Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This Saturday will be my first time ever pacing a race.  Holly and I were asked to pace the 1:40 group for the Top of Utah Half Marathon.  To say that I am FREAKING out would be a bit of an understatement!  I know that I can finish in that time but for some reason knowing that other people are counting on me to get them to the finish freaks my freak!!!  I looked up the average pace for that time and it is about a 7:40 min mile!  That is very doable but what if I am having an off day?  What if I trip and fall on my face?  A pacer shouldn't do that...not that I've ever done that but with my luck holding a pacer sign might just send me over the edge. 
This was taken at the TOU Marathon last year.  If I can do the full I can do the half right?!?

The only thing getting me to the starting line is knowing that Holly will be there with me.  She is MUCH faster than I am so for her to do a 1:40 half is like me dropping and busting out 100 push-ups...not hard!  Okay, maybe it's a little hard but I can still do it on any given day.  So what happens on September 8th when I have to pace the Mt. Nebo Half Marathon all by myself?  Just typing this is sending me into a full blown panic attack!!!  Talk about pacing...I'm going to wear my shoes out pacing this kitchen floor ;)  Actually, after Saturday's race I will be pacing the 1:45 groups and that I am comfortable with!
I have been asked to pace the Big Cottonwood Canyon Half and also the Halloween Half.  The only race that I have actually done is the Halloween Half (read about it there) so that one I feel comfortable with, I know the course and let's face it it's by far the most entertaining race around!  Plus I can just wear a mask and no one has to know that it was me if we don't make it ;) 

I figure I will try this first race and if pacing isn't for me than I can easily get out of the others.  I really hope that I LOVE it!  Not only do I get to do races for FREE dollars but if I can help someone(hopefully many someoneS) attain a goal then I will be pleased as punch!  I also think it will be nice to do these races without having the stress of "racing" them.  I love doing races but hate the stress of having to PR at every race.  Sometimes it's nice to have a change of scenery and just enjoy the run, which is what I hope pacing is for me.  I hope that I can get over the stress that is put on me and just concentrate on the people that I am pacing.  Get to know them and hear their story, maybe even make a friend or two ;)  After the Utah Valley Half Marathon a cute little gal came up and thanked me for "pacing" her.  She said, "I just told myself to keep up with the tiny, little girl wearing bright pink!" :)  She made my day.  I only wish that I would have known I was pacing her so that I could have given her words of encouragement along the way!

Have you ever followed a pacer?  If so, what did they do or not do that you liked?

If you have ever paced a race do you have any words of wisdom?

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  1. This is Rachelle Wardle I am babysitting and logged in as my BIL. You will do such a great job pacing this weekend and most importantly have so much fun doing it with Holly. I am excited to see you cute girls!

    Be careful at Nebo! I am glad you are pacing and not racing because it is STEEP downhill. I couldn't even walk for a week after it last year. I think the most important thing about pacing is to stay on pace no matter what. Do not go out fast and run consistently no matter what. It is really easy to want to start out fast because the pace is easy for you but remember that the people running with you are relying on you. You will do a great job! usually Andy creates course specific pace bands and they are incredibly helpful for staying right on pace. :)