Sunday, October 23, 2011

Active HeadBands Winner!

And the winner is.....Rachelle Wardle! 

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Congratulations Rachelle, it looks like you can get your green zebra striped headband :)  I just need your email address so I can let Active Headbands now that you won!! 

I guess since I am already signed in I may as well do a post.  Last week we went to California for a little family vacation.  It was so nice to get away from all of the stresses of life and just relax...or not  ;) and have fun!  Jake got to fly down for work so the kids and I hitched a ride with the Garcia's.  I was real nervous about driving all the way to San Diego with 5 kids but they were actually really good.  Jackson who is 2 is the craziest little guy and oh so entertaining.  He was driving Holly crazy but Kenna and I found him to be quite hilarious :)
I don't know about you but I LOVE to workout on vacation.  When we got to San Diego I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Hyatt Regency had an AWESOME little gym.  Sunday night I did a quick little shoulder workout just for fun.  Monday morning Holly joined me and we did chest, triceps and abs I then ran 10 miles.  This was really the first time that I have felt like I had a good run since my marathon.  It felt amazing and I was glad to be back to normal.  I had read that however many miles your race is that's how long it takes to fully recover, so 26.2 miles will take approximately 26 days to fully recover. So I guess that was just about right.    As much as I wanted to run outside it was dark and I didn't want to go and get myself lost so I stuck with the treadmill.  Monday the kids and I went with the Garcia's to Sea World where we met up with the Prestwich's, Jake was busy with work.  I decided that the Shamu show isn't nearly as exciting now that there isn't the risk of someone getting eaten during the show ;)  We had a lot of fun and afterwards we met Jake at BJ's for some dinner.  Here is where I was introduced to my new love...PIZOOKIES!!!  Don't worry Jake is fine with it :)  If you've never had a pizookie you must drive to the nearest BJ's and get one...I don't know where the nearest BJ's is but trust me it's worth the drive no matter the distance!!!

Tuesday we started the day with a little back and biceps and I ran 14 miles and again it felt great.  I knew I was heading to Disneyland where they have the most delicious cookies and I was going to partake :)  I finally found a cookie after hours of searching...California Adventures had some remodeling going on and I couldn't find my favorite little store with the cookies but after studying my little map I found a new place :)

Wednesday morning we were in a new hotel by Disneyland and they had treadmills but no fancy machinery so I just busted out 8 miles and called it good.  Disneyland was awesome, it wasn't very busy which was a nice surprise.  And Kobe actually went on EVERY ride...that never happens.  I don't know that he will ever go on a few of them again but I was proud of him for at least trying them.

Thursday morning I did hill repeats for 5.25 miles and finished up with 8 miles total.  Then it was off to Disneyland/California Adventures for one last day :(

Friday morning I ran 10 miles knowing that I was going to be stuck in the car all day, meanwhile Jake was enjoying his quick flight home.  We went to Seal Beach for a little bit and then it was off to St. George.  Saturday Holly and I went to the Gold's in St. George and did abs and I ran 8.25 miles.  It was nice to know that each day I got a workout in and I could enjoy my cookies without any guilt.  I ate a total of 1 Pizookie and 3 Disneyland cookies and let me tell you they were delicious!!  We were there for 3 days so at least they were spaced out right?!? 

Do you workout on vacation?

I DO NOT take vacations from working out...I love it too much for such craziness :)

Have you ever had the pleasure of enjoying a pizookie?

If anyone knows of a BJ's close by please keep that information to yourself, such goodness should only be enjoyed on vacation ;)

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  1. Stephanie I am so excited I won!! yay! Also loved reading about your trip. I am so impressed that you got such good workouts in while on vacation. You and Holly are my inspiration. Seriously you girls are my inspiration.

    Oh and my e-mail is