Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How To Kick Your Own Butt!

Tuesday I did quite the leg workout.  I somehow convinced Holly that she wanted to take some videos of me doing the moves after we finished our KYT workout this morning.  Just FYI, I HATE seeing myself in videos and I REALLY hate hearing my voice.  On leg day I always warm up with 4 laps of walking lunges.  The first lap is done without weights, after that I grab 15 lb DB's.  Here is the rest of the leg workout:

Check out my Holiday lederhosen :)
15 Squats with big barbell
(go low and SQUEEZE your glutes at the top...TUSHY SQUEEZE!
30, or more, squat hold calf raises
(Squat down and HOLD it the entire time and do 30 calf raises.  These are kind of like seated calf raises only your quads will be burning too.  Keep going until your calves are burning, it may take more than 30.
30 Single leg bridges
(lift your tukus off the ground, the higher you go the better.  Put as much tension as you need on the bands and do 15 per leg.
 30 Glute push-backs
(keep your leg straight and get a full range of motion, lift your leg high.  I usually get the "shackles" as the attachment but for times sake I just stuck my foot in the strap.  15 per leg.
30 Pendulum lunges
This will make your quads BURN!
(lunge forward and back, this counts as one and I usually hold 15 lb DB's but for this "re-enactment" I did not...sorry I'm not sorry ;)

I didn't record the last one because it's pretty self explanatory but DO NOT forget this part.  Walking lunges with 15 lb DB's across the gym then do the wall-sit holding the weights on your thighs, hold for at least 1 minute.  Then lunge back to where you started from and do the wall-sit AGAIN!  If your legs aren't burning then you are doing something wrong.  Now repeat this entire workout 3 times.

After this workout I decided to head into the Cardio Cinema room and do some hill work.  I saw this workout on the Instagram and decided to give it a try.
Thanks sweats4sweets for the awesome tready routine.
 I started with a 2 mile warm up and then I started to climb.  I kept the speed at 7 mph and it was HARD.  I thought I was going to DIE!  To recover I just lowered back down to 0% incline and kept running.  I did 4 repeats at 15% but just jumped my feet off to the sides for 30 seconds to recover.  Then I ran 2.5 more miles.  I did 2 miles at 8 mph and cooled down the last .50 mile, for a total of 7.5 miles.   I left the gym feeling beat and AWESOME!  I absolutely love the way I feel after a hard workout.  There's something wonderful about kicking your own butt!

Needless to say I woke up SUPER sore this morning...I love that!


  1. How you run AFTER leg day and do frickin hills!! is beyond me. You guys are amazing. I always run before. Y'all are my heroes. Thanks for the workout and the videos they are very helpful and I will totally be doing them!!

  2. That workout kicked my butt hard :D I loved it and am super sore!

  3. that sounds like a leg burner! I wonder why we think our own voices sound so funny on recordings? I hate mine too.