Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine!

Valentines Day came early for us this year.  My sweet little Mama brought us a little something last night...

They were delicious!  This morning when I got home from the gym I found these

sitting on the kitchen counter...YUM!

Then I went to Hill's Bakery in Ream's and picked up these little beauties, yes I got myself one.  I knew that with this kind of goodness no one would share, don't worry I ate it before anyone even knew!!

Then it was off to Kobe's third grade class for a Valentine's Day party and can I just tell you how grateful I am for teachers!  I could NEVER do it, those kids are hoodlums ;)  I was in charge of a game so we played "Be Mine" aka BINGO!  It was quite the time.  Kobe and a large kid in his class did a chest bump and I thought Kobe was going to fly into the next classroom.

McKenna had her first dance today!  It was the 6th Grade sock hop, she looked so cute in her little poodle skirt.  I wish I would have gotten a picture but she is at gymnastics now so too bad for you.

In case I hadn't eaten enough garbage for one day Holly sent McKenna home with some "devil cookies."  There is no picture because it had been at least 5 hours since my last cookie and I gobbled them right up ;)  I ate waaaaay too many of them!  I think the theme of this Valentine's Day is LOVE HANDLES!!!  I should have ran A LOT further than 9 miles today that's for sure.  Truth be told I feel like going out and running 10 more miles.  Or maybe I will just tell Jake and the kids that I will meet them at Zupa's and I will run there...I wish!  Jake wouldn't have it, especially after I told him how I over did it a week or so ago.  He is always saying that I workout too much anyway, is that even possible ;) JK!!! 

So although the theme of this holiday seems to be cookies and chocolate, I am truly grateful for all of the great people in my life.  I am so lucky to have the best husband EVER and the two sweetest little cornies anyone could ever ask for.  I have the best parents, in-laws, out-laws...oh wait, forget that last one.  I have the BEST family and I love them all!  I am also greatly blessed with some pretty great friends.  This morning Holly gave me this box of goodies...

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  Here is a little Valentine from me to you!
Well, for some reason my picture is upside down :/ just flip your computer over right quick so you can read your very special Valentine.  It was one of my favorite "Be Mine" cards from our game today!

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  1. You always make me so happy!! I just love your posts. It sounds like you had a pretty great day and you totally deserved all of the treats. :) I just love you to peices and this you are the best little Moma there is. :)