Monday, April 15, 2013

A Special Deal For You!!

I said that if I heard of a promo code for Aspaeris compression shorts that I would share it and I am a woman who keeps my word...most of the time.  So here you go, use the code word SPRING and get 40% off at !!  Yahoo for compression.
Speaking of Aspaeris Pivot Shorts, it just so happened that I wore mine this morning for my 5 X mile repeats.  They really do help you to keep good running form :)  Now I need to wash them up right quick so I can wear them later on to recover in, or better yet I should use that fancy code and order me some more!

I am SUPER excited about an upcoming race that I am pacing, it's the Dino Half in Vernal, UT.  What's in Vernal Utah you might ask?!?  Well, apparently a beautiful canyon and DINOSAURS of course.  I wanted to do this race last year but wasn't able to, so I am really looking forward to it this year. 
Borrowed from Dino's FB page!
Here is what the medal will look like.  I'm going to have to fight Kobe off of this one.
I believe there is a kids race as well.
I happen to have a promo code for this as well.  Use promo code Dino5 and receive $5 off!  Go to Dino  I would love to have some fun friends there to pace :)
Jorge also worked out a deal for everyone to go to the Dinosaur museum after the race for only $3 per person, just use promo code "RYRpacers" for the special rate.
It's sure to be a party so come on out to Vernal for a weekend of fun!
Just watch for stray dino's running about the city, they might get ya'!

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  1. You came through with a fine discount code, that is awesome! I love my fancy Aspaeris shorts :)
    I'm super excited for the Dino 1/2 I really hope the Dino's don't get us ;)