Friday, July 8, 2011


After my hour of abs this morning I climbed the BEAST.  I'm sure you have all at least seen the beast, it is a horribly great piece of machinery in the gym.  It's the StairMaster!  I have wanted to get a workout in on this lovely machine for a few weeks now and today it was finally available.  I did 45 minutes on the "aerobic" setting on a level 16.  I did 6.25 miles of stairs and filled 2 five gallon buckets with sweat.  I think the humidity in the air helped with the sweatyness, it was disgusting.  I enjoyed my little visit with beasty and hope to try to do it once a week.  Some days my body just needs a break from running.

The wonderful Rachelle tagged me in a post for a blogger award.  I was just telling a gal at the gym this morning that I wanted to give up on the whole blog thing.  I don't feel that I have anything to offer anyone and I don't think anyone really reads it, except for Jake and that's because I make him ;)

So thank you Rachelle!  Go check her blog out because it is amazing.  She is very insightful and inspiring!
Here it goes!
Favorite Cartoon Character

I thought and thought about it and finally realized that my whole kitchen is decorated with Mickey Mouse, so I guess he is the winner.  I know I am crazy so you don't have to tell me.  And yes, I know how old I am :)

Favorite Thing to Photograph

Probably Niccole kicking over the trail marker in Moab :)  As we were walking along I said "oh look, little kids piled up rocks."  We thought it was so funny that little kids had piled rocks up all along the trail.  So Niccole kicked one over, I am laughing right now!  We were then informed that they were trail markers, don't worry Niccole piled them back up.
Just kidding, my favorite thing to photograph is of course the cornies!
Favorite Thing to Cook
Personalized Cookie Jar
I am a bit of a baker.  At least I prefer to eat the baked goods over "real food."  I love to make cookies!
Favorite Way to Exercise
Running of course and I LOVE weight training but I don't have my own personal photographer to take to the gym with me so I don't have any pics of my HUGE muscles.  Totally joking about the huge muscles :)
Favorite Movie
Big Business
I just love this movie, it's hilarious!
Favorite Article of Clothing
It's a bit of a toss up.  I love me some comfy jammy pants but my Miss Me shorts are almost as comfortable and quite cute.
Favorite Flower
Sorry Rachelle but I stole your picture.  Gerber daisies are my favorite flower!
Favorite Breakfast
My beloved smoothie of course!  I'm not much of a breakfast gal but I do so love me a smoothie.
Favorite Book Lately
I really liked this book.  I don't read books unless they are about running or fitness.  Holly gave me two books for my birthday and I can't wait to start reading them.
Favorite Place to Be

Disneyland :)  After all it is the happiest place on earth!
Favorite Treat, I added this one!
Hill's Bakery in Reams has the most delicious chocolate cake donuts.  They are the secret to carbo loading for the long runs.  I just shared my best kept're welcome!

Now this is the part where I tag some peeps to share all of their favorites.
Jorge from Run Your Race
Holly from Tricksy Runner Girl :)  It looks like you better start your blog girlie!

Before I sign off I just want to share this letter that Kobe slide under the bathroom door this morning while I was in the shower, it had a 10 dollar bill inside it :)

I hope you can read it, he is a silly little freak :)  It says "I'm sorry I'm not listening I will do better.  This money is for the Camelbak, keep it!  He has been begging to use the Camelbak and I keep telling him no but I guess he paid me off!

Would you accept money from a small child?

I took it and ran all the way to the Cinemark 16, we went and saw ZooKeeper and it was pretty dang funny.  It had some not so entertaining spots but there was also a spot where I was hyperventilating because I was laughing so hard.


  1. chocolate donuts... hmm. interesting. so if I eat chocolate donuts I'll run as fast as you AND be a skinny-minnie like you?!! ;)

    and as far as the blogging thing goes... just remember you get a lot more traffic than you think. not everyone will comment. a lot of us (me, especially!) read the posts but are just too busy/lazy/lame-excuse to comment! :)

  2. I love reading your blog. The fact that you can do the stairmaster at a level 16 for that long is crazy. Me and the stairmaster are not friends lately. I'm pregnant and the last time I tried it was at 10 weeks and that didn't go so good. I felt like I was 89 years old. I quess that's what happens when you have kids at my age.

    Keep blogging. It's fun to read. I don't always comment, but I have read all your posts.

  3. And i thought i was following you already... my bad. I'm a follower now! :)

  4. Loved reading this and I am so glad you did it. It is so fun to learn more about you and I always love reading your blog.

    I am glad you liked Zookeeper because I have been debating about taking my cousin to that one. We went to Cars 2 and it was just terrible.

    Also about blogging be patient and remember you get out of it what you put into it. If you start commenting on other blogs you will get a lot more readers and commenters. Please don't stop blogging because I really enjoy reading! We need to run together soon.