Saturday, September 15, 2012

How To Properly Prep For 20 Miles!

Do you want to know how to properly get ready for a 20 mile run???  I thought you would.  First, after your workout for the day you do the P90X Stretch DVD.  I desperately wanted to share my favorite part of this DVD but with all the laws and such I wasn't sure I could do such a thing.  If you have the P90X videos, PLEASE for everything holy, put one in and watch the little thing at the end of the workout.  There are people talking about being a BeachBody Coach and some kind of nonsense.  Watch for the buff man who says he wants to "Have the ability to move large shrubbery!" then comes the magic.  The little lady who does a HILARIOUS laugh :D  Oh, how it brings me such joy!  If you don't have access to these I am truly sorry because you are missing out.  I do the DVD just to see my favorite funny lady at the end and YES I do wait for it EVERY TIME!!

If you can you go to Holly's house to do the DVD because she mixes you up a special concoction...Nuun and Zip Fizz!  I love the benefits of Nuun but lets be's gross!  Mix it up with some Zip Fizz and it's not to shabby!

After you are done stretching and drinking you go home and take an hour long nap.  Then after being in your disgusting, sweaty, nasty running clothes for hours on end you can finally shower.  I was too tired to shower before, those stretches take a lot out of a girl.

You have to have a chocolate cake donut. this is important so don't skip me on this one!

Proper carbo-loading is a MUST!  My kids and I went to Brick Oven with a friend.  Our husbands went to Moab and left us husband-less so why not?  We had a great time and the best part was that my garlic bread was perfect!  The salad and pizza were quite delicious as well...and the cookie!

With Jake being out of town I was able to go to bed early without feeling guilty about it and I had my big ol' bed all to myself.  That paired with NyQuil equals a good sleep, almost 9 hours to be exact.  I LOVE sleeping in my compression socks, especially the night before a race or a long run.  I slathered my legs in "Magic Stuff" before bed as well, that stuff is amazing!

This was my last 20 miler before the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco on October 14th.  I am thrilled to the gills to be doing this marathon.  Who wouldn't want a a tuxedo...waiting for them at the finish line with a Tiffany & Co. necklace.  Having Jake and my kids there will be pretty awesome too!  I'm sure Jake doesn't love that our second vacation of the year is for another race, but I sure do appreciate his willingness to come and cheer me on. 

My 20 mile run went pretty well considering that I have had a HORRIBLE cold for the past week.  Other than hacking up a lung every once in a while I felt pretty good. 

While I was out running all over town Papa Mike took my kidlets to breakfast, what a great grandpa!!  Then I got out of the shower to see that McKenna was going on a cleaning spree.  I LOVE when she does that!!  She vacuumed the whole upstairs, steamed the hardwood floors, dusted, wiped down the bathrooms and even cleaned the toilets!  I knew buying her a vacuum at the age of 1 would pay off eventually :)
Man, I have cute kids!  Why did I ever stop having babies?!?  She was so tiny, she only weighed 15 lbs at her 1 year old check up...same with Kobe.  That was just a little side note of nothingness but oh well!  Have a great day!!

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