Friday, August 17, 2012


I need to know when in the world this happened....
Yes, her friends passed me up over a year ago but come on!  It feels like I just birthed the child and now she is nearly as tall as me.  That's just not right!  Last weekend we went to the good ol' Juab County Demolition Derby.  Jake handed the ticket taker guy our tickets and he said, "Hmmm, let's see what we have here.  2 kids and 2......uhhhh, never mind!"  We looked at each other and laughed and that was that.  I was standing behind Kenna like in the above portrait, apparently he was confused by my size :D  If I could just get some botox or something I could probably get away with buying kids tickets to all events!

Last week we finished up our back to school shopping and we bought Kenna some dang cute Converse.  I thought they looked a little big so I tried them on...they fit!  Not comfortably AT ALL but I wanted to see Kenna's reaction.  She didn't think it was fair that I fit her shoes but she doesn't quite fit mine yet...hee hee hee!
Cute right?!?

I need to know why kids have to grow up so ding dang fast.  It brings great sadness to my heart.  McKenna will be starting Jr. High next week and Kobe will be in 4th grade :*(
The other day Kobe had his shirt off and I was AMAZED at his abs, he has a full blown 6 pack.  I tried to take a picture but it doesn't do them justice.
We were at 7 Peaks today and I was having him flex his abs...I guess that's not as easy as it seems.  I kept trying to show him how to flex them and I heard some chuckles, I looked over and one of the worker dudes had been watching us and was quite amused.  Kobe kept sucking in or pushing out, don't worry he finally figured it out.  He also offered to train me so that I can get abs like his...I wish!

Now we have to jet off to buy Kenna a "Trapper Keeper" do they still call them that :)  
Oh wait, I have to share a delicious treat with you.
Have you tried these??  Oh my, they are scrumdiddlyumptious!  I just wish the serving size was 3 to 4 cups not 3/4 cup.  Honestly, who eats 3/4 cup of cereal?  Who comes up with these things?  The best part of the above cereal is that it only has 8g of sugar.  Now when I need a sweet treat I can have a huge 3/4 cup of Chocolate Chex.

I've got to somehow get myself geared up for a 20 mile run tomorrow...wish me luck!

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  1. Those kids grow up too darn fast!!! Wow! I was looking at my son today at the beach and thought "wow - he is ripped. not fair!"