Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pro Compression=2 Big Toes Up!!

Yesterday I was so pleased to open my mailbox to see that I had received a very special surprise!  I ripped it open straight away and pulled out the most beautiful compression socks I have ever seen!
Buddy sums up exactly how I feel about these wonderful stockings :)

It's not too early for Christmas movies/music is it?!?  I was feeling a little crazy and turned on Pandora Christmas Radio, usually I wait until Thanksgiving but I just couldn't help myself.  Kenna said, "Could you please turn this off?  It's annoying!"  To which I said, "You know what?  You're annoying!"  Don't worry I was completely joking.  Funnily enough my kids get my sense of humor waaaaay better than Jake does...and we've been together how long???

Anyways, back to these wonderful Pro Compression socks!
They sent me the marathon pink argyle and also the marathon white compression socks.  The pink argyle are possibly the cutest socks EVER known to man!  Not only are they ridiculously cute but they feel AMAZING!  I wore them all afternoon and slept in them until I got too hot and had to rip them off asap.  It could have been my fleece jammies causing all the trouble but I figured I should leave those on.

I woke up at 5:30 am to get ready for a running adventure with Holly and Jorge.  We decided that we should run the Thankful13 Half Marathon course to see what we would be up against this Thanksgiving Day morn!  More on that later!

I was looking forward to trying out my fancy stockings on a run.  Unfortunately it's cold here in Utah so I couldn't show them off, don't worry though I showered/changed and made McKenna take my picture.

I have worn other compression socks and sleeves but these are by far my FAV.O.RITE!  In my other compression socks my toes are squished together which drives me crazy.  Pro Compression socks are tight, as they should be, but they have room in the toe so that I don't feel claustrophobic.  The material is super soft and feels so good. 

In my other compression socks I like the feel around my legs but the sock part is nothing to call home about.  These, however, are WONDERFUL!
The sock part reminds me a little of the Asics Low Cut Hera, which are one of my favorite running socks.   They feel like an all day hug...for your foot!  Pro Compression also sells a low cut sock which I'm sure is equally as wonderful for those hot days when you don't want a full on compression sock.

I would have to give these socks 2 big toes up :)  They are awesome, if I could live in them I would!!!  Pro Compression is a California company and all their socks are MADE IN THE U.S.A.  (I don't know about you but that makes me sleep better at night ;)  If you've been looking for a great compression sock look no further, they have sales quite often which make them extremely affordable too!

Holly was having sock envy this morning on our grand adventure.  I printed up the turn by turn course directions last night and was a little nervous to see that there were 19 turns.  I somehow managed to pawn off the directions to Jorge...ha ha ha ha!!  He navigated us quite nicely but the directions got a bit confusing, it didn't help that none of us were familiar with the area either.  We managed to go and get ourselves lost but somehow made it back on track and finished in 13 miles.  I was certain that we were going to end up running many more miles than we had set out to do but lucky for us we figured out we were lost pretty dang quick.

The course was beautiful and the weather was absolutely PERFECT!  When we left home and the whole drive to Lehi it was raining.  Luckily for us, Holly was praying her little heart out for the rain to stop and it did!  Holly has powerful prayers ;)  This course is much more challenging than most Utah races.  It is a fairly flat course with a few little hills here and there.  Most Utah races send you flying down a canyon, not this one!  We need to work a little harder on Thanksgiving anyway right?!?

Do you wear compression and if so what brand?

Are you running a race this Thanksgiving Day?


  1. I am a PROcompression socks girl, I have five pairs and wear them all the time. They feel so good!

  2. My sock envy has returned with a vengeance, I need those ASAP!!!!! You look amazing in them, so cute with yor skirt :)
    What a fine morning we had, so beautiful and challenging. And I'm so glad my desperate pleas for the rain to stop worked right quick.
    I am very anxious about this race on saturday, I think I need some of those adorable stockings to help me run SUPER fast ;D