Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hardly Awesome!!

Today was 19 miles of blissful fun ;)  Holly thought it was "hardly awesome!"  She meant awesomely hard...I think, but it came out a little backwards!  We basically ran from south Provo to the Canyon, into Orem onto State Street and back to soooooouth Provo, really south, then back to the Gold's on 9th East.  19 miles is far, that is all I will say.  We only feared for our lives once when a shady looking fella walked past us.  We both turned around to make sure he was still going the opposite direction and guess what?  He turned around to look at us at the exact same time, oopsie!  We survived the run!

The foam rolling and ice bath were a different story.  MISERABLE!

Now let me rewind a little to how I was feeling yesterday.  I felt great all day and then suddenly at about 3 o'clock I could barely walk.  Okay, I could walk but not without a limp, my buttocks was killing me.  Something just wasn't right!  I got home from work and foam rolled and stretched but it only seemed to get worse!  I started to panic just a little, I know how stubborn angry muscles can be and I didn't want to miss this looooooong run!  I know from earlier posts you may think that I wanted to but in reality I knew I couldn't miss this.  Luckily, Jorge was willing to give me a not so sensual maaaaasage ;)  It was painful to say the least but I was able to run today with none of the pain I was experiencing yesterday!  YAY Jorge!  The House of Pain came through again.  I can't believe the difference massage can make, when done right that is.  I don't want any fluff with my massage just good ol' fashioned pain :)  For a minute I thought perhaps Jorge was angry with me and was taking his frustrations out on my poor little (I mean HUGE ;) muscles!  Nope, he was just doing what he does best, fixing angry muscles!

So at this point I could rattle off mile by mile how my run went but what would be the fun in that, besides the point that I don't rightly recall every little detail.  Instead I will share a few things that have happened this past week.
Guess how many of these little gems it took to properly fuel my run this morning??
2!  Yep, I ate 2 of these suckers yesterday.  I called Jake early in the day to express my concern about Hill's Bakery running out of chocolate cake donuts before I could make it there.  I love the bakery but they NEVER make enough of the good stuff.  He said he would go and get me one, what a wonderful man I have lawfully wedded!  Then Holly being the kind, wonderful person that she is brought me donut to work.  I have got these people wrapped around my little finger ;) JK!!  They are amazing and I am grateful to have them in my life!

I have been blessed (not) with very large veins that like to stick out!  The other day as I was conditioning the gymnasts this conversation took place:
Gymnast: "Holy cow, she must be angry!" (said to the other girls)
Me: "Why?"
Gymnast: "Because your veins are popping out!"
Me: "Yes, I am like the Hulk and when I get angry my veins pop out, so you better get to work and watch out!"  Hee hee hee, it was funny!  Now I know how to get them to work hard, just bust out the vein-y arms baaahaaaaahaaahaaa!

A few days ago I was telling Jake a story about someone close to my heart who had been "profiled" (I guess that's the right word) by a cop!  Jake said "That's illegal!"
I said "It is?"
Jake: "Well, that's what my friend Jay Z tells me!"
Ha ha ha, Jay Z :) 
(Maybe you had to be there ;/)

I couldn't leave you without a funny Kobe story, now could I?
The other day I was doing my cornies hair for school and Kobe said, looking at Kenna "We look just the same...well, never mind I don't have elf ears!" FUNNY!
Kenna doesn't have elf ears at all, just for your FYI (that was a line stolen from House Bunny, I know it doesn't make sense, so don't tell me ;)

I guess I am done with my non-sense for today!  I hope you all have a great weekend!  I am getting ready to head off to In and Out for a big A cheeseburger!  I have never been a huge In and Out fan so we will see how it goes.  Jake didn't believe me when I told him I would go there.  I guess running 19 miles makes me crave a huge, greasy cheeseburger and fries :)  Good day me Mateys!!


  1. You totally deserved that In and Out girl. Great work with the 19-miler! You are awesome!

    And seriously that chocolate donut has my mouth watering. Yum!

  2. I loved this post and I absolutely LOVED that hardly awesome run!!!! My face was so frozen and my brain was fried from running 19 miles that nothing came out right at the end there! You are the best running buddy and Friend in the world! And that donut looks to die for right now. Some day you will embrace the ice bath like I do ;) I'm proud of you for doing it!