Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Freedom Run (Walk)10K!

I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but Pro Compression’s 4th of July socks have healing powers!!  It’s true, I would never tell a lie AND you are reading it on the Internet machine so it much be true.  I know this post is a wee bit late but what can I say, I’ve been busy.

As you may or may not know, I assume only Holly (because I pay her) and Jake (because I make him) read this but just in case I will explain some things.  Ever since Mr. Whack A Doo Chiropractor karate chopped me I have been injured.  I made a doctor’s appointment with Dr. Weenig where he took x-rays and  assured me that nothing was broken.  He figured, without doing an MRI, that I had some angry tissue around my calcaneus and that a bit of physical therapy would do me good.  I headed up to Steve Orrocks office for a visit.  We worked out a fine deal and I have gone to PT every day since June 27th. 

Steve suggested that I wear a boot to give my muscles etc. some rest so I could heal.  On Monday July 1st I asked Steve how he felt about me walking the Freedom Run 10K.  He said with the right tape job I should be fine, although he did think me a bit crazy for wanting to walk that far.  After much thought I decided to walk the 10K in my boot.  I could walk A LOT faster in the boot with a lot more comfort.  It seemed safer to me.

I had three reasons for wanting to do this “race” so badly.  First, Kobe decided to do the 10K with Kaden.  Although I would have rather run with the boy child, I was happy to at least be able to see him a couple of times.
Second, I had the perfect shirt to wear.  Holly gave me this cute lil’ tank for my birthday.
Third, I got fancy and magical stockings from Pro Compression.
Holly, Kaden, Kobe and I got to the starting line early.  Once we got the kids all settled Holly and I started walking.  YES, Holly is the bestest RBFF ever and chose to walk the race with me rather than run.  She has also been getting some physical therapy which has made it quite entertaining, we really bring the party to Orrock and Mendenhall Physical Therapy.  We knew it was going to take a long time to walk it so we gave ourselves a head start, we didn’t want the kids waiting around at the finish line forever.
When we got to the parade route we waited for the race to catch us.  We got to see the leaders which was super exciting.  We also got a picture with these fine looking super heroes.
If you ever want to feel like a superstar/celebrity walk a race with a boot on.  I got so many people commenting on how amazing it was that I was doing the race in a boot, people are easily impressed is all I can say.  Although it wasn’t too bad getting the cheers ;)  So in addition to wearing a tutu and fancy stockings add a boot to your ensemble and you will get more cheers than the girl running in underpants with stars stuck on her butt...okay maybe not!  

At about mile 4 Kaden and Kobe caught up to us and man they were cute.
Kobe's cute little smile reminds me of every picture taken of me on my first marathon!
We took a bit of a short cut near the State Hospital so that we could see our cute boys again.
By the last mile the metal bar on my boot was digging into my leg which was not so comfortable.  My ankle felt great, my leg not so great.  We finished, found Kobe and Kaden and walked to our parade spot.  We walked 7.5 miles in all.  Kobe and Kaden had a great time and decided that they want to train for and do a half marathon, they are awesome!

The darndest thing happened next, wait for it…I woke up the next day HEALED!!!  Okay, maybe I wasn’t completely healed but I could walk without a limp.  I'm pretty sure those 4th of July Pro Compression socks be magical :)  I hadn't walked without a limp for 2 whole weeks.

Steve didn't see that coming, he said so himself.  Although I am still on the mend and continuing to visit Steve Orrock and friends daily I am getting better every day and have hope that I will be running again in no time.  If you are ever in need of a physical therapist call Steverino, he himself is an athlete and won't pull any of this "stop running" crap that PT's love to pull.  Everyday is a party at PT, not only is Steve a barrel of fun but so is his staff.  It also helps that Holly gets to join me everyday, you know you have a true RBFF when you are injured at the same time.  Holly has some angry muscles that are causing her some grief but she is still able to run.

Maybe these stockings have magical powers too, hmmmmm?  

You can get some for 40% off with promo code TUBE.  These retro socks are the bomb.diggity.  You can order some HERE!

One more thing, I am in LOVE with Duck Dynasty!  Totally random but I have it on right this very minute and I just can't get enough of it.  If you have yet to experience Duck Dynasty PLEASE do me a favor and watch it NOW!

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  1. You are awesome! Fun to see you out there! Duck Dynasty is a fav around our house too.