Saturday, August 18, 2012

A 20 Mile Half Marathon?

The training schedule for today called for 20 miles...that's a VERY long ways!!!  Today was also the Hobble Creek Half Marathon, what to do, what to do?  Holly and I got on one of the first buses and headed up the canyon.  We waited a few minutes for it to get light and headed UP.  We made it 3/4 mile before we decided that we no longer felt safe.  We ended up doing 5.50 miles before heading to the starting line.  We ran this race as a "training" run, we weren't racing it and thank goodness for that.  I am sad because after today's run I had to admit that "Gin n' Juice" (Energy X) does NOT work for my long runs.  I've kind of known it for a while but sports drinks upset my stomach and I like how cheap the Energy X is.  I think I need the calories in GU Brew and the taste isn't too bad either, problem solved!
We did the race and then tacked on the last 1.50 miles.  This is how I have felt ever since...
20 miler done and done :)
I'm not going to do a recap on each mile or any of that fun stuff.  I know you are disappointed and all but I have had something going on in my little pea sized brain that I want to put out there.  The other day I was on the Facebook when I stumbled upon this
I saw it, laughed my head off and moved on.  Then as I was getting all done up for the day :D that right there was funny!  By done up I mean I showered, threw on some sweats and slapped on a little make-up.  I'm not one of those high maintenance beauty queens...much to Jake's dismay I'm sure ;)  Any who back to my story.  I was getting ready when McKenna wandered into the bathroom and started admiring herself...for a good 5 minutes I might add!  I was laughing so hard and immediately showed her the above saying.  She said "MOM!!"  Then she giggled and went on admiring herself.  Later as I was telling Holly how funny it was, she pointed out how sad it is that we ever lose that confidence in ourselves.  True dat!!  I think we all have times where we lack confidence and are continually putting ourselves down.  If I could have one wish it wouldn't be world peace, it would be that we could all be comfortable in our own skin and be our own biggest cheerleader!  Not that I don't want world peace but every beauty queen out there is already wishing for that one so I think we've got it covered!!

The other day I was training someone and she kept comparing herself to another gal who was there working out.  She was putting herself down and it made me ANGRY!  I wanted to slap her (don't worry I would NEVER do such a thing:) and tell her that she was just as good as the other gal she just had to believe in herself.  I kept my mouth shut when I shouldn't have.  Then I realized that I do the exact same thing day after day...and I wanted to slap myself ;)

I honestly don't know if I ever had that confidence that McKenna has but I sure wish I could dig deep inside myself and find it!  I also hope with every ounce of my being that Kenna never loses it!!!

Let's all try to be our own biggest cheerleader, let's build ourselves up rather than tear ourselves down!  Okay?!?


  1. Okay, will do coach :)
    Fabulous job on your run today!

  2. That was one very long half marathon :D I'm so grateful we had each other to run those 20 miles! I think it's so sad that we are sometimes our own worst enemy when we should feel good about ourselves and be confident and love ourselves. I love this post, it's such a great reminder I needed, especially today, thank you!