Sunday, June 24, 2012

American Fork Canyon Half Marathon!

I found out on Thursday that I got into this race!  I was so excited because the course runs down American Fork Canyon, same as the Timpanogos Half Marathon, which I absolutely LOVED!!  This race was one of the best organized races that I've ever done.  From the packet pick-up to the finish area everything was perfect!  The volunteers were beyond helpful and you could tell that they were happy to be there, either that or they were very good actors!  I drove up with Holly, Jorge and Steph (my sister in law).  We got there early and were greeted by the best little bus greeter around.  We boarded the La Bus and were off in style.  We were lucky enough to sit in front of a very entertaining fella, he kept us laughing the entire drive up the canyon. 
Seems how we were so over eager to get to the race early we were rewarded with raffle tickets, they were for the first 600 people…I think!  We were also given these beautiful Mickey Mouse gloves...they were one size fits none but who cares, they got the job done.  I've never done a race where they handed out free gloves! Plus they look quite dashing with the cute race shirt ;) By the way, I washed those little beauties and they shrunk up to just the right size…I guess I’m glad I didn’t throw them during the run after all!

I won a free car wash to Super Sonic...yay!

The race started right on time and we were off.  My plan was to start with the 1:30 pacer, knowing that I would fall behind but hoping not to be passed by the 1:35 pacer.  I saw a gal from my kid’s dentist office and ran with her for a little while.  I LOVE running's the only time I can run somewhat fast.  So I went with it and went pretty fast those first few miles, my legs were numb and kind of weird for the first 5 miles.  I tried to look up my splits on my Garmin, Lou, but apparently I had it set to cycling so it's in mph.  I could be wrong but I don't think it was very accurate seems how it claims that my top speed was 128 mph.  Maybe that was when I was choking on my "mighty beans" (aka Jelly Belly Sports Beans).  I had finally caught up to a gal I had been chasing when I started choking on my blasted mighty bean.  I thought I was going to kill over.  Needless to say she got away and I think she may have been the one to snag the 1st place spot in my age group :( 

I also choked on my “Gin and Juice” (aka Energy Mix) I tell ya it's dangerous to drink/eat and run!!

As we came out of the canyon I could hear some men folk talking behind me and I worried that it could be the 1:35 pacer.  I was not going to look behind me I just continued to push it!  I was determined not to be passed by that darn pacer.  I tried to enjoy the scenery and I read all of the inspirational signs that were placed along the course.  Those signs really pushed me at times that I wanted to slow down.  I wish I could have gotten pictures of my 2 favorites.  One said something like, I run to prove to myself that I can do hard things.  And the other one said something about not setting limitations on ourselves.  I wish I could remember them but alas I cannot! 

This race was put on by Intermountain Healthcare and it was to benefit cancer:
Help us Fight Cancer 
We are here to race against cancer and help raise money that will benefit cancer patients in our community. We strive to promote living healthy lifestyles and encourage regular cancer screenings. We encourage our runners to "Race in Honor" of someone they know who has fought, or is fighting the battle against cancer. 
Patients in our community who need cancer treatments but cannot afford the full cost of care benefit from 100 percent of participants race fees supporting this cause.
Cancer isn't completely preventable, but you can protect your health by detecting cancer early. Cancer screening exams help ensure that any existing cancers are identified at their earliest, most treatable stages. We want to raise awareness about cancer treatment options and the support you can find right here in our community.

As I ran along reading the signs dedicated to cancer survivors and those who lost their fight with cancer I thought about all of the pain and suffering that others have to endure.  I figured that my suffering would be over in no time and that I could continue to push through.  Jake's dad and grandpa both have Lymphoma so I thought about them A LOT!  As I type this, I can think of many others that I know who have fought some sort of cancer.  I LOVE that this race supports cancer victims!

I ended up finishing in 1:33:10!  That is a PR for me, it was also good enough to earn me 2nd place in my age group!!  I got a fancy ribbon and everything :)

They had my beloved TruMoo at the finish, which some stranger felt the need to tell me!   Thank you random citizen :)  They even had a big french toast breakfast but I never feel like eating right after I run...unless it's my smoothie.  Plus, I knew it would be covered in cinnamon which I despise!! 

I'm so very grateful that I was able to do this great race!  I nearly forgot to mention that my race number was lucky number :)  I will get my sub 1:30 half marathon...just not today!!


  1. Great job! I was loving all the names you have for things, like mighty beans and gin and juice. Yay for a new PR!

  2. Loved your recap Steph you are hilarious! You ran an awesome race and should be incredibly proud of yourself. Sub 1:30 is right around the corner for you!