Thursday, June 2, 2011

Workouts, Disney Style

Yesterday was our Disney World Day.  Seems how I couldn't get in a workout before we left we decided to come up with ways to get in a work out while waiting in line.  You can ALWAYS do a push-up, it is the one exercise that you can literally do anywhere and there are so many varieties of push ups that you will never get bored :)
Another favorite exercise that can be done anywhere is the good ol' wheel barrow, just grab a buddy and you are all set.  Kayly is demonstrating a jumping jack...I think ;)
If you can find a smeagoly little fello you can always do a bicep curl with him or possibly a shoulder press.
Then there is always the easy to do and ever so popular calf raise.

If you have someone willing to shackle you up you can try to bust out of them.  Check out Kenna's face.
Kayly, McKenna and I decided to bust a move with a dude in Tomorrowland.

Jake, Kobe and I thought we would jump up and click our heals together when the rain stopped.  Yes, it rained but it actually made it quite nice.  We weren't sweating to death, which we were sure would be the case.  And it was a warm rain so it didn't bother us at all.  People in Florida acted as if it were acid rain, all covered up in ponchos.  I thought it was funny, the rain seriously just made it all the better.  I would rather be wet from rain than from sweat.
If you can find a pole you could always try to climb it.  But watch out for those darn Disney workers they will get after you.  If you will notice that little blob in the right side of the photo, that is the Disney lady getting after Kobe for climbing the pole and for me for allowing him to climb the pole..."that's just too dangerous!" Hee Hee Hee!

That concludes our workout portion of this post.  It is good to workout and be strong so when an annoying lady gets all up in your grill you can take her down!

If you didn't happen to notice the looks on the children's faces please scroll back up and check them out.  You can only imagine the looks that the people who didn't know me were giving me when the ones who know me best are looking at me like that :)

After being at the beach for a few days now Kobe and I have decided to become rastafarian pirates.

Well, that about wraps up our day at the Magic Kingdom.  We all decided that Disneyland is better than Disney World.  They don't have near as many rides as Disneyland and the workers aren't nearly so cheerful.  Oh, I almost forgot...they don't have the delicious cookies that Disneyland has either.  It was still a great day and we had lots o fun!

Which park do you prefer, Disneyland or Disney World?

Disneyland baby, but I will take what I can get!

Do you ever feel like slapping a complete stranger on the face?

Yes!!  Sometimes I would like nothing more ;)
I promise I am not a violent person!

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  1. You and your heel clicks. You haven't changed a bit Steph in a good way! I love reading about all your adventures.