Saturday, December 21, 2013

2nd Annual Christmas Fun Run

Today marked the 2nd Annual Christmas Fun Run, AKA my favorite run of the year.  Last year this was my favorite non-race run and this year was even more so.  We woke up to a few inches of snow which on any other day we probably would have just gone to the gym for a treadmill run.  Today we put on our big girl pants elf suits and headed to Kneaders to meet up with a big group.
CHEEEEEESE!  Aren't we just a couple of jolly weirdos.  "We are Santa's elves, filling Santa's shelves, with a toy for each girl and boy, oh we are Santa's elves."
I really didn't think our fancy little shoes would stay on but they did and they kept our feet dry and warm.  Maybe I will wear them on every run...hmmm?
There were probably 30-40 runners.  
We ran up the canyon for a while, notice I said UP the the snow!!!  Running up the canyon is hard enough but add inches of snow and it's REALLY hard!  The snow was falling the entire run which made it oh so magical.  We had quite a few slips and slides but amazingly we didn't fall, I fall on dry ground and the treadmill so I was certain I would go down at least once.  It must have been my #ElfPowers that saved me.
I was so happy to see the Santa gal, we felt kind of dumb that more people didn't dress up.
Last year the real fun started once we left the canyon and went into town.  I finally suggested that we turn around and head into Provo and Orem. 
Bill dressed up too :)  Isn't it a beautiful winter wonderland, I LOVE IT!!!
The roads were really bad and we saw a Suburban stopped on the side of road.  Naturally, we thought they were stuck or having car trouble.  Nope, the guy was standing outside of his car telling us how awesome we were and taking our picture.  He was great :)  Perhaps I can pay him to be our personal cheerleader on all our runs. 
We got lots of funny looks and saw A LOT of people taking pictures of us...good times.
We saw the Jolly Old Elf again.  I swear it was the same Santa we saw last year, he was hanging out the window just a wavin'! HO HO HO!
We turned onto University Parkway and headed into Orem.  The hill going up from the Olive Garden to Red Lobster seemed to go on forever, it's a HARD hill and nearly killed me off.
There was a lot of snow which at times made it very hard to run, we became stumbling fools a number of was super dang funny.  People were laughing WITH us, not at us :)  I'm sure of it!
#ProCompression #ElfPowers #TheFanciestShoeCoversEver
Weesie Saturday ;)
We ended up with 16.25 miles in 2:32, I don't think it's ever taken me that long to run 16 miles.  It's amazeballs how much harder it is to run in the snow...TOTES MCGOTES!!!
This commercial makes me sooooo happy!!
Thank you Rachelle for putting together such a fun run.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!

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