Saturday, March 9, 2013

Carry On!

Today’s run deserves a post, it was awesome!  Last night Holly said that we should do this run for her Aunt Leslee and Uncle Dave who were hit by a car Monday when they were walking in St. George.  You can read about the accident HEREHer uncle didn’t survive and her aunt got really beat up and is still in the hospital.   So it was decided, we would dedicate these 17 miles to them.
We woke up to a rain/snow mix along with wind.  We met and went back and forth as to whether we should head to the nice warm gym or buck it up and go.  I will be honest and say that I wanted to go to the gym and I could tell that Holly wanted to too.  Jorge said “Let’s just go!”  So we did!
It was me, Holly, Jorge and Rachelle.  I am so glad that we sucked it up and went outside.  I have wanted to do a nice snow run all winter but it just hasn’t panned out.  Plus if I can be Frank for a minute, you can be Shirley, I am a wimp and HATE to be cold.  Anywho, we headed up Hobble Creek but there was too much “dam” snow.  Soon after we passed the dam there was too much slushy snow so we decided to turn around and head into Mapleton.  As we started running down the canyon I felt awesome, I felt pretty bad A running around in such weather.  There is something about running outside that makes me feel powerful and strong, even if I am struggling or slogging!  I thought of this…
At this point we were being pelted in the face by snow, it was windy and my feet were soaked and guess what??  I LOVED it!  It reminded me of Top of Utah 2011. It was so nice to be outside enjoying our beautiful surroundings.
I kept thinking of “Uncle Dave” (yes, I refer to him as uncle because that’s how I roll) I was friends with his daughter in Elementary school and saw him after the Freedom Run one year but that’s about it.  Holly mentioned that they are going to have a remembrance run/walk next Saturday and that they want everyone to wear white hats because that’s what Uncle Dave always wore.  As we were running I saw a couple of people wearing white hats and I immediately thought of him looking down on us.
We ran (no pun intended) into Holly’s dentist, Dr. Jones, and ran with him and his friend Shauna for a bit.  Then we stopped at his house for a potty break, thank you Dr. Jones J
The weather calmed down and it was perfect!!!  I’m so grateful that Jorge pushed us out of our comfort zone and that we went outside.  Even though we had to run up “butthole hill” ;)  I was running out of time so we had to take the BIG hill home.  We were about ¾ of the way up the stupid hill and I was done.  I wanted to walk sooooo bad!  I said to myself “Uncle Dave I know I didn’t know you but will you please give me your strength and help me up this hill?”  He definitely helped me J
Sometimes it’s nice to run for someone other than yourself!  I pray that Holly’s Aunt Leslee will have a quick recovery and I pray for their whole family as they mourn the loss of Dave.  It’s amazing how life can change in the blink of an eye.  This week I have listened to the Fun song “Carry On” over and over again.  I have thought of Leslee and Dave.  “If you’re lost and alone or you’re sinking like a stone, carry oooooon!  May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground carry ooooon!”   Leslee and Dave ran together and he lost his life as they walked together, so I really like the feet upon the ground part!  Dave saved Leslee’s life as he pushed her out of the way when he saw the car coming towards them, he is a hero!
One more line from that song that I love is “my head is on fire but my legs are fine, after all they are mine!”  I think that may just be the best marathon song ever!
I am so full of emotion that I think I could go on all the live long day but for your sake I will end now!
Here is a picture of our raw beauty after 17 miles ;)  Don't be too jealous!
Be safe!!


  1. Sooo my mom is from Springville and knows Leslee, but was actually was friends with her sister (she is her age, not Leslee's). I was in St George last weekend for a girls trip with some friends. One of my friends I went to St George with knows Leslie and Dave and we ran into them Saturday night while we were there. We actually stayed in SunBrook and when I went for my Saturday morning 11 miles, I ran RIGHT where they got hit. Such a small world and it is all so crazy. What an awesome way to honor them. My heart breaks for them and their family at this time. They have definitely been in my prayers.

    And you guys are most definitely bad A for running in that weather. It wasn't knowing here in Lehi, but it was soooo windy and I am a wuss so no outside running for me!

  2. So sorry for your loss, glad you had a great run in remembrance of Dave.

  3. Steph, I can't even thank you enough for writing this heartfelt post! That was the most amazing run and I'm so grateful you documented it so well. Thank you for the time and thought you put into it and dedicating it to Uncle Dave :) I'm so glad we bucked up and ran those 17 awesome miles outside in all the elements! We were so BAD A!!!!

  4. I was so sad when I heard this story. Just heartbreaking.

    Congrats on those hard-earned 17 miles!