Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm a FAN!

This morning I headed out for my second 20 miler of this training cycle with Holly, Josh, Joanna, Dr. Lloyd and about 3287 other runners.  We truly missed having Pam with us, she is injured right now :*( I HATE INJURIES!!!!

I decided that after my last 20 miler, which was pretty miserable, that I would do everything possible to set myself up for a good run.  I carbo loaded like it was my job!
These little beauties do a fine job of properly loading a runner!

I ate 2 chocolate donuts cause if 1 is good then heck have 2!  I have 2 kids and that worked out good, I have, that's all I could think of.  I ate one for each of my running legs or something like that!
Jake took me on a hot date to Malawi's for some pizza, I think I was pretty well loaded with the carbs :)
I have decided that I am a real fan of running in my Pro Compression socks.  I have run in them here and there but this past week I wore them for 3 of my runs, I think I need a few more so I can wear them!
I didn't wear just any ol' Pro Compression, no I busted out these..

Seems how I didn't do a Shamrock Shuffle ;) or the LA Marathon, I decided to wear my "lucky" socks today!  They did their job wonderfully!

Here is our attempt at getting a jumping photo...#FAIL!

Holly and I did the P90X stretch DVD and I took The Stick to myself right before bed and then slathered BioFreeze all over my legs.
The run was GREAT!!!  The first 10 miles were a challenge as we were running up Provo Canyon, although it's not as steep as Hobble Creek Canyon so that was a relief.
We saw a million runners, walkers, bikers and army guys.  Holly and I thought we were going to be flashed by 2 army dudes...FREAKS!  They were being highly suspicious so I made sure not to look at them, it was quite scary.  Holly said one of them was looking at us real creepy like, yikes!
Coming back down the canyon felt awesome!  I felt like I could have run a marathon today, it was really good.

The hardest part of today's run was the 12 minute ICE BATH that I forced myself to take.  It is so hard to get into an ice bath but I really do notice a difference when I take them.  I showered up, put on a fresh pair of Pro Compression socks and stuffed myself into my "sausage shorts" aka Aspaeris Pivot Shorts.
These shorts are AWESOME!!  Aspaeris is sponsoring Run Your Race Pacers and sent Holly and I a pair to try out.  I have run in them a few times and absolutely love them, the only down side to running in them is that then I can't recover in them.  I don't love being swassy all day, unfortunately.  I LOVE wearing them for recovery and wear them nearly every day.  Needless to say I am wearing them out right quick.  I only wash them if I sweat in them or once a week.  I figure I'm not getting them dirty so I may as well not wash them to death too quickly.
They are really tight which is how they should be but I do feel like I have sausage legs when I wear them.  NO ONE will ever see me in them alone again.  When I first got them I put them on and showed my family.  They gave me some pretty horrible looks and Kenna said "Nice butt MOM!"  They are not flattering at all but it's all good.

They are best worn under things!
Kenna and I got a little silly on my "photo shoot"...kiss it Whoville ;)
 And last but not least I try to imitate the Monican, she's hilarious!
That's Monica's running pose and without even thinking about it I did it, we should be friends :)
I'm sooo a fan of Aspaeris!  Pro Compression and Aspaeris should get together and have a baby, not sure where that one came from but let's just go with it okay?!?
If you haven't tried compression before then I feel sorry for you already, it's pretty much the bomb.diggity!
I think I will be living in my compression gear for the next 2 and a half months.  Here is a glance at some races I will be doing.
May 18th Ogden Marathon
That's a lot of running...I hope I survive.
Sooooo #keepittight!!  I believe you can use promo code BLG13 for 40% off and free shipping on all Pro Compression Marathon socks!
If I hear of an awesome promo code for Aspaeris I will be sure to share, cause you NEED some!

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