Friday, May 31, 2013

Run of Remembrance 5K 2013

On Monday the whole fam damily did the Run of Remembrance 5K and it was #AWESOME!  I ran it with Kobe which is pretty much my favorite thing EVA.   When the gun went off Jake, Kobe and I started together.  McKenna, Kaden and Steph Numero Dos started together.
The first mile was VERY congested so we had a 9 minute mile.  Holly caught up to us with her buggy and Jackson.  I told Kobe to set the pace where he felt comfortable.   The second mile was a 8:34 minute mile and that was with a big hill.  Kobe had said that he wanted to slow down on the hill by the cemetery, it’s a BIG one!  When we got to the hill I told Kobe to think of my daddy who was up in heaven looking down on us, surely he would give us his strength.  As soon as I said that Kobe got a little burst of energy and zipped right up the hill.  I’m guessing this is where we lost Holly, Jake and Jackson.
My cute him to pieces!
I thought I had it rough having such short legs I can only imagine how hard Koko had to work!

I loved running through the cemetery with all the flags lined up.  I really loved after the cemetery because it had a nice downhill.  We cruised down the hill and again Kobe said that he wanted to slow down, so we did.   Soon after that we passed a guy who was talking to his little boy, he was saying that the pain would only last for a minute and to keep pushing.  And with that Kobe zipped off again.  I wondered if I could keep up for a minute.  I told him to hold off for a little bit so that he could finish strong.  We got to the firehouse and I told Kobe that once we turned the corner to go for it. 

We turned the corner and he started to sprint…then he slowed down so I told him we were almost there and to keep pushing…so he did.  People were cheering for the little feller and I loved it.  We sprinted to the finish in 25:30, the last mile was a 7:33. 

Kobe shaved a few minutes off of last years time which I believe was in the 27 minute zone.  He did awesome!  I wish I could run with him!  

Jake and Holly finished right behind us, around 27 minutes I think.  Jake made Run of Remembrance's Facebook page and it is I stole borrowed it!
He is flying, I wish I looked like that when I run...without the goofy face ;)
Group shot!  Kaden, Jack Jack, Nicolas, Jorge, Holly, Jake, Steph Numero Dos, Koko, Steph Numero Uno and Kenna Corn!
Silly kids!
Holly and I ran back for Kenna and Kaden, they were grinning from ear to ear!  I can't remember when they finished maybe around 32:00, they did great.  
Watching Nicolas finish his first 5K was awesome, he is such a cute little guy!
If only Kobe could run my marathon with me on Sunday.  I'm doing the San Diego Rock N' Roll Marathon all alone.  Sunday is Kobe's 10th birthday so I may just run every single mile for him, hopefully he can run with me for a little of it but who knows.
I've never done 2 marathons so close before so I'm a little nervous. I've been feeling good though so hopefully I don't die!
I have no time goals, my only goal is to go have fun and take in all of the sights.  I love, love, love San Diego.
We are spending the week with my parents going to Sea World, the beach, Disneyland and whatever else we feel like doing.  It is sure to be a partay, I'm so grateful to have such loving parents that take us on awesome trips. What a great way to start off the summer :) 


  1. I saw you guys there! I turned my back for a sec though and then you were gone. I wanted to come say hi! How fun that the whole family ran! I have only ran one race with my kids, but i hope to do many more. Love it. And his time is rocking! Way to go Kobe! That cemetery hill (and the winds!!) were no joke! Good luck at your marathon this weekend!

  2. Oh how I love this and especially all of the pictures. What a fun day and so awesome that your whole family ran the race. I love it!

    Now lets hear about that marathon. :)