Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ultra Ragnar 2013

This post should really have a pre-post post...what?!?  Oh well!

Ever since the AF Half Marathon, perhaps a post on that race another day, my calf has been beyond angry which Jorge believes is pulling on my heel.  I finished AF gimping and did so until the next day when Jorge did some voodoo hoodoo Mr. Miyagi magic trick and got me walking normally again.  I took the week off of running in hopes that I would be ready for my Ultra Ragnar on Friday.
On Wednesday I knew I wasn’t going to be able to run.  I tried to get a replacement runner but very few people are cray cray enough to do an Ultra especially given 2 days notice.
I would never leave my team high and dry but wondered how I would run when I could barely walk by Friday.  Jake was originally going to be our driver but said that he would do what he could to cover for me.  The boy doesn’t run much so I knew he wouldn’t be able to run 33.7 miles in 24 hours.
Friday night I cried myself a river, then I decided I had better build a bridge and get over it!  I thought about sending Jake and skipping out all together but Jake gently reminded me that he was doing this to be with me.  I was torn, I didn’t want to sit in a van for 2 days and watch everyone else run.  I also didn’t want to miss out on all the fun.  And I really didn’t want to send Holly off with 5 guys all alone, us girls have to stick together!
I woke up Friday morning with hope that I had magically been healed overnight and would be able to run.  I had Jorge do his Mr. Miyagi magic and I was walking normally with no pain.  I had hope!
Jake, Holly, Jorge, Josh and I drove up to Centerville and picked up Kam and Andy.  We were all set for our grand adventure.

Then the dude who took our picture photo bombed my phone :D
Everyone knew that there was a pretty huge chance they would need to cover my legs.  I was runner 2 which included legs 3 and 4.  My first run was 6.7 miles and 4.3 miles. We decided that I would start running and that they would check on me and if need be Jorge would jump in at mile 3 and then Jake would take the 4.3 miler. 
From the second I started running it hurt.  I hoped that once I got warmed up it would loosen up and I would be fine…NOPE!  My team drove by and I gave a none enthusiastic thumbs up.  I tried changing my form in hopes that I could ease the pain and finish my first leg.  Nothing worked.
I was both sad and relieved to see my teammates stopped up ahead with Jorge ready to run.  I made it 2.77 miles out of 33.7 #FAIL!
At first I was just really mad at myself, my stupid leg, my stupidity…whatever.  After a few hours that madness turned into sadness.  I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s Ragnar experience so I tried to stay positive but man it was HARD!
Jorge and I had a little fun with our capes while Josh did his first run.  We wanted to look like we were flying but we weren't too successful.
That one was better!
Then this happened...
Don't ask ;D
Kam pulled his Pro Compression stockings up really high and I got a kick out of it so I had to take a picture:)  Jake looks like an Umpa Lumpa with his long shorts and Holly is just there for fun.

We were nearing the end of round 1 when I spied Steve Orrock, my physical therapist.  I couldn’t believe that out of thousands of people I found him.  I nearly followed him into the Honey Bucket ;)  I waited for him to walk back to his truck and then Holly, Jake and I walked over to him.  The tears were ready to flow and I knew if I talked that I would start crying.  Lucky for me Holly piped right up and told him what was going on.  He grabbed his tape and taped my leg up.  I immediately felt better.  I could walk pretty normal and had hope that I would be able to run at least the first of my two night legs. 
Sadly after sitting in the van and then walking again I felt the tape come off the bottom of my foot and the pain was back.  I wanted to cry…again!  I knew I was done! #thissucks
I fought the tears and tried to put on a happy face.  My team was pretty entertaining so at least it was a good time even if I wasn’t running. 
It is hard enough to be an injured runner but to be surrounded by tons of runners having a grand ol’ time just isn’t right.
I’m so glad that I had my team to entertain me.  Kam was the only one I hadn’t met previously and let me tell you, he was a little treat from heaven…funny guy alright!
Jake was amazing and did 3 of my 6 legs, for a none runner type that’s pretty amazing!  Jorge, Kam and Holly picked up my remaining miles.  I was beyond grateful .  They were already running many, many miles so to add more seemed just plain crazy.
I think I held things together pretty well until we got to the finish area.  I got very emotional, I had to get away from my team so I could have my pity party and shed a few tears.  I couldn’t run across the finish line, it would take me a good 10 minutes to hobble, so I offered to turn the safety flags in.  Kam tried fighting me on it but apparently sensed my emotions and reluctantly handed the flags over.  I couldn’t get away fast enough…the tears were flowing.  I traded my Ragnar shirt in and got one for Jake, after all I didn’t do a ding dang thing.  I sat and watched a bunch of teams finish as I sat and cried and felt sorry for myself.
I finally composed myself and when my team finished I hobbled my way to them.  They had a medal for me, which I didn’t want!  I did nothing to earn it and I didn’t want to take it but I couldn’t put up much of a fight or the tears would start again.  We took some team photos and that was that.
Everyone got all nice and tan...except me!  I think everyone was trying to get darker than Jorge ;)
The weather was PERFECT for this race which made it sting just a little more, the odds of that happening again are slim to none!
I want to thank Costa Vida, AutoMaxx, Pro Compression and Good2Go for sponsoring our team.  I also want to thank Janelle for making us all capes…I LOVE my cape!!!
I love my sweet new Pro Compression socks too! 
We met Eric from Pro Compression, he was AWESOME!  He has been so supportive of our pacing efforts and Ragnar.  Thanks Eric!

Josh (Pumpkin), Andy (Big Gas Man hahahaha), Me (People McNugget), Eric (Mr. #keepittight), Holly (Mama of Ragnar), Jorge (Sexy Legs) and Jake (Umpa Lumpa).  If you didn't get my Big Gas Man funny please go google Kmart's Big Gas Savings commercial RIGHT NOW!!!
Kam was running his little heart out! #KEEPITTIGHT
I got tagged, AKA some dude spray painted a Ragnar symbol on my leg.

Costa Vida provided us with gas (for the vehicle not us;) and GU's etc.  Costa employee Janelle made us cute capes!

AutoMaxx provided us with a huge 10 passenger van, it was perfect!!!!  Thank you Clint.

Good2Go provided oodles of bars for us, they are DELICIOUS...love them!

I found out today that our team placed 7th out of 21 Mixed Ultra teams...awesome!  I wish I could have contributed to that awesomeness...hopefully next year!

As hard as it was watching everyone run, I'm soooo glad that I went.  I'm so glad that Jake is AWESOME and ran for me, I truly love that hunk of man!  I love, love, loved my team!
Team Pro Compression #KEEPITTIGHT

I saw this picture on a van and it seemed fitting for my Ragnar experience...enjoy!
Dang, you can't really read the writing but it says:
Me run Ragnar?
I'm just here to watch you suffer!


  1. Steph you are simply amazing! Honestly I admire you so much for sticking with the team and making the most out of the situation. I am so dang sorry about your injury but I really think you contributed much more than you realize. I also think it is really awesome Jake was willing to pick up some of your legs..that is just cool and it kinda makes me teary to see how your team came together. I love it! Also jealous you got to hangout with Kam...he is one funny guy!

  2. Of all the things that were amazing about last weekend, I think the capes are at the top of the list.

    Good thoughts for a speedy return to running for you, Steph.