Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pacing is de BEST!

As many of you know I am part of the Run Your Race Pacers of Utah.  Jorge is El' Presidente, Holly is the CNO and I am the COO of RYR, we came up with that just now.  I am getting so excited about the upcoming race season.  I can’t believe that our first race is only 7 weeks away.  The Dino Half Marathon is in Vernal.  We paced this race last year and everyone loved it.  It runs down Dry Fork Canyon which is beautiful. 
Sadly I don't have any pictures of Dry Fork Canyon, but I do have this little beauty.  Welcome to the gun show, we've got fun in games ;)  
I won't tell you how many attempts it took us to get a pic with both of us in the air...we're special!
This is a smaller race, which I love.  I don’t know if you’ve ever done a Runtastic Events Race but they are always awesome.  We will be pacing all of their races which include:
If you want to know where all the cool kids will be, I just told you.  I love racing and trying to hit a goal but there is something wonderful about helping others achieve their goals.  Plus, it takes the pressure off of having to PR.  As a runner you figure out pretty dang quick that every race can’t be a PR, which at times can be quite disheartening.  For some people if they can’t “race” a race then they just don’t do it.  Not me, I love getting ready to pace a race knowing that I actually get to enjoy the run.  I get to take it a bit slower than I normally would.  I get to chat and enjoy the scenery.  Last year one of my favorite pacing experiences was at the Dino Half, where I ran with a couple doing their first half marathon.  It was awesome!

I have race reviews of all the above races, you should check them out.
I think it would be wise if you signed up for one or ALL of these races...right now.  If you do 3 of the above mentioned races you earn yourself a special medal.
I'll let you go now, I know you have things to do like sign up for a race or 5 :)
I have a special PROMO code for yas just go to and enter DINORUN for $5 off your're welcome, now get on it kids!

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  1. it would be fun to pace a race, they don't use pacers for the races here, they are all smallerish races though