Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Febreze Addicted Robot!!!

So we have, what, 16 days until Thanksgiving?  I don't know about you but I have always loved doing a long run on Thanksgiving Day morning.  If I know ahead of time that I'm going to be eating myself into a coma I try to burn some extra calories that day.  Anyways, I am pacing the Thankful 13 Half Marathon, I can't wait!  I will be pacing the 1:45 group and would love lots of followers, so why not sign up and come run with me :)
After last year's Thanksgiving Day Massacre I decided that there will be NO treadmill running for me on this day of giving thanks.  I have always wondered why there are a million 5K's on Thanksgiving but no longer distance races.  Sorry but if I'm going to eat myself sick I want to run many, many miles...bring on the stuffing!! 

Plus I am participating in Pile on the Miles so what better way to get some miles in?!?

pile on the miles 2012
Now onto other news...I am addicted to Febreze!  Weird, I know.  I am LOVING their fall scents.  I have the limited edition pumpkin harvest and apple spice & delight and DELIGHT it is :)  I drive my family crazy as I skip around the house spraying my Febreze...okay maybe I don't skip but I guess you'll never know!!

Apparently, I'm also a robot!  The other day I was trying to comment on a blog and it was encrypted, or whatever that's called.  Anyways, I typed at least 15 different words and every time it was wrong.  I finally decided to listen to the letters.  Holy crap, that was just down right scary!  It sounded like my computer was possessed!  Don't EVER listen to the "word!"

Lastly, I have finally signed up on the Twitter!  Truth be told I don't get it.  Why tweet?  I haven't done much of anything on it.  When Facebook first came out they joked about people posting things like: "I'm going to Costco!" or whatever mundane thing they were doing right that very minute.  To me Twitter is MUCH worse than Facebook.  "I just ate spinach!"  Well, whoopity doo da...am I supposed to care?!?  Sorry if you are a fan of Twitter and I really want to like it I just don't think I get it.  I don't get the #eatspinach or #whatever.  If someone can please give me a lesson on #Twitter #I #would #greatly #appreciate #it.  It must be better than what I have made it out to be, please help!  Find me on Twitter: Stephanie Anderson @runlilmamarun

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