Monday, December 9, 2013

A Wonderful Workout And Christmas Song!!!

Sometimes you just get so incredibly shredded that you want to share your awesome workout with everyone.  Today I did a killer shoulder workout, I kind of LOVE working my shoulders.  This picture shows you just how shredded I really am, I hide it well.
Here is the workout:
30 Squats with alternating shoulder presses
(holding 20 lb DB's with palms facing each other held just above your shoulders, squat and while you are coming up do a single arm shoulder press, squat and switch sides, repeat 30 times)
15 Seated Military presses
(I used a shoulder pulley machine at the gym 30 lbs, if using DB's I usually use 20's)
15 Side delt raises using resistance bands.
15 Hammer style(palms facing each other) front delt raises
(I used 12 lb DB's, start with weights by your side and raise them up to about eye level)
15 Bent over rear delt pulls
(With soft knees bend over keeping your back straight, if that makes sense, grab a 40 lb barbell a little wider than your shoulders and pull up towards your chest.  You want to work your rear delts so keep your elbows wide and in-line with your shoulders.
15 Upright row to press using 40 lb barbell
I'm not doing a very good job at describing these things so just google it :) you're welcome!
I guess this is why I don't post workouts very often, they're too hard to describe.

I gave the weights I used as an example, we are all different.  I'm sure plenty of you are laughing at the weights I used but it was hard for me so lay off...I kid!!

After this shoulder workout I went into the Cardio Cinema room and did a 9 mile progression run.  I started at 7 mph and for the first mile I bumped it up .1 mph every .25 mile.  Mile 2 was 7.4 and I bumped it up .1 every mile ending at 8 or 8.1 mph.  I cooled down the last .50 mile.  I'm still trying to regain my speed since my ding dang injury this summer, so by the end this was hard for me.

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I did a review of the Aspaeris Pivot Short HERE!!  I wear them mostly to recover in and I love them.  

Lastly, I have to share a Christmas song that I am in LOVE with.  It makes me cry a little bit and I like to run to it, enjoy!!

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  1. sounds like a great workout! I love my Aspaeris shorts too, and I just got the capris those are pretty great too