Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful 13 Half Marathon 2012

Happy gobble, gobble day!!!  I started the day off the best way I could possibly think of.  I paced the 1:45 group for the Thankful 13 Half Marathon.  The temperature was perfect, it was a bit windy but at least it wasn't raining or, heaven help me, snowing.  The race started at 8 which meant that I got to sleep in, woo hoo!  Nine plus hours of sleep does a body good...REALLY good!
 Let's back up a little to yesterdee shall we?!?  I did EVERYTHING in my power to make sure that I was ready to keep my assigned pace.  Usually an 8 minute pace is easy for me but after Saturday's practice run I was a little nervous.  I foam rolled, did the P90X stretch DVD, drank my Nuun, had a carbilicious meal, ate not 1 but 2 chocolate cake donuts :) and slathered my legs in Deep Blue.  Deep Blue is from doTerra and my neighbor just happened to have some.  I begged and pleaded with her to let me use some, just kidding she is the nicest gal in town and was happy to pass it along.  I also slept in my Pro Compression stockings.

Holly and Jorge picked me up at 6:45 and we headed to the race.  We sat in the cozy car and watched a man fighting with his head dress, it was awesome!  There were a few people who were dressed up which was fun to see.  We got all lined up and we were off.  I wanted to try to bank a little time seems how I had ran the course and knew that the last couple miles were going to be a little tough. 

At about mile 3 some guy caught up to me and said "You're going a little fast for 1:45 aren't you?"  People can be pretty rude to pacers.  I wasn't that far ahead maybe one minute, relax dude!!  I decided to slow down a little, your welcome crabby patty, which made me nervous, I like to bank a little time so I can walk through aid stations.  Refueling while running can be somewhat difficult and I like to make sure that I give my followers a chance to grab a drink and such.

I had a number of different people who were trying to stick with me but this course was a little harder than I think people were expecting.  Did I mention that it was WINDY?  Wind can really put a damper on things.  At one point when there was a really strong headwind I tried to draft off a couple of fellers.  Apparently the wind was slowing them down too though so I had to try to pass them...they wouldn't have it.  They saw my sign and got in front of me again.  I wanted to chat it up with them but I could tell that they weren't the chatty Kathy types.  They were obviously friends and they both had earphones.  There was no talking going on between them and I didn't want to bug them.  We ran alongside each other for a while and then a little downhill came so I zipped past them.  That was my one chance to try to bank a little time for the hill that I knew was coming.

Not only did the hill come but a really ugly headwind...RUDE!!!  My Fuelbelt had been driving me crazy the entire time and I had dropped my gloves twice already so at around mile 11 or 12 I threw them both to the side of the road.  I needed all the help I could get, I was going to be cutting it close and I knew it.

Thankfully the last mile was slightly downhill so I was able to make up a little time that I had lost chatting with a guy at around mile 9.  I don't know my exact time but I think I got pretty dang close to 1:45, maybe a few seconds off.  Unfortunately none of my followers made it in with me, that blasted wind was brutal.

This race was amazing.  I ran with my Fuelbelt because I was nervous about there being enough volunteers along the course.  I have heard stories about races running out of water or not having enough aid stations along the course (I have not experienced this myself though).  I figured with it being Thanksgiving and all that I had better carry my own fuel just in case.  There were plenty of volunteers and they were amazing!!!  I am so grateful for all the volunteers!!!

The finish line had pumpkin pie, hot chocolate and cake.  Too bad for me I didn't feel like eating anything.  I grabbed a couple cups of water and called it good.  This race was so well organized, it went off without a hitch.  I'm so glad that there is finally a half marathon on Thanksgiving Day.  Sorry but a 5K just won't cut it on a day of feasting ;)  The course was beautiful and did I mention that the volunteers ROCKED?!?  Yes, they were awesome!  On this day of thanks giving I am very thankful that I was able to run this race.  LOVED IT!

Now it's time to head over to Mama Jex's house for a delicious feast.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

And for your enjoyment, check out my post from last Thanksgiving, just in case you are bored and need a chuckle :) Your welcome!


  1. Hi There! I ran today's race and was right behind you most of the run. I think your strategy to put time in the bank was very good, as the first couple of miles were somewhat fast & a nice place to bank time. The wind was stiff, but you maintained a very good pace throughout and I set a PR (pretty good considering the wind)! Thanks for your work & excellent pacing!

  2. HII!! i found your blog and i love it!!!! i am running my first half marathon this saturday and as you can imagine i am dying of excitement, nervousness, stress, more excitement and so many more overwhelming feelings. Reason why I am writing is because i was reading you did some stuff the night before the race and i was wondering if you could advice me a bit more.. thanks thanks!!!!