Friday, December 21, 2012

10th Day of Christmas!

Wow, can you believe it's already the 10th day?  Hallelujah, this blogging every darn day is hard work.  I might have to retire after this 12 day adventure!  Let's get on with it shall we?

On the 10th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a necklace from Scott James Jewelry!  Actually I will be giving away 2 today so your chances just increased!  Here is the necklace you will get.

Oh, I love it!
Now instead of wearing your race medals around town you can just add charms for each race that you do.  I don't know about you but I don't like to wear my medal any longer than 3 days ;)

I absolutely LOVE my necklace.  I may not have realized just how much I loved my necklace until I thought I had lost it forever.  I will admit that since receiving my Tiffany necklace from the Nike Women's Marathon I have not worn my beloved Scott James necklace.  I had worn it everyday for well over a year so when I got a shiny new necklace I was excited.  I needed to shine up my SJ necklace so it was just easier to wear the new one.  My friends, after the day I have had I promise from this day forward to rotate the 2 necklaces equally!!!  I loved the San Francisco race so much that I really don't think any race will ever live up to it.  I didn't have the best race but having never been to San Francisco made it amazing!  I wanted to remember that race from that day forward so wearing the necklace each and every day reminded me of the race and of the wonderful family trip we were able to take.

This morning as I went to get my SJ necklace I FREAKED out to see that it wasn't in it's spot.  I was fighting the tears with every ounce of my being, okay I cried :*(  I realized that that necklace meant more to me than anything.  I have charms from different races.  Races that came with many, many memories.  With my necklace gone I felt lost and helpless.  I almost called up Scott himself seems how we are practically BFF's now ;)  I hoped that he would have mercy on my soul and tell me to keep one of the necklaces he had sent for the giveaway. 
Here is my necklace way back when I first got it.

I racked my brain trying to figure out what had happened to my beloved necklace!  I am quite OCD, on certain things, and I always put my jewelry in the same place...ALWAYS!  I thought of a place to look while driving home from Costco, just to come home and be disappointed not to find it.  I nearly cried AGAIN!  I finally decided to look in a piece of our luggage we had taken to San Fran.  I was sure I had seen it since then but figured it was worth a shot.  And lo an behold I found it!!  I was so happy that I shouted with joy and hugged my little necklace with all my might.  I shined it all up and it is beautiful again :) SEE.

Each charm has special meaning to me.  I got the chain, 26.2, run and stone at the Utah Valley Marathon Expo in 2011.  You can read all about the race HERE!
A week later I added the Ragnar symbol, race recap HERE.  I bought the charm before my first leg of Ragnar and will wear it as a badge of honor for surviving that miserable race ;)
Holly gave me the ultra charm for my birthday right after my "Ultra Ragnar" you can read about that HERE.
While at Ragnar Holly and I talked to Scott about getting a Boston charm, for THIS race!
See all the charms have precious memories attached to them, I treasure my necklace.  I also have cute little runner girl earrings that Holly gave me.  Next on my list is one of their super cute rings, check them out on their website.

So like I said I have 2 necklaces to give away, so get busy.  You know the drill right?!?
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Go to their website and tell me your very favorite thing.
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Be sure to leave a comment below for each thing that you do.

Before I recap the giveaways I have a dumb Steph moment to share.  I just went to pick my kids up from gym and I walked past a fellow, he said "what's up?"  To which I said "good!"  Ha ha ha, what a dorkus! 

Don't forget there is still time to enter some of the giveaways.
On the 10th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a Scott James necklace. Ends 24th.
On the 9th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a stocking full of GU. Ends 23rd.
On the 8th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a Twete Bird headband. Ends 22nd.
On the 7th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...$20 to Yogurtland.
On the 6th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a Handful brazier.
On the 5th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...4 FREE meals to Costa Vida.
On the 4th day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a bottle of Sportlegs.
On the 3rd day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...Good2Go protein bars
On the 2nd day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...a pair Pro Compression
On the 1st day of Christmas Lil' Mama gave to me...Terra Miaaaaa.

And the winner of $20 to Yogurtland is...

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Congrats!!  Email me ( and I'll mail you your prize :)


  1. I am a fan of Scott James Jewelry on facebook!

  2. I like the "run happy" charm and the "26.2" one!

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  6. I like the run happy necklace on their website!

  7. I love these necklaces and they hold so many great memories! My eyes teared up when you thought yours was lost and I'm so happy you found it :) I liked and shared your giveaway!

  8. I like the RUN and 13.1 charms :)

  9. I LOVE these necklaces - they are cute and fun! I think I would go with the 26.2 charm and my birthstone...although I thought it was a diamond, but not according to his site. Oh well, I am over it ;) Maybe I would have a costum RRR one done.

  10. Tweeted it! These giveaways are awesome! Thanks.

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    SO much awesomeness on that site.

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