Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too Much Fun In The Sun

This morning we woke up at 5:30 a.m. to go out on the beach and watch the sunrise...it was AWESOME!  The sun finally came up at around 6:20 and the whole time we were waiting I was just itching to get running, don't ask me why after my experience yesterday.  Here are some pictures from our little outing.

Isn't that FAB.U.LOUS??

So as soon as the sun came up Jake and I headed out for our little run.  I can't tell you how grateful I am to have such a loving, awesome husband who is willing to go running with me in crazy humidity with chaffed legs and blistered toes.  He doesn't particularly love to run but he doesn't want me out galavanting around the town by myself.  He is the greatest :)  We did 6 miles in 48 minutes with an average pace of 8.04 min mile.  Not my fastest run but I am still struggling to breathe with all of this humidity.  We sprinted at the end with a max pace of 4.57 minute mile...mind you it was only 50 feet ;)  I ended up with a horrible blister on my toe and since we are going to Disney World tomorrow I have decided to skip running for one day.  Jake is thrilled to the gills about that.  Hopefully walking all day long is enough of a workout, maybe I should start doing burpees while waiting in long lines. 

We have been having all sorts of fun at the pool and laughing at all of the crazy things that Kobe says.  Here are a few of our favorite Kobe lines.

He has been calling everyone a "hobo on a stick," I don't know where he came up with that one, especially the stick part.

Then he called my sister an "angry Chinese woman."  We couldn't stop laughing, especially because when he called her that she wasn't even angry.

For years I have called my part, you know in my hair, my crack.  So my sister was complaining that she had burnt her head and I asked her if she had sprayed her crack.  Everybody looked at me like I was some sort of crazy person.  After I had finished explaining myself my step dad, Papa Jex, said "4 out of 5 dermatologist recommend it and 5 out of 5 proctologist recommend it."  It was awesomely funny!

We have been doing some fun tricks into the pool, I think everyone who watches us thinks we are crazysauce but we don't care.
Mama Jex kind of forgot to go when we said 1,2,3 GO!  Silly Mama Jex ;)

That is me doing a back tuck thingy off of Jake's shoulders.  Good times.

After we were done at the pool we went on a Manatee and Dolphin tour.  We saw some but weren't able to get any great pictures, so here is a group shot instead.
I thought that I was safe from the sun being under that fancy little covering on the boat but apparently I was not completely covered because I got BURNT, ouch!!!  It was a 2 hour tour, not to be confused with a 3 hour tour, we left Gilligan at home.  Needless to say getting up early, running, swimming and doing crazy stunts all morning, I got a bit sleepy on the tour and fell asleep.  Thus, the sun burn on my shoulders.  In case that wasn't enough sun for one day we then headed down south to a new beach where there weren't any jellyfish, YIPEE!!  Jake and the kids had some fun in the ocean.  Shanin, my sister, and I had fun watching some dude paddle out on a GINORMOUS surf board while standing up.  The waves were huge and I can't even imagine the kind of balance it would take to do that.
That is him in the background, sorry it's not a better picture. 

It looks like I need to get to bed, we have a long day at the Magic Kingdom tomorrow.

When you go swimming are you the type to sit and get a tan or play around in the pool?

I do both, it has been really fun to just be silly and not care what the people around me are thinking...I'll never see them again.  Well, at least that's what I thought the first day but I keep seeing them everyday...oh well :)

Have you ever been on a 2...or 3 hour boat tour?

Now I have, I'm glad it ended better than Gilligan's

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  1. What a beautiful sunrise! It looks like your having lots of fun at the pool. I love laying out but when I get too hot I love jumping in the pool. I've never been on a boat tour that sounds like a great time! Have so much fun at Disneyworld:)