Sunday, March 17, 2013

Half Marathon+5K+5K=A LOT!

The training schedule called for a half marathon yesterday, which would have been awesome, but instead I ran a whole heckuva lot of miles.  Because of kids gymnastics meets I had to switch this weeks 13.1 miles for next Saturday's 19 miles.  I could be crazy but maybe, just maybe, Hal Higdon was onto something when he scheduled week 9 as a cut back week.  You mean he didn't just pick some random number and say to run it?!?  Weird ;)

My last 2 long runs have been awesome, I felt great!  Today was not like that, nope not at all.

Holly and I met up with Pam, Josh and Joanna at 6:00 a.m. for the half marathon portion of our run.  It took me about a mile or so to warm up and then I felt great.  We were running in the dark for quite some time and I liked it.  It made the time fly by because I didn't really know where I was.  At about mile 10 I started to struggle a little.  Mile 11 Holly and I took our 2nd dose of Sportlegs and popped some Mike and Ike's, she also flipped me off but that's a story for another time ;)

We managed to finish the first 13.  Did I mention that Josh pushed a 3 year old in a stroller for those 13 miles...awesome!!  What was even more awesome was that the little girl didn't make a peep the whole run, she just sat back and enjoyed the run.  Holly and I drove up to a park in Mapleton where we started our virtual 5K Buddy Up Against Bullying.  I think stopping for a bit may not have been the best idea.  I had time to think about how tired I was and how far I still had to go.
We struggled through our "bully run" and got to the park just in time to start our 2nd 5K which was a remembrance run for Holly's uncle Dave.  I must say that I felt pretty stupid running a 5K with a Fuelbelt :D  There were camera men everywhere and I think a news team was doing a story on the run/walk.  I sure as heck hope we don't make the 10 o'clock news wearing our fancy little Fuelbelt's for a 5K. 

(So I typed this post last night but didn't publish it, this was just added)  News flash, I just noticed that I did in fact make the freaking 10:00 news wearing my nerd belt, heaven help me!!  I also realized that I run like a doofus old woman!  I always hoped that my television debut would be on a Bob Harper video or something, not slogging along wearing my a 5K!  I will attempt to link the video, the story is amazing and worth watching...just ignore the idiot who is wearing a Fuelbelt for a 3.1 mile run!  VIDEO
I loved looking ahead of me and seeing a sea of white hats.  Dave always ran in a white hat so everyone was encouraged to wear one.  I got a little emotional at one point so I can only imagine what the people who actually knew him were feeling.

I needed something to get my mind off of the fact that I couldn't feel my legs, they were super jello-y and yes that is indeed a word!  I found Fun. on my iPod and listened to a couple of their songs.  Seems how I had finally stopped yakking Holly had time to think about why we were running that last 5K and she got quite emotional.  Crying and running just isn't a good mix.  We finished the race and looked down to see that we were at 19.38...who stops at 19.38?  I'll tell you who doesn't stop and that's me and Holly!  We HAD to even it out to 19.50 just for our own sanity, no we aren't OCD!
I'm glad this is a far away shot cause I seriously looked like DEATH!
I LOVE that they had a remembrance run for Dave.  Holly and I made a deal that if one of us dies an untimely death that the other will arrange a run in her honor.  We decided that we would have both a 5K and a half marathon distance.

Did I happen to mention that today was BEAUTIFUL!  Yep, perfect running weather for sure!
This run was definitely not an easy one but it was an awesome one.  I am so glad that we timed it just right so that we could finish it at the remembrance run.  Having all of the other runners really helped us finish off our run.  We were able to see Holly's amazing family, I don't know if you are aware of this but I am Holly's sista' from another mista'...and misses ;)  I love her family, they are all so kind and welcoming!
They gave out these "Made Better By Dave Henson" bracelets.  I didn't know Dave but just having the opportunity to attend his viewing and seeing the love his family had for him along with knowing that he died trying to save the one he loved, I truly do feel that I am "made better" now! 

I got home just in time to take a super fast shower and then it was off to Kobe's state gymnastics meet.  AirTime took state which was just awesome, GO AIRTIME!  They had an amazing season.  It wasn't Kobe's best meet but he somehow managed to get into the regionals meet which will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 3 weeks.
I picked this picture to show you Kobe's awesome little muscles!  I know the pic is taking up half my blog but I think it's worth it :)

What in the hey howdy hey is there to do in Albuquerque anyways?  I've never been there so if you know of anything wonderful to do there please let me know :)


  1. Go Kobe! You are a stud! I would run like an old grandma too if I just put in a 19.5 miler.

  2. Great job with all the running and looking like a nerd with a fuel belt for a 5k, at least you look prepared ;)