Wednesday, June 26, 2013

AF Canyon Half Marathon 2013

The AF Canyon Half was one of my favoritest races last year but with Ogden and San Diego so close together I didn’t dare ask Jake if I could spend another $65 on a race…not his favorite thing to spend $ on.  I don’t get it either people but it is what it is ;)  On my way home from California I had some serious sadness.  I had so much fun and I didn’t want to come home AT ALL.  I had a great race at the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Marathon and there's a pretty good chance I had the post marathon blues.  I knew Holly was doing AF and I wanted to do it sooooo badly. 

As soon as I got home Holly wandered down and told me that Pam, who is injured, had a bib that she would let me have.  I was over the moon excited!  Pam was going to run it in honor of her mom, Marge, who lost her battle with cancer.  She said as long as I would run in her remembrance I could run for her.
Now let me back up a titch and say that my runs after San Diego RNR were great, I felt good and nothing hurt.  Then the Thursday before the AF Canyon Half I did a leg work out that kicked my butt.  I was expecting it since I had missed a week of weights.  What I didn’t expect was how hard my run was after my work out.  I struggled through those 8 miles but again nothing hurt.  I was sore and my energy was low but other than that all was right in the world.

Then Friday came along.  I knew my run would be tough as Friday’s always are for me.  I was right, it was hard.  In addition to it being hard my foot started hurting at the end of my run.

I told Holly of my worries so she decided to come over Friday night for a little scraping session.  I felt good and hoped for a fun race.  Holly and I both went into the AF race as a fun run…we weren’t going for any PR’s or anything as both of us were fresh off of a marathon.  We decided a 1:40 would be great.

It was time to pick my costume for the run.  I bought a purple tank that I was hoping would match my Pro Compression stockings but I didn’t think it looked great.  Holly and Kenna tried to tell me that it matched but I seriously questioned their sanity.  I needed Josh’s opinion, after all he plans his outfits at least a week ahead of time ;)  We had picked up his race bib and bag so he was coming over to grab it.  I said “I don’t trust you guys, I need to ask Poshy!”  I walked out of the room and I heard Kenna whisper,  “Who’s Poshy?”  It was so blasted funny…maybe you had to be there but Holly and I busted up.  After carefully examining the outfit I realized that the darker color of the tank matched the darker purple in my shoes, whew!
 Saturday morning Josh picked me, Holly and Joanna up at 3:40 a.m. CRAZY!!!  Holly and I hopped on one of the first buses and headed to the starting line.  I’m not sure what my problem is lately but I have been getting motion sickness.  At Disneyland I felt sick after a couple of the rides which NEVER happens, except when I was pregnant with Kobe…CRAP!  Just kidding!!!!!  Anyways, as we neared the end of our Le Bus ride I started feeling not so good.  I wondered if I was going to be able to run, I felt like crap.  To make me feel better a wonderful volunteer gave me another sweet pair of those one size fits none gloves, YAY!!!
Pic from last year's race post, you can read it HERE.
 I decided I had better eat, even though I didn’t want to.  It took me FOREVER to force down about half of my bar before I gave up on it.  I started feeling better so things were looking up.

IHC puts this race on to benefit cancer patients who can’t afford their treatments and they do an amazing job!  Mary Nickles (news anchor from KUTV2) came and talked to the crowd about cancer, she was diagnosed with breast cancer a while back.  She is just awesome!  

It was finally go time, we lined up somewhat near the front and we were off.  I wasn’t feeling particularly awesome, which I sort of expected.  We kept a pretty good pace and had a grand ol’ time.  Then somewhere around mile 8 the road turned fairly sharp and it was SUPER cantered.  I remember feeling something strange but seemed to be okay…for a second.  Then my foot started hurting.  Friday it was the ball of my foot that hurt and now it was my heel. 

Our pace slowed waaaay down, here are our splits.
:40 1:39:11 according to Lou
I just looked up my (actually Pam's) official time and it was 1:39:18.  I earned Pam 2nd place in her age group :)
As we ran the pain got worse and worse.  I knew not to push myself through too much pain because I was really looking forward to Ragnar.  I slowed way down but wanted to finish.  I have never DNF’d and didn’t really know what to do.  I didn’t want to walk, I just wanted to be done.  I tried telling Holly to go on ahead but she refused.

By the last mile I was barely running, it hurt like the dickens!  I hobbled my way to the finish line.  Then I immediately headed to the massage tables and got a little rub down.
I guess this picture was on Facebook and Holly snapped a picture of it.  There I am getting a lovely rub :)
Then a Chiropractor had me lay down while he did some crazy witch doctor crap on me.  The dude Karate chopped my freaking foot…OW!  Then he did some other weird shizzle…I question his witch doctor methods.

I walked with a serious gimp for the next two days.  Jorge worked on me which was SUPER painful but it helped and I was no longer a gimp, yay Jorge!   

Although I had a horrible experience at this race I still loved it.  I loved the signs along the course, the shirt was super cute, although waaaay too small, and it was for a great cause.
Here's the crew!
Holly, Me, Josh and Joanna
And one of just me and my RBFF
Hopefully we will be back to running about the city again in no time!!!

 I am now an injured runner gosh dang it!!  I talked with Steve Orrock for a minute at Ragnar and told him what happened.  He said that downhill running tears up your calfs…who knew?  I always feel downhill running in other places and never would have thought that.  The dude is right though cause I have a knot the size of Texas in my calf.  It’s funny how one angry little muscle can cause such trouble.

I have an appointment with a Sports Medicine doctor tomorrow so we will see what he has to say for himself and then I am heading up to Steve’s office.  Let’s hope for a miracle people, I have the Freedom Run in T minus 8 days and I just HAVE to do it!  I‘ll walk it if I have to even though right now I can’t even walk.  Maybe I can ride Kobe’s scooter, I can put streamers on it and everything ;/  I was really hoping to wear these fancy stockings...

But since I can't walk I didn't order any :(
If they have any left you can use promo code JL4 for 40% off, go HERE!

I guess that's all for now...#KEEPITTIGHT!

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  1. I like the image of you riding your son's scooter with streamers ;) I don't like that you are injured though! I am sorry! Being injured is the worst. I hope you get better soon.

    And that shirt was too small for you? Your xxs self? Were they children's sized? ;)