Sunday, March 30, 2014


This week is sure to be an exciting one around here.  Kobe has the 5th grade wax museum where he will be King Kamehameha, McKenna has her first track meet and Kobe has his Regionals gymnastics competition.  
After quitting gymnastics in the fall, I reminded Kenna that the doctor said with the way her hips are aligned she could be a super fast runner.  She seemed a little lost after quitting gym and I knew she needed something to fill that void.  After talking with Margie (a neighbor) we somehow convinced Kenna to go out for track.  She's into the short and fast thing.  I picked Kenna up Friday after track and she was just over the moon excited because she had made the A-Team...
Maybe not...I pity the poor fool who can't run as fast as Kenna ;)
She will be running the 100m along with the 4 times 100m relay.  She is so fast and I can't wait to watch her race.  We even went and picked her up some awesome spikes.
I guess the picture wants to be sideways so whatevs.
I've got to try these suckers out, it seems so strange to have spiked feet.  I just picture one falling on their face because the spikes are stuck in the ground.  Apparently that doesn't happen but I'll have to see for myself.
Isn't it just my luck that my kid would get stuck being King Kamehameha?  Fo' real doh!  He's not the easiest feller to dress up as and it has caused me great stress.  I will be happy when this whole thing is over.  Seeing my pasty, little, smeagol dressed up like a huge Hawaiian warrior and king should be quite the sight ;)

Practically twins!
I'm so excited to see Kobe compete at Regionals.  I hope he has a great meet but most importantly I hope he has fun.  I was really hoping he would make it to Nationals, so we would be forced to go to Long Beach, CA, but apparently level 5's don't go to Nationals.  RUDE!  I guess I will just have to wait until May 31st to go to the Golden State.  I do get to go to Vernal May 3rd so I can certainly look forward to that, seriously though, I am excited to go.

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