Monday, May 30, 2011

First Run In Florida

Sunday was a rest day but we did walk a little more than 4 miles.  This morning we ran 5.52 miles in 44 minutes with an average pace of 7.59 minute mile.  Let me tell you, I have NEVER come so close to throwing up while working out in my life.  I thought being at sea level I would be able to run like a gazelle but I found that it is VERY hard to breathe here.  It is 77 degrees and 78% humidity.  Luckily for me it is time to taper in order to run the Utah Valley Marathon.

Jake and I saw a turtle while we were running and it was so awesome, it looked like the shell had been hand carved, it wasn't like any turtle I have ever seen before.  Then we saw a dead snake in the road and I let out a screech, Jake found it quite entertaining to see me freak out.

As we were walking along the beach yesterday we saw this poor unfortunate stingray.  Sorry to show such a gross picture but I wanted you to see that it has a shark bite taken out of it.  "There aren't any sharks around here," yea right!  Kenna named him Sharkbait :)
Here is a picture of some hot dudes that I found on the beach

Remember how I said we were having a jellyfish invasion?  Here is what the beach looks like.
When the beach is covered in jellyfish you are forced to head to the pool.

Kobe is quite the little Zoolander, here are some pics for your enjoyment.

He is a funny boy.  So looking at my little Smeagol would you say that he would float or sink?
The child can swin like a little fish as long as he has his snorkle gear on.  He swims for a bit and then just stops and floats for a minute and then swims again.  It was so funny to see him swimming along and then hear him laugh through his little snorkle.
This morning my step dad, Mike, was heading out to the balcony and he ran into the screen door.  I couldn't stop laughing as he then preceeded to tell me that McKenna had done the same thing.  DUH!! ;)  So naturally I forced them to pose for a picture.

I want you to think back to when I said that the secret to a good run was a chocolate donut.  Apparently, the word is spreading.
I must say that the world famous Dunkin Donut has nothing on the Hill's Bakery donut.  I had such great expectations only to be disappointed.

Now it is confession time.  It is now Monday morning and I haven't showered since Satuday morning.  I think reading about the great Hungry Runner Girls hygiene is rubbing off on me ;)  I have always been the type of person that would wake up early to get all done up before going anywhere (except the gym) but I have come a long way.  Yesterday we woke up and headed right down to the beach, then the pool.  We decided to walk down to Ron Jon's Surf Shop and I said to myself "why shower, we are just going to come back and swim."  And that is exactly what we did.  Then we were going to head out for some supper and I thought "why shower, we are just going to come back and go to the beach."  Then I thought "why shower now, I am just going to wake up and go running."
I think now that it has been 48 hours since my last shower that I should probably hop right in there before deciding that I am just going to go to the beach so what's the point.  Actually since I usually HAVE to shave my legs every single day I am going crazy...MUST SHAVE!!

Sorry for the super long, boring post but I had to get some things out there.

What's the weather like in Utah or where ever you may be?

Like I said, it is 77 degrees and 78% humidity in Cocoa Beach.  I won't complain :) at least now that I am done running!

Where has been you favorite place to run?

I was hoping to be able to say Cocoa Beach, FL but I am going to have to stick with Valencia, CA.  I found it so easy to run in California being at sea level and just humid enough to help with my undying thirst.


  1. Isn't it liberating to take a few days off from personal hygiene! He he he! It is okay to be lazy every once in a while! It looks like you guys are having fun! I wish I was there! It's been cold and rainy here.
    Kobe is so much like Jake. Jake was always making silly faces in our pictures.

  2. It looks like your having fun despite the fact that you can't get into the ocean. Is there another beach that isn't like that? I can't believe your letting your hygiene slip ;) your the cleanest person I know! I wish I was there to run with you, I really miss my running/gym buddy! My favorite place I ever ran was where we lived in Cali it was the perfect amount of humidity and pretty pleasant year round to run outside. Have lots of fun with your family, can't wait for more fun pics!

  3. Awesome run girl! It always feels great to sneak a good run in on vacation. Your little boy is hilarious! Love it.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip. :)