Thursday, June 7, 2012


For the past few weeks I have been feeling like I have meningitis ;) JK!  That's what I call it when I feel like this, I really don't even know what meningitis is but it sounds good!  I thought I just wasn't getting enough sleep or not eating right, I kept thinking up all sorts of things that could be causing me to feel like this.  Then I stumbled across an article about over training in Oxygen Magazine.  I have suffered from this in the past but for some reason I continually forget about it.  I tried to find the article online so I could share it with all of you wonderful people but it's not out there in internetland just yet.  So I did the old school thing a snapped a pic of it.  It is out of June 2012 Oxygen :)

Let's just say I have been experiencing most of the above mentioned symptoms :/

For some reason I have also been having a hard time eating enough on the mornings that I work.  I am so used to eating the same thing every morning to fuel my workouts that when I'm not working out I don't know what to eat.

I have tried with all of my might, mind and strength to take it easy but that is harder than it seems.  Yes, I do realize that I have a very warped mind but I truly do enjoy working out and pushing my body.  I also know that the amount of time I spend working out each week is a little abnormal.  I realize that I can't expect my body to lift weights for an hour plus each day and then run a minimum of 8 miles a day, (let's not forget the long run that is done every Saturday) without giving it a break every now and again.  Hello, my name is Stephanie Anderson and I am addicted to working out.  There, I feel much better.  I know I have a problem but if I have to have an addictive personality at least I am using it for good rather than evil ;) 

I did make a very good choice that I am quite proud of.  I was offered an entry into the Utah Valley Marathon and I was actually smart enough to turn it down and ask for an entry into the half marathon.  Thank you Jorge for the hook up!!!  All of my running buddies are doing the full and it is VERY hard for me to miss out on all the fun.  However I know what my body can handle right now and 26.2 miles isn't it.  I will be lucky to get 13.1 done.  I am so excited to be able to do this race, I am going into it as a training run rather than a chance to PR.   I want to be smart about my training and I DO NOT want an injury.  When your body is over trained you are at great risk for an thank you!

I hope no one else out there is over trained right now.  I wanted to do a post about it just in case some people are like me and forget that our bodies need a break every now and again!  Sometimes it's hard to scale back when you enjoy it so much.  Good luck to everyone running this weekend, if anyone is doing the half and would like to meet up for a bus ride let me know :)

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