Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Meningitis is no good!

Sometimes we all get over trained.  Yep, it happens to the best of us.  I wrote about it HERE and as of late I have been feeling the effects yet again.  I took my workouts down a notch and even ate the Reese’s Eggs that Holly claimed “Dr. Google” told her were the cure for “meningitis!”  Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed those eggs but they weren’t the magic cure.  I even tried a little sugar detox which is very unlike me.  I thought perhaps all that delicious Easter candy had done me in.  Detox didn’t work either.
After Friday’s long run of 12 miles when I felt like death I decided that an extra day of rest may be needed to kick this bad case “meningitis.”  It just so happened that we were taking a little family vaca to none other than Albuquerque, New Mexico for Kobe’s regional gymnastics meet.  I figured this would be the perfect time to take a day off.  Friday we arrived in Farmington, NM and checked into our hotel.  I looked out the window to see a running path along the river…how rude!  We went to the pool and I saw the hotel gym…rude! 
I considered waking up early and heading down to the gym for a few miles but my legs were not happy!   I also knew it would make Jake’s whole trip if I didn’t work out, for some crazy reason it bothers him that I work out…especially on vacation.  I skipped my workout more for him than for myself, I am so selfless ;)
Saturday was beautiful and oh so warm.  We got to Albuquerque and headed right for the pool.  As I was laying there minding my own business this woman walked up dressed in her running gear.  She was on the phone with her friend saying that she was ready for their run, seriously?  I nearly asked how far they were going and if I could join them.  Then I realized it was super hot and it would be quite miserable.  I fought with every ounce of my being not to chuck a Dr. Pepper at them as they headed off for their precious run ;)
As we headed to our room I checked out this gym hotel, it was big and beautiful with many treadmills and some weights.  It was quite the set up and I wanted to go play soooo badly!  I considered doing my Monday workout on Sunday while everyone was asleep.   Then Kobe asked if he could come with me in the morning for my work out.  My kids know that I work out no matter if I’m on vacation or not but for some reason Jake doesn’t get it.  Jake piped up and said “Mom isn’t going to work out, she’s going to be with us.”  CRAP!  I really didn’t want to make Jake mad even though my body was needing a workout.  Things don’t work right when I don’t work out.
I hope that my skipping a day has cured what ails me.  It took a lot to overcome so much temptation.  I have also decided that I am done being so selfless and if I want to work out on vacation by golly I’m going to.  My body shuts down when I don’t work out and it’s just no good I say.
Kobe did so great at his competition.  He was against the best 96 Level 5 gymnasts in our region. 
He got 12th place on rings and his team took 3rd place overall which was pretty amazing seems how they only had 4 gymnasts there.  I could see the hurt in the little fella’s eyes that he didn’t place on more events and it broke my heart. There was some tough competition there.  The most important thing was that he improved GREATLY from his past meets.   Unfortunately, he had a couple of little slips and falls.  His feet slipped on his front handspring and I nearly burst into tears, his little face was sooooo sad!  It really took everything I had not to run out there and give him a big hug.  The rest of his routine was great but you fall once and your score is toast.  He had worked really hard with Coach Wan Wan (Wanda) for the past 3 weeks and had made some real improvements.  Wan Wan coached Jake Dalton…”Jake Dalton, YUM!”  That’s what Kenna said, not me, so don’t judge!  Jake Dalton is an Olympic gymnast my friends, Wan Wan is pretty amazing.
 I know this post is never ending but I have to tell you about Jake’s mom’s car that she let us borrow for this trip.  It’s a brand spankin’ new KIA Optima Hybrid.  We got about 40 miles to the gallon on this little hog, hee hee hee that’s from Dumb and Dumber, it’s not really a hog!  There is a little picture that shows you how eco friendly you are driving, if you are driving green then flowers blossom.
This picture is quite small and craptastic but if you look veeeery closely between the speedometer and the other thing you can kind of see the blossom.

I may be the last person on earth to know this but did you know that when you stop a hybrid car it turns off, WHAT?  It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  KIA has come a looooooong way! 
It’s a smooth ride and nice looking too.  Don’t worry I still love Susan, that’s my Acura TL’s name, but it would sure be nice if she got better gas mileage.
I guess I’ll be done now!

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