Sunday, February 10, 2013

Push Hard But Not Too Hard! b

As of late I have been thinking a lot about pushing myself off a bridge in running.  I think there is a very fine line when it comes to doing all that you are capable of without getting over trained or injured.  I am currently training for the Ogden Marathon and I am bound and determined to PR!  I am trying to be smart and have a hard time knowing how hard to push myself.  Working with weights I can push myself without the fear of injuring myself but running is a whole different beast.  One wrong move and you can cause yourself all sorts of trouble.  If anyone has any words of wisdom for me please let me know.

Now onto other things.  Looky at what I did today...
I took my most favorite running shirt and turned it into a workout shirt.
Actually I did it to 2 :)  It was just so fun I couldn't stop myself!
I was browsing on the Pinterest when I stumbled across THIS and I decided to dig out my Saucony FIND YOUR STRONG shirt.  I have worn that shirt so much that it was looking a bit haggard and sad.  Now I can wear it to the gym and I am sure to find my strong.

Saucony just so happens to make my running shoe of choice, the Kinvara!  One day last summer as I was doing hill repeats I looked down at my Kinvara's and told myself to "find your strong!"  It worked, I was able to repeat that to myself over and over again until I reached the top of the blasted hill.  Thank you Saucony for making such wonderful shoes and thank you to the sales rep who gave me my beloved shirt when I worked for 26.2.

For anyone who wants to try to make one of these shirts make sure you practice on your not so favorite shirt first.  My first go at it wasn't quite so successful.  I made the front a little too revealing.  When I cut the sleeves off I got a little carried away and well let's just say that if I wore that shirt to the gym I would surely be mistaken for a floozy.  Ain't nobody got time fo' dat'!
This video brings me great joy :)

Something else that brings me great joy is pacing races!  I love it and I can't wait until race season is in full swing.  I will be pacing with the Run Your Race Pacers.  Follow the link for their blog.  I'm so excited to work with these amazing runners pacing AMAZING races.  Honestly if I could pace a race every weekend I would, I can not wait!!

Please leave any tips you may have for pushing hard without pushing too hard.  No injuries here PLEASE!!!


  1. Love the shirts I will definitely have to make me one. Gotta love Pinterest. :) My only advice for not training too hard is to add speed/tempo gradually and listen to your body. I think you will definitely PR at Ogden. It is a beautiful course and you will love it!

  2. Omg my family is obsessed with that kids can't get enough!
    Sooo funny