Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sometimes You Just Can't Stop

Yesterday Holly and I decided to see what the "Ho's" running plan was for this morning.  Just FYI the Ho's are Jorge, Joanna, Josh and Heather.  They call themselves the Jo's but to me they will always be the Ho's, plus since Heather joined the group it just makes sense...not that she's a ho but because of the H in her name.  Anyways, Josh said that they were doing 20 miles in Provo.  Holly and I decided on our way to meet up with them that since we had done 20 miles last Saturday that we had better be smart and only do 16.  

We got out of the car and it was quite warm, for Utah in February, it was 40 degrees.  The weather was perfection!  When we started out my legs didn't feel #awesome but somehow being outside and not stuck on the treadmill made everything okay.  

As we got up the canyon it started to get pretty slick, there were slick patches that were super scary.  I can fall down on dry ground thank you very much, I do not need ice.  Luckily, we ran right into Dr. Lloyd (I guess he prefers Mike) and Paul.  We decided to turn around with them and head to the Murdock Canal Trail.  I have never been on this trail but I am here to say that it is pretty much my favorite.  

We had to run through some snow for a little bit, which wasn't very fun., but once we got out the snow we had a great time.  Mike runs the trail a lot and gave us a bit of a tour, it was fun!  
I'm running through a piece of pipe that is a replica of what we were running over.  Or something like that, it was part of our "tour" but it is now bed time and I'm very tired.  Mike made a right fine tour guide but some of the details seem to have escaped me at the moment.

We stopped for a photo but I kind of screwed the whole thing up so we gave up and ran on.  Heather was taking said photo and for some reason she said "10" just as I thought why the heck did she just say 10, Mike said "10???"  For some reason I found it hilarious and could not compose myself.
I don't know...I'm strange and was a bit giggly.  Those endorphins will go right to your head if your not careful.
I had to walk away for a moment.
Look at Poshy with his hands on his hips in disapproval :D
The miles flew by, then Josh said "we only have 3/4 of a mile until it's time to turn around."  WHAT???  I guess our plan of running 16 miles didn't quite pan out like we thought it would.  Holly and I were both feeling great so we were fine with it.  
Selfie, usie, wesie, whatever Saturday.
We had such a great time, these are the runs that I live for.  The miles flew by, we laughed and had a great time.  We did 20 miles in 2:49.

Now I am sitting here recovering in my USA Pro Compression stockings.  I wish I was recovering in my HEARTS Pro Compression stockings, I need to order some ASAP!  If you want to know what to get the runner in your life for Valentine's Day may I suggest some of these cute marathon socks...I wear an XS just FYI ;)

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The other day I posted something about Pro Compression on the Instagram and apparently I had people confused so let me clarify.  Proper recovery requires R.I.C.E Rest, Ice, COMPRESSION and elevation.  I said #dontforgettheCinRICE.  That's all.


  1. Love my ProCompression socks! I agree the heart socks are pretty sweet.
    I would have cracked up at 10 also before a picture, glad you got in a great run!

  2. Best, most favorite run EVER!!! #cantstopwontstop��

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