Monday, July 21, 2014

You Never Know What You're Gonna Get!

Running likes to keep things exciting, one day you love it and the next day you want to hang up your running shoes and quit running FOREVER.  On July 12th, I paced the Hobbler Half Marathon and let's just say it wasn't my finest hour and fifty-five minutes.  
From the moment I woke up my tummy wasn't quite right but I figured it would pass and I would be fine. The first 4 miles were okay but once I ate my Shot Bloks things went downhill pretty dang fast.  I must have blocked this race out, all I remember is that at around mile 4 I ran ahead to the Honey Buckets, had to wait in line and then sprint to catch up with Holly and continue to pace the 1:55 group.  I got more miserable as time went by and by mile 11 I wanted to curl up in the fetal position and DIE!  I hated running and never wanted to do it again.  It's funny how quickly we forget things.
Starting line with Brenna and Holly....and some random citizen in deep thought. 
I may not look miserable but this was when I wanted to curl up and die. 
 I live in a pretty beautiful place!
And a quick pacer picture...I love all of these people.
I loved the race, I just really really really hated running that day.

This past Saturday I was really glad that I didn't quit running.  Holly and I paced the 1:55 group at the Timp Half Marathon.  This has always been one of my favorite races and this year was no different.  We were on one of the first buses and had a very entertaining bus driver.  It was 4 a.m. and the volunteers had little light sticks to direct runners.  After sitting on the bus for some time the cute little driver said to one of the volunteers, "I'm just waiting for you guys to start fighting with your little light sabers....wooom, wooom, wooom(that's supposed to be the light saber sound)."  The volunteer didn't hear her but Holly and I sure did get a kick out of it and from there on out we were trying to talk backwards like Yoda.
  A fast runner I am ;D
Funnily enough, that night my family and I went to a birthday party and they showed the Star Wars Lego Movie on their outdoor movie screen.  I was laughing my mane off the whole time and Kenna and Jake thought I was crazy. "See you I would, if sitting on me you weren't" Yoda.  Hahahaha
Before the race.
We had plenty of time to chat with everyone at the starting line as we got all the pacers ready.  From the very beginning we had quite the group of runners with us.  We chatted with a couple of gals (Alycia and Brittney) for the first 4-5 miles and then sent them on their way.  The course was very downhill so we had to hold back but we told them that if they were feeling good to go ahead.  The other gals stayed right behind us the entire time.
We caught up to Alycia a few miles later and tried to keep her with us.  She was struggling so I reminded her that her body was fine, it was her head that wanted to stop.  She kept falling behind just a little so we kept a close eye on her.  I didn't want to let her get too far behind, we were getting close and I knew she could do it.
This isn't the best picture ever but this was my favorite part of the race.  We ran on a little trail through tons of big trees, it was so pretty.
As soon as we were nearing the end I told Holly that I wanted to go back and get Alycia, she wasn't very far behind.  We both turned back for her telling everyone else to finish strong.  The three of us crossed the finish line in 1:54:47.
Me, Alycia and Holly
 Everyone else we were pacing finished right before us and Brittney finished in 1:52...go Brittney.
This was by far my favorite pacing experience and everything about the race was amazing.
The medals were amaze balls.
The full marathon medals were as big as my head.  They were awesome!
After all this running my Pro Compression socks and sleeves sure do come in handy.
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  Pro Compression dress socks!!!
AND brand new low trainers that I adore.
I have the green and black but I must have the pink.
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  1. That would be fun to pace a half marathon! Sounds like despite gut troubles you do a great job of it.