Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School!

Let's start by getting today's workout out of the way, today was leg day and it was tough!  After an hour long leg workout I headed outside for a run. 8.25 miles, it was the perfect morning for a run!  Now on with more exciting things...The first day of school!
Such cute kids :)
McKenna started 7th grade today...Jr. High!  When the crap did that happen?  The thing that scares me the most is that EVERY time I drove past the Jr. High last year there were kids canoodling under trees!  Are you kidding me?  So I have told Kenna again and again that there will be NO CANOODLING under trees!  The other night Jake said, "No cadoodling!"  I told her she can cadoodle anytime she wants but no canoodling!  She asked what cadoodling was and I said, "I'm not really sure but I think it's some kind of drawing thing." 

One other funny about Kenna is that last night she saw some Wet Ones on the counter and asked if she could use one to take her make-up off.  She asked if there was anything "special" in them.  I said no.  Suddenly, she said with extreme excitement, "Vitamin E and AloEE"  Not aloe but aloEE :)  I laughed and corrected her.  Her response was, "I know!  I'm not as dumb as I look!"  Ha ha ha!
Kobe started 4th grade today!  It seems like just yesterday that I was bawling my eyes out as I dropped him off for his 1st day of Kindergarten.  He got an awesome teacher and has a ton of great friends in his class.  Oh. my funny little Koko!!  I sure love those cornies!!

Last night as we were preparing for the big day I heard some racket going on outside my house.  I looked out to see some neighbors doing our yard work!  I was a little overcome with emotion.  Of course I made the daughter pose for a picture for the blog :)
I must say that our yard has never looked so good!  Not only did they mow and edge but they bagged the clippings...Jake NEVER does that!  I am so grateful for great neighbors.
The reason for the good deed was because Jake is living it up in So. Cal...RUDE!!  He went for work but all night he felt it necessary to send me bragging texts...I'm staying at your favorite hotel...in one of your favorite places...going to BJ's for a delicious pizookie...here's a picture of the beach!!  WTHeck ;)  I told him he was making me quite angry but he just kept bragging it up.  Oh yea, well I get to stay home all day and be a SLAVE ;)  I asked Jake if he had told this particular neighbor that I REFUSE to do yardwork, he said no but I still have my suspicions.  Steph + Yardwork = Huge snakes attacking me!

I must say that as sad as I was to see the cornies go, I am sitting here in a clean house enjoying Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition in silence...it's quite lovely :)  My house has stayed clean for over 4 hours now, I can't remember the last time that happened...probably about 3 months ago!

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  1. Yahoo! How did Kenna like her first day? I am sure she loved it!