 off your're welcome, now get on it kids!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ambassador Anderson

Today's run was perfect.  Holly and I are training for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon on June 1st.  I can't wait to do this race again, it is one of my favorites.

Anywho, we were scheduled for 10 miles but we decided to change the schedule to 12 miles, shhh.  We ran up to the Murdock Canal Trail, this has quickly become my favorite places to run.
It was quite brisk out but so beautiful. 
I am pretty excited to announce that I have been chosen to be an ambassador for Pro Compression.  I am basically obsessed with these beautiful stockings, just ask my co-worker she'll tell you.  She now calls me Ambassador Anderson, it has a nice ring to it don't you think?
I have an extensive collection of #allofthesocks.  Holly and I are even referred to as the "tall sock twins" at Gold's Gym.  The best part of that nickname is that it came from a bald guy named Harry, ironic isn't it?

These socks aren't just for looks you know, they help aide in recovery and performance.  

I love working out  (getting shredded;) and running in my Pro Compression socks.
  I almost always sleep in marathon socks, unless I get too hot and then they come off pretty quick.  The best thing to do is slather your legs in Deep Blue and then put the socks on.
I wear my fancy Ragnar sleeves to work A LOT, I love them.
I totes adore the low rise socks, they are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn.  Coming from a gal who used to work at a running store who has tried #allofthesocks that is saying a lot.

Word on the street is that Pro Compression is coming out with some new products.  I don't know about you but Ambassador Anderson can't wait to try them out ;)  They are coming out with some technical running socks, they look amazing.

When Kobe was training for his first half marathon, you can read about that HERE, I wished he had some compression socks.  With his smeagoly little legs my wouldn't fit him.  Good news though, they are coming out with youth compression socks.  Hopefully they come in size smeagol.
See how smeagoly his little leggies are!

Pro Compression is also coming out with women's leggings...YAY!!!

I'm sure all this talk of stockings has you pretty excited to order some.  You can hop on over to their website HERE and use promo code SPRING to get 40% off and FREE shipping.  Hurry though because the offer expires on March 31st.

Ambassador Anderson...OUT!