Wednesday, June 26, 2013

AF Canyon Half Marathon 2013

The AF Canyon Half was one of my favoritest races last year but with Ogden and San Diego so close together I didn’t dare ask Jake if I could spend another $65 on a race…not his favorite thing to spend $ on.  I don’t get it either people but it is what it is ;)  On my way home from California I had some serious sadness.  I had so much fun and I didn’t want to come home AT ALL.  I had a great race at the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Marathon and there's a pretty good chance I had the post marathon blues.  I knew Holly was doing AF and I wanted to do it sooooo badly. 

As soon as I got home Holly wandered down and told me that Pam, who is injured, had a bib that she would let me have.  I was over the moon excited!  Pam was going to run it in honor of her mom, Marge, who lost her battle with cancer.  She said as long as I would run in her remembrance I could run for her.
Now let me back up a titch and say that my runs after San Diego RNR were great, I felt good and nothing hurt.  Then the Thursday before the AF Canyon Half I did a leg work out that kicked my butt.  I was expecting it since I had missed a week of weights.  What I didn’t expect was how hard my run was after my work out.  I struggled through those 8 miles but again nothing hurt.  I was sore and my energy was low but other than that all was right in the world.

Then Friday came along.  I knew my run would be tough as Friday’s always are for me.  I was right, it was hard.  In addition to it being hard my foot started hurting at the end of my run.

I told Holly of my worries so she decided to come over Friday night for a little scraping session.  I felt good and hoped for a fun race.  Holly and I both went into the AF race as a fun run…we weren’t going for any PR’s or anything as both of us were fresh off of a marathon.  We decided a 1:40 would be great.

It was time to pick my costume for the run.  I bought a purple tank that I was hoping would match my Pro Compression stockings but I didn’t think it looked great.  Holly and Kenna tried to tell me that it matched but I seriously questioned their sanity.  I needed Josh’s opinion, after all he plans his outfits at least a week ahead of time ;)  We had picked up his race bib and bag so he was coming over to grab it.  I said “I don’t trust you guys, I need to ask Poshy!”  I walked out of the room and I heard Kenna whisper,  “Who’s Poshy?”  It was so blasted funny…maybe you had to be there but Holly and I busted up.  After carefully examining the outfit I realized that the darker color of the tank matched the darker purple in my shoes, whew!
 Saturday morning Josh picked me, Holly and Joanna up at 3:40 a.m. CRAZY!!!  Holly and I hopped on one of the first buses and headed to the starting line.  I’m not sure what my problem is lately but I have been getting motion sickness.  At Disneyland I felt sick after a couple of the rides which NEVER happens, except when I was pregnant with Kobe…CRAP!  Just kidding!!!!!  Anyways, as we neared the end of our Le Bus ride I started feeling not so good.  I wondered if I was going to be able to run, I felt like crap.  To make me feel better a wonderful volunteer gave me another sweet pair of those one size fits none gloves, YAY!!!
Pic from last year's race post, you can read it HERE.
 I decided I had better eat, even though I didn’t want to.  It took me FOREVER to force down about half of my bar before I gave up on it.  I started feeling better so things were looking up.

IHC puts this race on to benefit cancer patients who can’t afford their treatments and they do an amazing job!  Mary Nickles (news anchor from KUTV2) came and talked to the crowd about cancer, she was diagnosed with breast cancer a while back.  She is just awesome!  

It was finally go time, we lined up somewhat near the front and we were off.  I wasn’t feeling particularly awesome, which I sort of expected.  We kept a pretty good pace and had a grand ol’ time.  Then somewhere around mile 8 the road turned fairly sharp and it was SUPER cantered.  I remember feeling something strange but seemed to be okay…for a second.  Then my foot started hurting.  Friday it was the ball of my foot that hurt and now it was my heel. 

Our pace slowed waaaay down, here are our splits.
:40 1:39:11 according to Lou
I just looked up my (actually Pam's) official time and it was 1:39:18.  I earned Pam 2nd place in her age group :)
As we ran the pain got worse and worse.  I knew not to push myself through too much pain because I was really looking forward to Ragnar.  I slowed way down but wanted to finish.  I have never DNF’d and didn’t really know what to do.  I didn’t want to walk, I just wanted to be done.  I tried telling Holly to go on ahead but she refused.

By the last mile I was barely running, it hurt like the dickens!  I hobbled my way to the finish line.  Then I immediately headed to the massage tables and got a little rub down.
I guess this picture was on Facebook and Holly snapped a picture of it.  There I am getting a lovely rub :)
Then a Chiropractor had me lay down while he did some crazy witch doctor crap on me.  The dude Karate chopped my freaking foot…OW!  Then he did some other weird shizzle…I question his witch doctor methods.

I walked with a serious gimp for the next two days.  Jorge worked on me which was SUPER painful but it helped and I was no longer a gimp, yay Jorge!   

Although I had a horrible experience at this race I still loved it.  I loved the signs along the course, the shirt was super cute, although waaaay too small, and it was for a great cause.
Here's the crew!
Holly, Me, Josh and Joanna
And one of just me and my RBFF
Hopefully we will be back to running about the city again in no time!!!

 I am now an injured runner gosh dang it!!  I talked with Steve Orrock for a minute at Ragnar and told him what happened.  He said that downhill running tears up your calfs…who knew?  I always feel downhill running in other places and never would have thought that.  The dude is right though cause I have a knot the size of Texas in my calf.  It’s funny how one angry little muscle can cause such trouble.

I have an appointment with a Sports Medicine doctor tomorrow so we will see what he has to say for himself and then I am heading up to Steve’s office.  Let’s hope for a miracle people, I have the Freedom Run in T minus 8 days and I just HAVE to do it!  I‘ll walk it if I have to even though right now I can’t even walk.  Maybe I can ride Kobe’s scooter, I can put streamers on it and everything ;/  I was really hoping to wear these fancy stockings...

But since I can't walk I didn't order any :(
If they have any left you can use promo code JL4 for 40% off, go HERE!

I guess that's all for now...#KEEPITTIGHT!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ultra Ragnar 2013

This post should really have a pre-post post...what?!?  Oh well!

Ever since the AF Half Marathon, perhaps a post on that race another day, my calf has been beyond angry which Jorge believes is pulling on my heel.  I finished AF gimping and did so until the next day when Jorge did some voodoo hoodoo Mr. Miyagi magic trick and got me walking normally again.  I took the week off of running in hopes that I would be ready for my Ultra Ragnar on Friday.
On Wednesday I knew I wasn’t going to be able to run.  I tried to get a replacement runner but very few people are cray cray enough to do an Ultra especially given 2 days notice.
I would never leave my team high and dry but wondered how I would run when I could barely walk by Friday.  Jake was originally going to be our driver but said that he would do what he could to cover for me.  The boy doesn’t run much so I knew he wouldn’t be able to run 33.7 miles in 24 hours.
Friday night I cried myself a river, then I decided I had better build a bridge and get over it!  I thought about sending Jake and skipping out all together but Jake gently reminded me that he was doing this to be with me.  I was torn, I didn’t want to sit in a van for 2 days and watch everyone else run.  I also didn’t want to miss out on all the fun.  And I really didn’t want to send Holly off with 5 guys all alone, us girls have to stick together!
I woke up Friday morning with hope that I had magically been healed overnight and would be able to run.  I had Jorge do his Mr. Miyagi magic and I was walking normally with no pain.  I had hope!
Jake, Holly, Jorge, Josh and I drove up to Centerville and picked up Kam and Andy.  We were all set for our grand adventure.

Then the dude who took our picture photo bombed my phone :D
Everyone knew that there was a pretty huge chance they would need to cover my legs.  I was runner 2 which included legs 3 and 4.  My first run was 6.7 miles and 4.3 miles. We decided that I would start running and that they would check on me and if need be Jorge would jump in at mile 3 and then Jake would take the 4.3 miler. 
From the second I started running it hurt.  I hoped that once I got warmed up it would loosen up and I would be fine…NOPE!  My team drove by and I gave a none enthusiastic thumbs up.  I tried changing my form in hopes that I could ease the pain and finish my first leg.  Nothing worked.
I was both sad and relieved to see my teammates stopped up ahead with Jorge ready to run.  I made it 2.77 miles out of 33.7 #FAIL!
At first I was just really mad at myself, my stupid leg, my stupidity…whatever.  After a few hours that madness turned into sadness.  I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s Ragnar experience so I tried to stay positive but man it was HARD!
Jorge and I had a little fun with our capes while Josh did his first run.  We wanted to look like we were flying but we weren't too successful.
That one was better!
Then this happened...
Don't ask ;D
Kam pulled his Pro Compression stockings up really high and I got a kick out of it so I had to take a picture:)  Jake looks like an Umpa Lumpa with his long shorts and Holly is just there for fun.

We were nearing the end of round 1 when I spied Steve Orrock, my physical therapist.  I couldn’t believe that out of thousands of people I found him.  I nearly followed him into the Honey Bucket ;)  I waited for him to walk back to his truck and then Holly, Jake and I walked over to him.  The tears were ready to flow and I knew if I talked that I would start crying.  Lucky for me Holly piped right up and told him what was going on.  He grabbed his tape and taped my leg up.  I immediately felt better.  I could walk pretty normal and had hope that I would be able to run at least the first of my two night legs. 
Sadly after sitting in the van and then walking again I felt the tape come off the bottom of my foot and the pain was back.  I wanted to cry…again!  I knew I was done! #thissucks
I fought the tears and tried to put on a happy face.  My team was pretty entertaining so at least it was a good time even if I wasn’t running. 
It is hard enough to be an injured runner but to be surrounded by tons of runners having a grand ol’ time just isn’t right.
I’m so glad that I had my team to entertain me.  Kam was the only one I hadn’t met previously and let me tell you, he was a little treat from heaven…funny guy alright!
Jake was amazing and did 3 of my 6 legs, for a none runner type that’s pretty amazing!  Jorge, Kam and Holly picked up my remaining miles.  I was beyond grateful .  They were already running many, many miles so to add more seemed just plain crazy.
I think I held things together pretty well until we got to the finish area.  I got very emotional, I had to get away from my team so I could have my pity party and shed a few tears.  I couldn’t run across the finish line, it would take me a good 10 minutes to hobble, so I offered to turn the safety flags in.  Kam tried fighting me on it but apparently sensed my emotions and reluctantly handed the flags over.  I couldn’t get away fast enough…the tears were flowing.  I traded my Ragnar shirt in and got one for Jake, after all I didn’t do a ding dang thing.  I sat and watched a bunch of teams finish as I sat and cried and felt sorry for myself.
I finally composed myself and when my team finished I hobbled my way to them.  They had a medal for me, which I didn’t want!  I did nothing to earn it and I didn’t want to take it but I couldn’t put up much of a fight or the tears would start again.  We took some team photos and that was that.
Everyone got all nice and tan...except me!  I think everyone was trying to get darker than Jorge ;)
The weather was PERFECT for this race which made it sting just a little more, the odds of that happening again are slim to none!
I want to thank Costa Vida, AutoMaxx, Pro Compression and Good2Go for sponsoring our team.  I also want to thank Janelle for making us all capes…I LOVE my cape!!!
I love my sweet new Pro Compression socks too! 
We met Eric from Pro Compression, he was AWESOME!  He has been so supportive of our pacing efforts and Ragnar.  Thanks Eric!

Josh (Pumpkin), Andy (Big Gas Man hahahaha), Me (People McNugget), Eric (Mr. #keepittight), Holly (Mama of Ragnar), Jorge (Sexy Legs) and Jake (Umpa Lumpa).  If you didn't get my Big Gas Man funny please go google Kmart's Big Gas Savings commercial RIGHT NOW!!!
Kam was running his little heart out! #KEEPITTIGHT
I got tagged, AKA some dude spray painted a Ragnar symbol on my leg.

Costa Vida provided us with gas (for the vehicle not us;) and GU's etc.  Costa employee Janelle made us cute capes!

AutoMaxx provided us with a huge 10 passenger van, it was perfect!!!!  Thank you Clint.

Good2Go provided oodles of bars for us, they are them!

I found out today that our team placed 7th out of 21 Mixed Ultra teams...awesome!  I wish I could have contributed to that awesomeness...hopefully next year!

As hard as it was watching everyone run, I'm soooo glad that I went.  I'm so glad that Jake is AWESOME and ran for me, I truly love that hunk of man!  I love, love, loved my team!
Team Pro Compression #KEEPITTIGHT

I saw this picture on a van and it seemed fitting for my Ragnar experience...enjoy!
Dang, you can't really read the writing but it says:
Me run Ragnar?
I'm just here to watch you suffer!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Rock N' Roll San Diego Marathon 2013

Saturday we drove into San Diego and headed right to the race expo.  It was cray cray!!  I got my bib and such without having to wait in a line which was awesome.  Then it got a little crazy, there were oodles o’ people which made it hard to walk around.  We did stop by Pro Compression’s booth to say hi to Mike, what a fine young lad.
Sunday I woke up at 3:50 a.m. and Jake drove me to the starting line.  We were quite fortunate to be some of the first ones there because an officer let Jake drive on closed roads to get me to the start…AWESOME!  Jake had said that he would wait with me for a bit but to find a park would have been near impossible so I sent him on his way.  There were lots of people around so I felt safe.  As soon as Jake drove off a photographer asked me to take my sweatshirt off, to which I replied “Are you some sort of a pervert!”  He thought that was pretty funny and said, “A minute ago I had to ask a girl to take her pants off!”  We had a fine chuckle, he took my picture and that was that.
Once the photographer got me with my shirt off I realized that it wasn’t cold at all, it was 63 degrees and felt great.  I sat on the grass and watched all the people.   I do so love me some people watching!  Everything was so organized.  They had 26 or so UPS trucks alphabetized for the bag drop.  I walked to the end of the million trucks, dropped my bag and headed to the corrals. 
I had no idea what corral I was in so I asked some people.  They looked at my bib and said “You are in corral 3, you must be fast…you’ve practically already won the race.”  That made me feel good, I don’t think I’m fast at all but I’ll take the compliment and run…literally!
The music was blaring and I was ready to go.  There was a moment of silence in remembrance of Boston and we were off.  I went into this race without any goals at all besides finishing.  I didn’t know what to expect seems how I had just done 26.2 miles 2 weeks prior.  I started behind the 3:55 pacer and was content to stay there.
At .2 mile there was a guy standing with a sign that said “Only 26 miles to go!”  I was ready for it.  There was also a guy running who was dribbling 2 basketballs.  I guess he likes to go balls to the walls on his races.  He ran the whole race like that…#weird ;)
The first mile was slow because of all the people and I didn’t feel like weaving so I just went with the flow.  I ran without my music for the first 13 miles and just listened to people around me and soaked in my surroundings.
I was feeling really good so I glanced at my watch at mile 3 and it was a 7:23 min mile…what?  I didn’t feel like I was pushing it at all.  I told myself to slow down, I didn’t want to go crazy and end up bonking and hating it.  I felt like I slowed down but the next mile was another 7:23.  I decided that I had better start paying closer attention to my time, I had to slow down.
I think it was at about mile 10 that I saw the winner heading the opposite direction, I cheered for him and ran on.  It was fun to see him flying by!
There were LOTS of hills, it was a pretty tough course.  This wasn’t a Utah race that sends you running down a canyon.   Even the winner thought it was a tough course.   “I am excited to win,” said the 32-year-old Njoroge, who went through halfway in 1:05:03 but slowed during the course’s hillier second half. “I ran just to win but I am also happy with the time because this course was hard. Really hard.”
I fueled every 5 miles with 3 Shot Blocks and I made myself take water at every aid station.  It was quite humid so I started drinking half of the water and dumping the rest on my head.  I never felt really hot though, the sun wasn’t out so it felt awesome.
We ran around Mission Bay which was gorgeous…loved it!  I started to feel really good and started passing people left and right.  I kept it steady, I was still afraid of going too fast and hitting the wall.  I hit the wall BAD at Ogden and didn’t want to do that again.
People kept telling me that I looked strong and to keep it up.  It’s always nice when people look at you with huge smiles and encouragement rather than like they feel sorry for you because you look miserable :)  
I heard some people say that they didn’t love the course but I love San Diego so I enjoyed every minute of it.  Well, I didn’t love the 2 mile hill at mile 20…#RUDE!  We were running on the freeway straight uphill for 2 miles.  A ton of people were walking but I refused to walk, I eat hills for breakfast ;)
I figured that once the 2 mile hill was over it would be downhill or flat…NOPE!  Hill after hill after hill after hill!  Back at about mile 18 I thought that I may just have a chance at a 3:30 marathon.  I hadn’t wanted to push before then for fear that I would bonk.  When I finally felt like I was close enough to being done to push the hills wouldn’t let up.
Mile 22 to almost mile 26 there were rolling hills, my legs were starting to feel it but I knew I could stay strong until the end.  Of course, I was a sure that every hill I ran would be my last so I would power up it just to get to another one.
There was a nice downhill to the finish so I let the hill carry me and went pretty fast.  I ended up finishing in 3:35:35, Lou said that I ran 26.43 miles.  #UltraMarathon ;)
Not sure what was going on here.
I didn’t go into this race for a PR so I didn’t care.  I just kept running and enjoying myself.  They had bands every mile and HUGE cheer sections, it was amazing.  Such a fun race! 
I am super photogenic.  Check out that HUGE rose my familia gave me.
 I was shocked that my body allowed me to do what I did.  It could have been the elevation.  It could have been that Ogden was just a craptastic training run for this one.  Who knows?  Had I known when I started that I was going to feel so good throughout the race I would have allowed myself to do the early miles a tad bit faster.  There was never a point during the race that I felt uncomfortable, I didn’t feel like I was “racing” I was simply enjoying the run.  Maybe I should move to San Diego…it does a body good!
I was a soaking wet mess.  They handed out sopping wet towels at the finish.

That rose is nearly as big as mama's head!
My family found me stretching by a tree soon after I finished.  My parents have never seen me finish at a race so it was fun to have them there.  It was Kobe’s 10th birthday so I gave him a huge sweaty hug.  I ran every single mile for him and thought about how I was in the operating room having him at the exact same time that I was racing.  Heck if I could make it through the pain of that day I could make it through anything ;)
Another beauty shot.  I really should be a super model ;)
This race may just be my new favorite!
I attempted to take an ice bath in the ocean…I don’t get in the ocean so that was kind of a big deal.  Unfortunately the water wasn’t very cold.  We went to Coronado which was beautiful.  I think the reason I was able to stay in the ocean as long as I did was because the water was clear, I could see what was lurking in the water.
I’m still on a runner’s high from this race and hope to do more Rock N’ Roll marathons in the future. 
Mike got some great pictures but I can't seem to make them work, sorry for the lack of pics.  I had some good race photos too but who wants to pay $70 for pictures???  NOT ME!  I think that if these picture company's would let you buy your images for $20 they'd make a whole lot more money...just sayin'!