Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rest Day...4 Mile Hike!

This is a few days late but I have had technical difficulties!
Sunday has always been a rest day for me...wait a minute, I am totally lying right now!  When I first started running I ran 7 days a week, no matter what!  Finally a friend of mine kindly pointed out that we all need at least 1 day of rest per week.  After all, Sunday is referred to as the "day of rest" right?!?  I decided to listen to my friend just to see what would happen.  I guess I figured I would lose all strength and the gains that I had made in my running for that week...guess what?!?  I didn't, in fact I felt better than ever taking that one day off every week.  Everyone finds what works for them.  For me, I enjoy taking one day off mid week to enjoy a spin class.  I ab.so.lutely LOVE spin, it's a nice break from running and by golly it's just plain fun!  Then of course I take Sunday's off...that's a day meant for family in my book!

As much as we love running it's important to realize that doing the same activity day in and day out creates muscle imbalances.  Throw some biking in the mix or better yet some strength training.  The best way to avoid injury is to avoid muscle imbalances.  Besides muscle imbalances our bodies need time to RECOVER!  If we run every single day when are we allowing ourselves to recover???  Believe me, if you are someone who runs 7 days a week try taking one day off a week.  It's just one day, you'll live and guess what you will feel so much better!

This week was Papa Jex's b-day and for his big day he wanted to go to Norma Jean's Diner for some breakfast (don't ask me who the heck Norma Jean is cause I do not know).  We enjoyed some family time and then headed off on our own little family adventure.  Jake and the kids wanted to hike Bridal Veil Falls, okay that's easy enough!  5 minutes and your done, LET'S DO IT!!  As we started driving up the canyon Jake decided to take us to Sundance instead.  We walked around for a few minutes and decided to hike Stewart Falls.  I had never hiked Stewart Falls and decided it would be a fine family activity.  We got our little guide book from the forest ranger gal and I saw that the hike was 2 miles one way.  No big deal, I can do 4 miles in my sleep!
I can run 4 miles in my sleep but hiking straight up a mountain on tired legs is no easy feat.  We had a great time despite the HEAT, it was way hotter than I had expected it to be.  At one point, Kobe said "today sure was a good day to wear deodorant!" :D  It was dang funny!  On the 1st or 2nd day of school his teacher told them that they all needed to wear deodorant because they were super stinky...she's way funny!  By the end I was starting to feel a little funny, dizzy at times.  I think the heat was getting to me a bit and poor Kenna was about to whizzle in her short pants.  McKenna and I started to run down the mountain which was kinda scary.  I rolled my ankle a few times...trail running is NOT for me!  That along with my dizziness may not have been the best mix but I just wanted to be done. 
From the second I woke up this morning I felt tired and worn down.  All I really wanted to do was lay in my bed and do nothing all the live long day!  I'm glad I didn't, we had a fine time together as a family.  This week my kids start their new gymnastics schedule and Kenna has to go 19.5 hours a week...HOLY CRAP!!  I am never going to see the little miss.  I'm glad we were able to spend some good quality time together this weekend.

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!


  1. Wizzle in her short pants!? Haha! OMG! I have no idea what this means, but I could not stop laughing!

  2. Sounds like a great family day! No one wizzled in their britches and Koko wore his deodorant what else could you ask for :D