Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hobble Creek Half Marathon

Better late than never I guess!

For some strange reason I was more nervous about doing the race than any other race this year.  I am not exactly sure why but I was shaking like crazy this morning.  It may have been because my right ankle bone has been bruised and it hurts with every step I take.  I fashioned myself a little ankle pillow that worked wonders on Friday so I attempted that again.  I could feel the stupid bruise the whole morning leading up to the start of the race but it magically went away as soon as I started running...happy day!  The bro-in-law was kind enough to drive us to the buses, it was a very entertaining ride...let's just say it was 5 a.m. and he may have still been sleeping ;) plus the fact that I kept forgetting that I was directing him...oops!

Aimie, Holly, Steph (sis-in-law, yes we have the same name) and I jumped right onto the first bus and off we went.  It is amazing how far the bus ride seems for a 13.1 mile race.  Before I go on I must share a funny story about the SIL.  After we ran the Freedom Run with the Garcia's we were getting ready to walk to our parade spot but Steph had mentioned that she would really like some chips.  I told Jorge, "Steph wants some chips!  We need to get Steph some chips."  He kind of gave me a strange look and said something along the lines of "why the heck are you talking about yourself in the 3rd person."  I explained to him that her name was also Stephanie Anderson and that I did not need chips but rather my SIL needed some chips :)

So after being up at the start of the race for what seemed to be 3 days we finally started, 30 minutes late but who was counting.  I really wish this race could start on time for once, 7:15 is already really late but then add another 30 minutes and by the time you get out of the canyon it's 500 degrees. 

The first 5 miles FLEW by, I couldn't believe how fast they went by and I was feeling great.  Bobby Jo caught up to me and we tried to chat for a bit but I was having a hard time talking so that didn't last too long.  At about mile 9 I started to struggle a bit but made sure to embrace each downhill and GO!  At about mile 10 I heard my name.  I turned around to see HOLLY!!!  I couldn't believe it.  She has been injured for the past month and was lucky to be running the race.  I was worried about her the whole race, so seeing her made me feel so much better.  I was really struggling by the time she caught me and we had a horrible hill to attack.  Once I FINALLY caught my breathe we were able to chat and have a good ol' time, just like the old days :)  I am so grateful that I had her for the last 3 miles, she really made me forget about the fact that I was dead and wanted to lay down and take a nap.

We passed a few people there near the end and some tricksy gal passed us at the very end.  I could tell that Holly didn't like that too much but I was unwilling to fight for it.  We finished at 1:34!  I couldn't believe that I had beat my Timpanogos Half Marathon time.  This was definitely a harder course but then again I didn't really push myself at the Timp race, I just enjoyed it.  Holly, Aimie and I earned our Top 100 Women finisher necklace, yipee!  That was my numero uno goal and pr-ing was my other goal.

I must say that I have the best little family.  This morning Jake had made a motivational sign and put it on the door.  Kobe wrote "Go Mommy, Run Lil Mama Run!" on the back of his shirt and when I ran past him he turned around so I could see it.  And McKenna made me my favorite shake and had it for me at the finish line.  It really means a lot when you have supportive family and friends there to cheer you on :)

All in all I would have to say it was a pretty good race, I finally got that blasted necklace that I have been wanting for some time now.  I placed 11th in my age group...holy crap people are speedy! 


  1. congrats on being top 100! way to go! and a PR! freaking amazing! :)

  2. You are amazing and a super speedy lil gal! I'm so happy you got a new PR and your Top 100 medal that you've wanted. I'm so grateful I was able to run 3 miles with my awesome running buddy and that we were able to help each other through those last few hard miles.
    I love the story of Steph needing her chips, that made me laugh!
    I sure hope i get over this stupid injury real fast and we can enjoy some nice runs outside before the weather changes.

  3. Nice PR!!! I love races where you accomplish more than you thought you were going to :)