Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Going Back To What I LOVE!

Seems how it has been quite some time and I have made some life changing decisions ;) I have decided that it is high time to do a blog post.  So life changing  may be a bit extreme but believe me last week as I was deciding between 2 options it seemed BIG and very overwhelming.  I have decided, after a year long hiatus, to return to personal training!  The big decision was between going out on my own and starting up my own business or going to work for Energy Explosions!  After MUCH stress, praying, fasting, listing pros and cons to both and asking EVERYONE I could get to listen to me their opinion, I have finally made a decision.  I decided to go with Energy Explosions!  Be sure to check out Zac's Blog because it is awesome!  I am so excited to get back to personal training!!

Unlike the big gym I used to work for this is a small, intimate atmosphere.  I can train small groups as well as one on one sessions, this is good because sometimes a little competition between friends is good :)  I absolutely love strength training, running, spinning and well...pretty much anything that will kick my trash.  I have really missed helping people work towards and reach their goals!  I have also REALLY missed watching people suffer ;)  This is the only kind of butt kickin' I have been doing lately.

And he is having way to much fun...that's not pain!  I'll show you PAIN ;)

So now that all of that is out of the way, I must say that I am getting a little (okay A LOT) nervous for my trip to New York and Boston.  We (me and the little mouse I carry around in my pocket aka Holly) are going to run the Boston Marathon! 
This pic was taken the morning of the Utah Valley Marathon!  I sure hope Boston goes better for me than that race!!!

We are going with our hubbies and none of us have ever been there.  I am not scared for the marathon, after all I'm not trying to break any records or anything, but I am extremely scared that we are going to get lost, or mugged, or worse ;)

I can't believe that after Saturday's 20 miler it is time to start the taper, which I used to dread I will have you know, but this time I will embrace it with open arms!!  I have been kicking my own butt with really hard workouts and runs and my body is not appreciating it very much.  I did have a not so sensual maaasage (very painful, in a good way, sports massage) last night that helped tremendously.  Today I felt awesome and if it would have been race day I'm pretty sure I would have broken a few elite hearts ;)  Ha Ha, that's the funniest darn thing I've said all day!

If any of you have any tips or things that we must do while in New York or Boston please let me know.


  1. Yay for getting back to what you love Steph that is just awesome and I am so very happy for you. I would let you whip my butt into shape any day of the week. :)

    I am getting nervous about Boston too. My Mom and Dad are coming with me and none of us have ever been. I am praying that everything goes smooth.

  2. I am so happy for you that you are going back to what you not only love to do but what your amazing at! You will have so much fun and you'll be so happy.
    I am so excited and nervous for Boston, it's going to be crazy and fun. I think I look like a big old goof in that picture, oh my!!!! 20 miles on Saturday has me quite nervous also :/
    I love your post by the way :)