Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Time For A Cleanse!

I’m sure you have all heard about the juice cleanse craz that all the cool kids are doing.  Well, I decided to go ahead and jump on that band wagon.  That’s right, I asked good ol’ Dr. Noodle (AKA Google) all about a one day cleanse.  I came across this website, the complete idiot’s guide…sounds about right.  I chatted with Holly about it, Jorge is big into juicing so we knew he would be excited about it. 
On Saturday Jake, Holly and I headed to Costco to purchase oodles of fresh fruits and veggies.
There's more, I just couldn't get it all in the shot.
Jake was going to participate but decided on the way to Costco that it wasn't really going to do him any good.  My reason for doing said cleanse was to reset myself.  I have had lots of horrible sugar cravings and Big Mac Attacks as of late and I wanted to flush all the bad out and start fresh.  I thought a day full of vitamins and nutrients would do me good.  It would set me up to start eating a bit cleaner.  Jake had no intention on changing his eating habits so why bother.  I think he actually changed his mind at least 15 times in about a 30 second time frame, if you think I'm kidding I'm NOT!
I woke up Sunday to this lovely message.
I drank my glass of warm HOT lemon water, I burned my flipptiy flappin' tongue, and headed on down to the Garcia residence.
Juice numero uno consisted of carrots, red bell pepper, celery, romaine lettuce, the juice of one lemon and a Fuji apple.  All I could taste was the bell pepper for.the.rest.of.the.day!!!
I had to suck down my juice quite quickly which made for a not happy tummy.  
I was SUPER full when Holly texted beckoning me down to make my lunch time juice.  I thought being that juice #2 was only grapes and strawberries that I would like it.  5 cups of grapes and 15 strawberries=not too great.  It was way too sweet.  I forced myself to drink about half of it but that was all I could handle.  I would surely barf had I finished the thing.  I put the remaining juice in the fridge thinking I would finish it later.  Well friends, later never came.
I went to church even though I was VERY nauseous.  It was the Primary program otherwise I would have stayed home.  I decided I would stay until Kobe did his part and then I would leave.  You know when your mouth gets all watery right before you throw up???  Gross, I know, but that was happening pretty much the whole hour I was at the church house.  I thought I was going to lose it a few times.  Thankfully, I made it through the first hour, just barely, then I zipped on home. 
Holly texted me a little while later saying that she was home and had juice #3 ready for me.  The mere thought of drinking one more ounce of juice made me sick.  I sauntered down to her house and told her that I was DONE!  
I felt like I had the stomach flu, I never threw up but man did I come close.  I knew I would be spending most of the day in the bathroom but I did not sign up for the nausea.  I wanted to be cleansed to an extent but this was taking things a little too far.
Out of four 32 ounce juices I made it through 1 and a half #FAIL.  I guess it wasn’t really a fail because what I did drink definitely cleaned me out. 
I ate some toast, oatmeal and a pear and that was that.  I woke up feeling great!  Will I do it again? The verdict is still out on that.  Did it do what I wanted it to?  I suppose it did and then some, colonoscopy anyone ;)  Do I want to go home and have some juice?  NO freaking way!! I’m glad I didn’t snatch up the Jack LaLanne juicer I was scoping out on KSL.  Jorge has a Jack LaLanne Juicer which is what we used and it is AMAZING!
I will say that if you have any interest in doing a cleanse, do it the right way.  Make your own juice with nothing added.  There are lots of cleanses you can buy but doing it this way is cheaper and #awesomerawness! 
Now I will make better choices when it comes to what I stuff in my pie hole.  I will also be sure to order these right quick!!  All those vitamins have made me so smart...obviously!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

A New Addition!

Let me just catch ya up on a few things, okay?  About 6 weeks ago we bought ourselves a little Yorkie dog, Koda!  He is just about the cutest little thing you have ever seen but man alive he is NAUGHTY!  We are new to this whole dog thing but thought it would be “fun!”  I must say that I find this little mongrel to be more work than a newborn baby.  In some ways he is much harder than a baby but then again he does sleep at night so that’s a plus.  
We got him when he was 6 weeks old, he was soooo tiny!
Here he is after a trip to the groomers...nice ascot! 

He is hilarious and so sweet but soooooo naughty!  We do so love him, how could we not?!?
In other news, Kobe is training for his first HALF MARATHON!!! The dudes legs are only about 8 inches long so this is a pretty big deal.  He decided after his first 10K that he wanted to do the Haunted Half Marathon on October 26th.  I found a training plan and we have been following it to the T, Kobe checks it often which I love. 
Kobe is holding a horse which we found on our run, he is now our mascot.

Training was a bit rough in the beginning and truth be told I nearly gave up.  Kobe was determined to make it work and he has done amazingly!  I am so excited for him and Kaden (Holly’s son) to attack a half marathon.  I have so LOVED our runs together, it has taken a great deal of patience but to see them improving has been awesome. 

We got photo bombed by a biker :)

Kobe is all about the route.  I will say we have to run 4 miles and he says “I don’t care how far we are going, I only care where we are going.”   I hope with all my being that he makes it to race day still excited about running.  I love the time we are spending together training for this race.  It is amazing to me that his twiggle little legs are capable of running 13.1 miles…that be pretty dang far! 
When Kobe is done he is DONE!  I turned around today to see him sitting in the middle of the trail :D  And he always sprints to the finish, love that smeagoly boy!

This morning I got to pace the Nebo Half Marathon, which I LOVED, then we did a 6 miler!  We didn't start the 6 miler with the boys until 10 a.m. and it was 6000 degrees.  It was rough but we did it. 

Lastly, I am dying to do a marathon!!  I don’t see one in my near future since here in Utah it has a tendency to be snowy in the winter months therefore there are no marathons to be found past the beginning of October!  I would LOVE to do the Rock and Rock Las Vegas Marathon but it starts at 4 pm…who the heck can run a marathon starting at that hour?  NOT ME!!

I guess that's enough randomness for one day.  I'm out!