Thursday, August 16, 2012

You Gave Them Permission To Hurt Me Like This!!

Back in June I ran the American Fork Canyon Half Marathon.
 This race was put on by a hospital and was to benefit cancer.  As I ran and read the signs all along the course I decided that it was high time I get myself to the doc for a skin cancer screening.  I searched high and low on the Internet machine for a woman Dermatologist.  I had heard what happens at these said visits and wasn't about to have some man inspect every inch of my body.  I know I am weird but that is something that I am just not comfortable with.  I finally found one and called right away, I had to wait until August 1st to get an appointment.  The day finally arrived and sure enough she had to remove 4 "scary" moles.  Yesterday was a follow up appointment to get one more questionable thing removed from my wrist.  It hurt like the DICKENS!!!  Oh holy crap it hurt!  He gave me a numbing shot and started at me with the scalpel, I could feel much more than I was hoping to.  When the chick cut me up I didn't feel a thing.
I made Jake go with me for moral support and when we got home and my wrist was killing me I said "You gave them permission to hurt me like this!"  That's what Steven said to Nacho, if you will recall!

  The Dr. also informed me that a spot they had removed from my face was precancerous and he was going to have to freeze the area.  NOOOO!!!  I had a wart frozen on the first visit and it hurt worse than the woman cutting me up.  He froze my foot for the 2nd time and preceded to freeze my FACE!  Now I'm just waiting for it to turn black and crusty, but guess what??  I don't care, I'm just so grateful that a friend got me into this race and that it inspired me to take care of myself.
This is a race that I will support every year.  I have to be pretty conservative with how many races I pay for, get 2 kids in competitive gymnastics and you'll understand.  The things I do for the beautiful children of the corn.

Anyways, this is a race that I will gladly pay for!  I know that the proceeds go towards a great cause and I absolutely LOVED everything about this race.  Plus, it quite possibly could have saved my measly little life.

I have really missed blogging as of late (especially when I stumbled upon THIS post that I did a year ago) and decided to attempt this whole blogging thing again.  My biggest problem is that I can think of about 6,876 things to blog about but can never decide which of my brilliant ideas I should go with ;) JK!  So what do you get?? A picture of my gross hand.

Speaking of gross hands check out what happened to McKenna at gymnastics...
That my friends is what happens when you slide all the way down a rope.  For conditioning she had to climb all the way up the rope without using her legs.  Well, she was at the top and she started sliding down and couldn't stop herself.  I can not even begin to imagine how blasted bad that had to hurt!  She is so much tougher than I am!


  1. Yay! A post! I very much enjoyed myself reading this here blog.

  2. Girl! I work for a facial plastic surgeon and we remove skin cancers (and pre cancers) on the face all the time. I'd highly advise you against burning moles/lesions off of the face. If a lesion/mole comes back in the same spot and the Dr decides to cut (biopsy) the cells look different under the microscope (because of the freezing) and the pathologist will usually ask for a larger clear margin (no different or "atypical"/"abnormal" cells on the border) and you end up losing more good tissue. Trust me. :)

    1. Oh poop! They removed the mole but I guess it showed something weird so he said to freeze the area a little :/ I thought going to a dermatologist was what I was supposed to do. I thought you worked for Niccole's dad, is this a new job?

  3. I am glad you updated Steph! I agree that the AF Canyon race totally rocks. I am on the race committe at the Hospital and they really think about everything and do such a phenominal job.

    Glad you went in to see the doc and got things taken care of. :)